Netflix is Censoring South Park Pisodes in France and We Know Why.

Has the Netflix platform become a censor without anyone noticing, even though it is the source of very black and caustic series? This is what one might think, observing the disappearance of certain episodes of the South Park series. But Netflix has a good explanation.

Netflix is Censoring South Park Pisodes in France and We Know Why.

While Netflix currently broadcasts seasons 15-21 of the South Parkseries, there are some episodes that are missing. In total, is no less than 10 episodes that subscribers cannot view on platform. Netflix, however, explained this.

10 episodes deleted due to French censorship

Thus, there are only ten episodes of season 15 of South Park on Netflix, whereas the series officially has fourteen. The same goes for seasons 16 and 17, which were cut by two episodes each, while seasons 18 and 19 lost one. Why such a deletion? If Netflix censors so many episodes of the series, is because they were already considered controversial at the time of their release.

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When asked by a Twitter user, the platform perfectly recognizes the deletion of the episodes in question. Netflix explains the reason for this in the following way on its Twitter account: “Episodes were censored when they first aired in France. They are considered denigrating for some communities by the local audiovisual authorities. We respect it for legal reasons. »

Fans of South Park may be able to rely on Amazon Prime, which has also scheduled the first 21 seasons of the anime series to air this month (it has 23 seasons in total, with season 23 currently on air). Unless Amazon’s platform takes the same path for the same reasons, we’ll know very soon.

Remember that this is not the first time Netflix has censored content on its platform. In a completely different register, last July, the platform cut the suicide scene in the series 13 Reasons Why, even though the sequence in question had been visible for 2 years.

Source : Netflix