Netflix and the Bbc Unveil the Cast of Its Series Troy: Fall of a City in Photos!

This is the series that all fans and disappointed fans of the movie Trojan released in 2004 will rush to watch on Netflix. Troy: Fall of a City produced by the BBC and Netflix reveals itself through a few photos that allow us to discover itscasting.

Indeed, this new (future) series will feature the Trojan War and we hope it will be more successful than the 2004 movie. At the moment, we don’t know the Release Date of this program on Netflix, but thanks to the first images, we can see who will be part of the casting. 

Key roles emerge

Composed of eight episodes written by David Farr to whom we owe The Night Manager, it’s David Threlfall who will embody King Priam. David Gyasi, seen in Interstellar will play an atypical Achilles. Finally, Louis Hunter (The Fosters) and Bella Dayne (Humans) will camp the characters of Paris and Helen, the famous couple at the origin of this war.

For the rest of the cast, we should find Frances O’Connor who will play the role of Hecuba, Priam’s wife and Queen of Troy. Johnny Harris and Jonas Armstrong are also expected to be part of theproduction. Currently, shooting is underway in Cape Town.

A series never seen before

In terms of history, we should experience this famous siege from the point of view of the Trojan royal family. The programming director of the British channel, Piers Wenger, explained that the series would be the first ever. Troy: Fall of a City will look like nothing that has ever been released before: a 3,000-year-old tale crafted on a huge scale . In short, we can’t wait to see the result and discover the first trailer!

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