Netflix is Also Available on the Freebox Revolution

After the Freebox Mini 4K and as expected, it’s the turn of the Freebox Revolution to welcome Netflix. Free even uses a Press Release to announce the news, which closes a long dispute between the Internet service provider and the streaming giant.

The days when watching a series or a movie on Netflix while subscribing to Free was almost impossible should be long gone. The two companies have signed an agreement and the service is now available to all Free subscribers and on all Freeboxes, from the Delta to the mini 4K, including the Revolution. Well, almost: Free still offers the old Crystal Freebox on the entry level, and it is not Netflix compatible at the moment.

To get Netflix on your box, you will need to reboot it, which will trigger the installation of an internal system update. You can use your existing subscription to access the service, or subscribe with Free, at the same rates as if you were using Netflix directly.

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