Netflix, Canal+ Sries, OCS: what is the best SVOD subscription in 2020?

Streaming video subscriptions all have different offers. Don’t you know what’s best to give your parents as a gift? Would you like to know which SVOD service to choose if you prefer series to movies? Is the Netflix catalogue really more comprehensive than the OCS catalogue? To help you choose, follow the guide.

Linear television is dead, long live SVOD? Within a few years, subscription-based video-on-demand services have multiplied, and the French have shown that they are now ready to pay for these streaming platforms.

Last April, Libération had 3.5 million Netflix subscribers in France, compared with more than 2.9 million for OCS, the Orange platform (also broadcast in the Canal+ bouquet and by operators). CanalPlay, long presented as a competitor on a par with Netflix, has finally given way to Canal+ Séries, a more restricted offering released in March 2019 and focusing on the sinews of war: series.

Today, four offerings dominate the SVOD service landscape – and the closure of FilmStruck, the popular cult movie service, on November 29, 2018, is to be regretted. As they all have their own particularities, advantages and defects, we help you to see more clearly, according to your tastes, interests and budget.

Follow the guide.

You like US novelties

The OCS subscription

Thanks to its partnership with HBO, OCS (Orange Cinéma Séries) is able to offer many quality series to its subscribers, including the essential Game of Thrones and Westworld.

Eclipsed in the media space by the mastodon Netflix, OCS is nevertheless an interesting competitor in France, because it offers complementary and diversified contents. The OCS package thus contains 4 channels dedicated to films and series as well as blockbusters and complete seasons to watch again in streaming.

In addition to the exclusive French series (25, Mission, In America), the platform also features quality American series such as The Walking Dead or La Servante Ecarlate (AMC and Hulu catalogue). Game of Thrones fans can review the 7 seasons, but also the series in real time at 3am on Sunday night.

Mobile subscription, computer and tablet

Mobile, computer, tablet, cast and TV subscription


9.99 euros per month

11.99 euros per month

You like sharp series

Amazon Prime Video Subscription

Overhead on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is a refreshing alternative to Netflix. Despite the fact that there are few original series most of them are of very good quality. The rest of the catalogue is modern and does not fall into the effusion of content.

To date, the Amazon Prime Video catalogue is (almost) excellent when it comes to its original series. From Transparent to I Love Dick (productions of the unavoidable Jill Soloway) via The Man In The High Castle, Mozart in the Jungle, the discreet but beautiful One Mississippi or the recent Forever: the Amazon Originals are his strength. But their very small numbers work against him.

Despite the upcoming adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, Amazon is struggling to compete with Netflix for big news. On the other hand, his catalogue is an excellent complement to that of his opponent: cult series (Seinfeld, The Office, The Big Bang Theory), current productions (Mr Robot, The Good Fight), but also films and series for children, and cult films (Django Unchained, Spider-Man, Fast and Furious, etc). The first real failure was the French series Deutsch-Les-Landes, even though Jack Ryan wasn’t flying high yet.

Please note that the Amazon Prime Video subscription is not the only one available in France: it is included in the Amazon Prime subscription, which notably allows you to have customer advantages on the e-commerce platform.

Rate per month

Price per year


5.99 euros per month

49 euros per year

The Canal+ Séries subscription

Killing Eve on Canal+Series

Abandoned by subscribers, the Play offer was replaced by Canal+ Séries. No more films: here it’s the series that are in the spotlight. The watchword: quality is better than quantity.

CanalPlay, it’s “over“, said the number 1 of Canal+ last April.The SVoD platform that everyone was presenting as THE competitor to Netflix 3 years ago has been swallowed up: subscribers have dropped from 800,000 to 200,000 in just a few years. That’s why the French group has completely changed its offer. No more CanalPlay, welcome to Canal+ Séries.

This new service launched on 12 March 2019 offers more than 150 series for 6.99 euros per month It’s not much, but the quality is there. There is an extremely solid catalogue of cult content (Buffy, X-Files, Dexter, Prison Break, 24), original Canal+ programs (Hippocrate, Braquo, Engrenages, Bref) as well as relatively new, critically acclaimed series (Pose, Killing Eve, the Bisexual).

So that you know what to expect, Numerama has compiled a list of the 153 series currently available on Canal+ Séries.



6.99 euros per month

You don’t know how to choose

The Netflix subscription

Stranger Things on Netflix

Netflix adds around 40 new contents to its French catalogue every month. Who can stop him?

Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, House of Cards, Everything Sucks, la Casa de Papel part 3, Making a Murderer, MindHunter: the exclusive content of the American platform is countless. But the service, which now has more than 3.5 million subscribers per month in France, is also able to provide a catalogue full of cold content: it includes both Friends and Avengers.

Netflix occupies a very large part of the media space: by dint of big announcements – in particular by recruiting TV stars and multiplying adaptations – the US giant is the reference in terms of SVOD, and this is rather deserved.

However, its strength can be a flaw: its very large catalogue sometimes risks losing subscribers who, not having the courage to search, may be tempted to make do with the suggestions on the Home page

Single screen subscription

Subscription 2 screens

Subscription 4 screens


7.99 euros per month

10.99 euros per month

13.99 euros per month

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