Exit the MCU and the DCEU. Netflix has built a complete “Christmas movie world”! The new rendezvous of the TV movies Christmas is no longer on TV, but on the streaming platform.

Netflix Announces “Holiday Movie Universe”


Beware Marvel and DC, the new cinematic universe is a Netflix production. As the holidays approach, the platform has unveiled a selection of Christmas films, which are all related. In a tweet, Reed Hastings’ firm proves that these films are interconnected and announces its “Holiday Movie Universe”. It will not have escaped anyone’s notice, Netflix productions do not hesitate to refer to their peers. For example, in A Knight before Christmas, starring Vanessa Hudgens, spectators were able to catch a glimpse of an excerpt from A Safari for Christmas. The film featured a trip to Africa with Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis of Sex and the City. In Christmas in Snow Falls, there are two sequences of The Holiday Calendar and The Princess of Chicago in the background. “It seemed natural to me to show one of our other films available on Netflix. We think this is a good opportunity to build a new universe, not just for Aldovia (the kingdom of A Christmas Prince) but for all Christmas movies,” said Amanda Phillips Atkins, vice president of MPCA, the production company behind many of the Netflix Christmas romcom movies. For the moment, Netflix is not announcing any crossover, but would be well advised to unveil a gathering of its best characters. Avengers beware…

This whole saga that smells like fir trees and gingerbread began in 2017 with A Christmas Prince. The film was a huge success at its launch, prompting the platform to offer him two other opus. Worthy heirs of the Hallmarks films, which are broadcast on M6 and TF1 in the afternoon, the three feature films are adding to the end-of-year production schedule. This HMU is aimed at a fairly young audience, who grew up with Disney productions. Thus Vanessa Hudgens becomes the standard-bearer of the universe, after a remarkable passage in High School Musical. Netflix will also pick up teenage series with Eliza Taylor, heroine of The 100, and Kat Graham of Vampire Diairies.

Netflix is already preparing for next year. In an interview with Glamour, the director of A Knight for Christmas confided about her desire for a sequel. Like Marvel, the director is already imagining a new universe around the feature film. Good news for fans of the genre, who will be able to digest the Christmas turkey, nice and warm in front of an NHMU production. Can’t wait for the first Comic Con, with eggnog and cinnamon biscuits as guest star.

Netflix Announces “Holiday Movie Universe”

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