Netflix Reveals the Top 10 Most Watched Films and Series in the Catalogue

Netflix has just lifted the veil on the top most watched films and series in its catalogue. Unsurprisingly, the ranking is dominated by recent productions such as Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy or Bird Box.

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Alongside the presentation of its financial results, Netflix unveiled the ranking of the most watched original series and films between October 2018 and September 2019, reported our colleagues in the New York Times. Although it is still quite rare for the VOD service to present its audience figures, Netflix already unveiled last April the ranking of the most watched series, films and documentaries by British subscribers.

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Netflix Presents Top 10 Most Viewed Movies of the Year

At the top of the list is Bird Box, the thriller with Sandra Bullock. At the end of last year, the film generated a real buzz on social networks. Some Internet users have even launched the Bird Box Challenge, a silly and dangerous challenge that consists of moving forward blindfolded. In second place is Murder Mystery, an unpretentious comedy with Adam Sandler, Jennifer Anniston and Danny Boon.

  1. Bird Box – 80 million views
  2. Murder Mystery – 73 million views
  3. Triple Frontier – 52 million views
  4. The Perfect Date – 48 million views
  5. Tall Girl – 41 million views
  6. The Highwaymen – 40 million views
  7. Secret Obsession – 40 million views
  8. Always Be My Maybe – 32 million views
  9. Otherhood: Our lives after them – 29 million views
  10. Fyre – 20 million views

Netflix Announces 2019 Most Watched Series Rankings

Inevitably at the top of the list is Stranger Things, whose season 3 was devoured by 40.7 million accounts in just 5 days. In second place is The Umbrella Academy, whose Season 2 is already in the works. La Casa De Papel robbers take third place on the podium.

  1. Strangers Things – 64 million views
  2. The Umbrella Academy – 45 million views
  3. La Casa De Papel – 44 million views
  4. You – 40 million views
  5. Sex Education – 40 million views
  6. Our Planet – 33 million views
  7. Unbelievable – 32 million views
  8. Dead to me – 30 million views
  9. When They See Us – 25 million views
  10. Elite – 20 million views


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