Netflix Accidentally Hit Orange is the New Black Season 7 Monday Night.

Orange Is The New Black

Netflix reacted on twitter after accidentally cutting the Orange Is The New Black season 7 series in France on Monday evening July 29th 2019. The streaming platform explains on twitter that it was an accident. Access to the last season of the event series was re-established in France on Tuesday 30 July at around midnight one.

Orange Is The New Black

No, it wasn’t a bug on your computer: on Monday evening, July 29, 2019, users of the Orange Is The New Black fan streaming platform saw season 7, available since Friday, July 26, disappear without warning from the platform. A real torture for the aficionados of the series who had no choice but to resign themselves to an unbearable suspense. Soon, the Netflix twitter account had to answer hundreds of messages wondering what could have happened.

Netflix cut Orange Is The New Black on Monday 29 July 2019: this was obviously an accident (but we won’t know more about it)

Especially since all other seasons remained accessible, and Netflix subscribers in other countries such as Germany, the Netherlands or the United States could enjoy their favorite series without any problems. Around nine o’clock in the evening, Netflix France finally tweeted:“Yes, ILONB season 7 is on the run. I promise, we’re doing everything we can to bring her home. More than a thousand twittos then wrote an avalanche of comments hoping for a quick return to normal.

By the way, Netflix’s comunity manager outdid himself by responding with a lot of humour to the despair of some twitos. There is for example @JD_ for_U, which explained “to be in PLS” because there is only one episode left to see:“Don’t move, breathe through your nose, concentrate on positive thoughts: we’ll take care of it! ». Another one, a bit later:“how’s it going, Netflix?”:“we’re throwing a bat, how are you doing? ».

Three hours later – technically the next day at exactly one minute past midnight – the platform finally posted the tweet everyone had been waiting for:“End of the run for season 7 of Orange is the New Black, the episodes have been found. Thank you for your patience, and good night ILONB . Netflix doesn’t say what really happened – the company hardly ever communicates about technical problems of this kind, so we’re unlikely to find out more.

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Fortunately, if you went to bed last night disappointed that you couldn’t watch the last episode of the season, you can finally get your revenge tonight! Have you been affected by this bug? Share your feedback in the comments.

End of the run for season 7 of Orange is the New Black, the episodes have been found.

Thank you for your patience, and good night ILONB.

– Netflix France (@NetflixEN) July 29, 2019





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