Netflix: the Best Sci-fi Movies and Series of the Moment

The famous SVoD platform is all about science fiction. Here are some more or less major works that we advise you to look at… while they are there!

The Netflix catalogue is growing, but it’s not uncommon to see a classic or a movie that had been put aside “for later” disappear. After talking about the best horror films available on the platform, we now turn (briefly) to science fiction.

A river-genre par excellence, the latter has given birth to a wide variety of works. The films that follow thus overlook the sometimes fantasy aspect of some, which will be selected later. As you will see, it will often be a matter of going to the stars and why not other forms of life more or less dangerous.

The highlight of Christopher Nolan’s work, Interstellar , remains an undeniable success. Compared to 2001, the Space Odyssey, this almost three-hour feature film is already one of the major “hard-science” films, which uses recent scientific discoveries to weave an incredible but mathematically probable scenario.

Carried by a Matthew McConaughey at the top of his form, this philosophical drama plays with space and time to ask questions that are ultimately very human. As the earth will soon be uninhabitable, how far will we go for the survival of our species?

Before triumphing in Cannes with his new “Parasite”, Bong Joon-Ho made a name for himself with Snowpiercer, a successful adaptation of the excellent French comic book of the same name. On board a gigantic train, condemned to circle the Earth without ever stopping, the hierarchy of classes has been reformed. In the last wagons, the poor work for those in front in miserable conditions.

But the revolt rumbles and soon those at the bottom will embark on a journey to hold the driver of the machine accountable. The different social classes that separate them are not going to let this happen. Although he has a Hollywood budget, Bong Joon Ho doesn’t take the easy way out. His inspired staging always serves a dark but powerful scenario. Comrades, get up!

Pitch Black is almost twenty years old, but it still has a nice aura among science fiction fans. It is also the first part of a trilogy of rather good quality, which revealed Vin Diesel in the 2000s (with xXx and Fast and Furious).

He plays the character of Richard Riddick, a dangerous criminal who underwent eye surgery to become a boreal owl, the last representative of the Furians, a race of aliens. Held prisoner in a spaceship, he sees the crash as a means of escape. In exchange for his freedom, he will put his abilities at the service of the crew, in great danger on a hostile planet, to say the least. B-series, well-crafted and smarter than it looks.

The founding film of science fiction in cinema, Rencontre du 3e Type retains an astonishing youthfulness. Although remastered several times, Steven Spielberg’s work crosses eras with insolence and continues to pose its obsessive question: What if we weren’t alone? Based on a scenario that today seems very classical, the director delivers a great fresco on America and the fear of the other.

Surfing on a period of particular fascination for the extraterrestrial question, the film lets a form of poetry float through the air, carried by an inspired cast, which notably allows us to find François Truffaut! The film hijacks the codes of the invasion based on a rather peaceful premise and leaves us on a memorable note. To be seen, of course.

After the mystical Take Shelter, the talented Jeff Nichols turned to science fiction with Midnight Special. The feature film narrates the desperate escape of a father (genius Michael Shannon) and his young son Alton, endowed with supernatural powers. Pursued by religious fanatics, but also the majority of the country’s police force, they will take every risk to escape them. They’re convinced… Alton’s gifts could change the world.

Nichols may be tackling a new genre, but he instills in it his favourite themes: the family unit and blind belief. His supernatural drama is thus traversed by small moments of grace, and takes great care never to show anything. We thus have the impression of being in front of a more intimate Rencontre du 3ème type . An interesting cinema proposition, to say the least.

Thirty years after the release of the third episode, Miller delivers a visually mind-blowing reboot, which is hardly bothered by a complex scenario. Based on a deliberately stunted scenario (a simple round trip!), he dust off his own universe by introducing a strong female character in the person of Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron.

She accompanies Max (carried by a solid Tom Hardy) in a road movie where the stunts are not made in CGI! A lesson in popular entertainment, which pays tribute to the background of the saga. Special mention for photography, which is particularly appreciated in a movie theatre.

You have binge-watched Black Mirror and Strangers Things ? We suspected as most subscribers do! However, the platform is full of science fiction series that you may not have spotted on the Home page Here are three that are (more than) worth looking at.

This UFO in the landscape of the SF series has not received much media coverage, but it has quickly built up a community of hardened fans, including several members of the editorial staff. Fascinating intrigue, deep characters and beautiful photography… The OA seduced us on all levels.

The series follows in the footsteps of Prairie Johnson, a young woman who reappears after a seven-year absence.  “Suddenly disappeared, the child was blind; when she returned, she was no longer blind. What could have happened to him? That’s what science and even the FBI will be trying to find out.”

The excellent series Love Death and Robot was imagined by the directors David Fincher (Seven, Zodiac, Fight Club…) and Tim Miller (Deadpool, Terminator 6). The show explores the themes of sexuality, love and robotics (among others) head-on.

But the strength of these 18 short films is that they offer a very varied style of animation. So we’re moving between anime, comics or pure 3D. Each of them was created by different studios, spread all over the world. We don’t spoil you anything, but we direct you to our recent selection of our five favorite episodes.

I’m sure you’ve heard about it lately, but how could you not recommend Rick & Morty? In just thirty episodes, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have managed to create an event in the world of animated series. His endearing duo, composed of an alcoholic genius and his rather silly grandson, has already won over many spectators. Behind his childish drawing, this zany series tackles mature subjects in an original way.

His strength? Rick has a portal gun that allows him to travel between dimensions. The latter therefore allows us to find ourselves in completely absurd situations in less time than it takes to say so. Especially since our alien counterparts are sometimes as “siphoned” as we are! Very recommendable visual delirium.




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