Netflix – if It Took You 15 Seconds to Decide Before, You’ll Only Have Six

Without warning, the streaming video platform decided to reduce the time between two episodes. If it took you 15 seconds to decide before, you’ll only have six.

Credits : @mohamed_hassan via Pixabay

Is Netflix trying to get us to binge watcher his new series? At least that’s what this new feature suggests, described by the official Twitter account of Netflix France “Before, you had 15 seconds before the next episode. Now, you have less than six seconds. Sorry, it’s just to test how fast you can find your remote control “… and most certainly to make its users chain the episodes as quickly as possible.

If, for those who were going to click on “next episode” anyway without even letting the 15 seconds go by, it n’t make much difference, 6 seconds means very little to others. As Netflix’s Twitter account indicates, there is barely enough time to find the remote control and stop the current series before the next episode starts. But after all, binge-watching is at the very heart of Netflix’s strategy. As BFM reminds us, in 2017, the boss of the platform even indicated that he wanted to fight sleep: “At the finish, our last competitor is sleep. And that’s a lot of time. »

Reducing the length between episodes makes sense, especially as Netflix has more and more original content to offer. In 2015, the firm produced only 10 original series while it produced 40 in 2016, 90 in 2017, 216 in 2018 and 356 in 2019. And to watch 356 shows, it takes, like, time. However, if you find the 5 seconds too short to make up your mind, it is always possible to disable autoplay on Netflix. To do this, simply go to the settings on your profile, then click on playback settings and uncheck the option “automatic playback of the next episode”.

Cet écran deviendra bientôt votre pire ennemi… ou votre meilleur ami

This screen will soon become your worst enemy… or your best friend…

Unlike Netflix, other streaming video platforms seem to opt for a different strategy, broadcasting only one episode per week. This is notably the case for Disney+ or Apple TV+, which manage to maintain a certain enthusiasm for their productions several weeks after their release. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and MyCanal offer an entire season in one go, but they don’t chain the episodes together as quickly. On Amazon Prime Video you have a variable duration counter. MyCanal broadcasts the episode until the end of the credits.

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