Netflix: Sries and Movies to Watch This Weekend

Netflix offers new series and movies every week. To help you choose what you’re going to watch this weekend, we’ve put together a small selection of the best new releases of the moment. Let’s go!

The Netflix catalogue is updated every week with several new products. To make room for this new content, Netflix also has to break up each month of films and series. In any case, you will find below a handful of works that will keep you taped to your TV set all weekend long. To discover the cream of the crop in the catalogue, we suggest you check out our top 10 of the best Netflix movies and our top 10 of the best Netflix series

For the younger ones, check out our top 10 best cartoons on Netflix. If you are looking for something specific, use the secret codes to access the hidden categories of Netflix. If you’ve already taken a tour of the VOD service, we invite you to take a look at the Amazon Prime Video catalogue.

The best Netflix series to watch this weekend

Locke & Key season 1

Following the mysterious murder of their father, 3 children are forced to move into an old house with their mother. Soon, the trio will realize that their new home hides heavy secrets. The keys to the house, for example, allow you to travel in parallel dimensions… Inspired by an American comic book by Joe Hill (the son of novelist Stephen King), this first season sets the stage for a vast universe, as frightening as it is fascinating.

My Holo Love season 1

A lonely young woman meets a hologram and soon falls madly in love. Unfortunately, the appearance of artificial intelligence is based on that of its designer, an undrinkable man. This South Korean series is in many ways reminiscent of famous films such as Her with Joaquin Phoenix or Simone with Al Pacino.


Adam Price has the good life. He has a good job, is married to a beautiful woman and is the father of two lovely sons. One day, a mysterious stranger will come and disrupt her tidy existence. She will indeed reveal his wife’s dark secret. A few hours after the revelation, Adam’s wife will disappear without a trace…Adapted from a novel by Harlan Coben, the master of the thriller, the series promises to keep us on tenterhooks.

Sabrina’s New Adventures part 3

After defeating the devil at the end of season 2, the young witch will continue to be torn between the world of mortals and sorcerers. Among the challenges that await the young witch in this new game are the unexpected transformation of her Aunt Hilda into a horrible giant spider, the return of her biological father to the infernal throne and the arrival of a band of heathens determined to destroy the world, starting with the small English town of Greendale.

October Faction season 1

A couple of monster hunters and their children move into the home of the family patriarch. They are part of the secret organization Presidia, which is responsible for tracking ghouls and other horrors around the world. But their two children, twins in the midst of a teenage crisis, have no idea what their parents are really up to. Adapted from an eponymous American comic book the fantasy series mixes black humor, fantasy and drama with great brio.

Sex Education season 2

Otis is a teenager like no other. Despite the advice of his mother, a very liberated sexologist, he suffers from a big sexual blockage. The young man can’t even masturbate. Someday he’s going to fall madly in love with Maeve, a young rebel who’s as smart as she is pretty. Together, they’re going to set up sex therapy sessions at their high school After a first season that was as funny as it was relevant, the series succeeded in renewing itself and hitting even harder. A must.

The best movies and documentaries to watch this weekend on Netflix

Horse Girl

A lonely and eccentric young woman gradually begins to lose touch with reality. Like her grandmother before her, Sarah (Alison Brie) will see her darkest thoughts take shape before her eyes. Does she suffer from a serious and hereditary mental illness?

The Coldest Game

In this Polish espionage film, a mathematical genius played by Bill Pullman suddenly finds himself involved in the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960s. The man is going to be in charge of extracting information from Russia by participating in a chess tournament. The film arrives on Saturday, February 8th on Netflix.

Who killed Malcolm X?

This 6-episode documentary is dedicated to the murder of Malcolm X, a famous African-American Muslim preacher and human rights activist. More than 50 years after the fact, an activist conducted the investigation to find out who really murdered the activist on February 21, 1965 in Harlem. Is the FBI really involved in the murder?

The Pharmacist

In this eventful documentary, a pharmacist recounts how he declared war on the pharmaceutical industry, which he believes is responsible for the spread of hard drugs and the overdose death of his son. The man is going to blow up a vast traffic to enrich the drug companies. Unfortunately, no trailers have been put online by Netflix.


Chiron, a young gay African-American teenager, is struggling to find his place in society. Between his drug-addicted mother and the bullying of his classmates, the young man quickly makes bad decisions After a long stay in prison, Chiron is no longer the same man…The only ray of hope is the love affair with a childhood friend, Kevin. The film received multiple awards when it was released in 2016.

Uncut Gems

Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a Jewish and New York jeweller in debt up to his neck, owes $100,000 to his brother-in-law Arno. One day, the man gets tired of asking for the money and sends a bunch of thugs to him. To get out of it, Howard says he’s up to something big. To get Arno’s money back the jeweler will then multiply his dirty tricks…This thriller by the Safdie brothers draws a panorama under acid of New York’s diamond district. A real adrenaline rush and one of the best films in the catalogue.

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