Netflix Catalogue February 2020: Sries and Movies to Watch (New Releases)

netflix catalogue February 2020

Place in the February 2020 Netflix catalogue! Every month, the Phonandroid editorial team unveils the new series and movies offered in the Netflix catalogue With winter coming, you are expected to spend a few evenings in front of the TV. Here are the best series of the moment at binge-watcher without shame. Are you more of a movie person? There too, we have what you need! Follow the guide!

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Dear readers! We have great news for you! The Phonandroid editorial team has decided to please fans of series and movies subscribed to Netflix. The SVOD service is the most successful service in France, we all subscribe to the newsroom ourselves. So you can imagine that we also have discussions about the latest series released, about our favourites, our must-see films, our super interesting documentaries. In short, we also love movies and series at Phonandroid and we wanted to share this passion with you.

So we’ve decided to give you a monthly update on the best series and movies to watch on Netflix For the younger ones, we advise you to consult the list of the best cartoons in the catalogue. If you’re looking for something specific, use the secret codes to access Netflix categories.

We will therefore provide you with a complete update every month on what’s new in the catalogue, but not only that. As the goal is to share our passion, we will make a small selection of three series and films not to be missed. Remember that films and series disappear from the Netflix catalogue every month for reasons of broadcasting rights. The selection below only refers to the new VOD service and not to disappearances. If you’ve already browsed through the works available on Netflix, we invite you to take a look at the Amazon Prime Video catalogue.

The Editor’s Favourite

Altered Carbon season 2

Two years after season one, Takeshi Kovacs is back in a new body. To play our hero, Netflix has this time chosen the actor Anthony Mackie (the Avengers’ Falcon). The first mysterious teaser doesn’t reveal much about the scenario of this second season. See you on February 28th.

Best Netflix series of February 2020

Better Call Saul season 5

Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), aka lawyer Saul Goodman, is back for a fifth season. In this new season of 10 episodes, the man finally goes freelance under the name of Saul Goodman, his famous pseudonym in Breaking Bad At the same time, characters like Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) or Mike (Jonathan Banks) will continue to fiddle together. The series has already been renewed for a sixth and final season

Narcos Mexico season 2

Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo and the Guadalajara cartel are back on Netflix as of February 13. In this very successful spin off of Narcos, the fight between the cartel and the police forces led by agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena will increase in intensity.

Locke & Key

Inspired by a comic book by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son), the series focuses on the fate of three children forced to move in with their mother following the brutal death of their father. The trio will soon realize that their mother’s house hides magic keys that hold incredible powers…

Series added to Netflix catalogue

  • Vikings (season 1-5) – February 1
  • My Holo Love season 1 – 7 February
  • Locke & Key – February 7
  • Van Helsing season 4 – 8 February
  • Narcos: Mexico City (season 2) – February 13
  • Les Demoiselles du Téléphone (final season part 1) – February 14th
  • Outlander (season 5) – from 17 February
  • Spectros season 1 – February 20
  • Gentefied season 1 – February 21
  • Gate 7 season 1 – February 21
  • Better Call Saul (season 5) – from 24 February (1 episode/ week)
  • I Am Not Okay With This – February 26
  • Altered Carbon (season 2) – February 27th
  • Followers season 1 – 27 February
  • The flights season 1 – 27 February
  • Queen Sono – February 28

Netflix Top Movies of February 2020


Chiron, a young gay African-American teenager, is regularly martyred by children his age. At the same time, he must try to deal with his mother’s drug addiction. Ten years later, Chiron became another man after a long stay in prison. The film has received multiple awards.

Horse Girl

Sarah (Alison Brie), a dreamy, solitary young woman with a passion for horses, gradually loses touch with reality. Her strangest dreams will eventually come alive before her eyes, much to the chagrin of the young man she has just met. Does she have a serious psychological illness, like her grandmother?

Films added to Netflix catalog

  • Moonlight – February 1st
  • Grandma’s wedding – February 5
  • Horse Girl – February 7
  • The Coldest Game – February 8
  • To all the boys I’ve loved P.S. I still love you – February 12
  • Isi & Ossi – February 14
  • All Our Perfect Days – February 28
  • La Trinchera Infinita – 28 February

The best netflix documentaries of February 2020

The Pharmacist

After his son is murdered by a drug dealer, a Louisiana pharmacist launches a real war against Opium-based drugs (crack, heroin,…), which is ravaging youth in the United States In particular, man will attack over-the-counter drugs containing opiates, molecules derived from opium, and reveal the existence of a vast traffic.

Documentaries added to Netflix catalogue

  • The Pharmacist – February 5
  • Who killed Malcolm X – February 7
  • The Road to Roma – February 11
  • Babies – February 21
  • Formula 1, drivers of their destiny season 2 – February 28th

The best Netflix cartoons of February 2020

Porco Rosso

As announced, Netflix will put Studio Ghibli’s 21 films online. This month, the streaming giant starts with 7 cult titles, including the famous Porco Rosso The animated film recounts the adventures of Marco (dubbed by Jean Reno in the French version), an air pilot turned into a pig following a spell.

Cartoons added to Netflix catalog

  • Vermin – February 1
  • Crisis Jung – 1 February
  • My neighbour Totoro – 1 February
  • I can hear the ocean – February 1
  • Drip Memories -1st February
  • Les Contes de Terremer – February 1st
  • Le Château Dans Le Ciel – February 1st
  • Porco Rosso – February 1
  • Kiki The Little Witch – February 1st
  • Night is Short, Walk on Girl – February 1st
  • Dragon Quest Your Story – February 13th
  • Pokemon: Mewtwo counterattacks Evolution: 27 February

We hope that this selection of series and films will help you to occupy your evenings and weekends. If you have other suggestions, or if there is an error in this file, we invite you to let us know in the comments below.

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