Netflix: 3 Series and Movies to Watch Without Hesitation on the Svod Platform

No original Netflix production this Wednesday in our recommendations, but a film and two series that are a must in the ogre’s catalogue of streaming by subscription. Each in their own right, they are still among our references on Netflix, years after their arrival on the platform. If you haven’t already done so, it’s probably not a bad idea to take the opportunity to view them.

Especially since they will not, a priori, remain forever in his offer. Friends,for example, may soon be bowing out. Across the Atlantic, this is already the case, since the show will now be broadcast on HBO Max the SVoD service of Warner Media (AT&T). In short, here is, without further ado, our selection of three cult contents to watch without waiting on Netflix.  

1. Friends: my friends firstFriends (1994) on IMDb 8.9/10684,320 votes

In summary

The adventures, loves and scrapes of six friends from New York. After dumping her fiancé on her wedding day, Rachel Green moves in with her childhood friend Monica Geller, with whom she had lost contact.

She is suddenly part of a crazy group of friends made up of Ross (Monica’s brother), Phoebe (her former roommate), Chandler (Ross’s friend from college) and Joey (Chandler’s roommate).

Together, they will go through a series of adventures, ending up in a myriad of situations as absurd as they are funny. For ten years, the series tells the story of their daily lives, without forgetting the professional and sentimental evolution of each of them. 

Our opinion

If there was only one left, we’d probably choose Friends. First, because this series is the one that got us into the pot, but also and above all because even more than 25 years after its first broadcast, it remains unavoidable. All right, the first few seasons have aged a little, we’ll give you that. But the humour remains intact and still hits the bull’s eye very often.

The talent of the actors is no stranger to this, but it does not do everything. Friendsis also a well-oiled sitcom with iconic scenes and sets. So much so that the Central Perk, a café where friends get together every day, has become almost as cult as the characters.

While the sitcoms were barely in the 1990s, the series gave it a real boost. How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory (among others), can say thank you. And we’re watching it on Netflix before it’s too late: in 2020, Warner launches its own SVoD platform and Friends may not be long in the Netflix France catalogue. 

A highlight

Before getting the role of Joey, we can’t say that Matt LeBlanc was rolling in gold: he had 11 dollars in his bank account! His first reflex after receiving his first paycheck was even to go and buy himself a hot meal… Rest assured, he never had any money problems afterwards. Actors were paid $22,500 per episode for the first two seasons and $1 million for the last two. 

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2. The Spanish Hostel: Iberian parenthesis
The Spanish Hostel (2002) on IMDb7.3/1037,711 votes

In summary

Because a position at the Ministry of Finance promised by a friend of his father’s is waiting for him if he learns Spanish, Xavier decides to go to Barcelona to study. After bidding farewell to Martine, his long-time girlfriend, the 25-year-old takes off and lands in a city he knows nothing about.

He is taken under his wing by a couple of French expatriates and moves into a shared flat where each of the seven tenants is from a different country. For him, this is the beginning of a Great Adventure  

Our opinion

Cédric Klapisch has done a good job with theAuberge Espagnole. Whether you’re a fan of the director or not, it’s hard not to find the film sympathetic. We take pleasure in following this group of Young People a little lost in their carefree Barcelona adventures, probably because they remind us a little of our youth.

The direction has the merit of being audacious, the script is basic, but it holds up, and Xavier’s daily adventures in this inn where he feels like a fish in water are entertaining to the max.

Just like his character, Romain Duris shows himself to be very much at his advantage and delivers a successful performance. In short, contrary to its first hour spectators and actors, theSpanish Innhas not aged too much since its theatrical release. So it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it, even today. 

A highlight

Romain Duris is a little bit the favourite actor of Cédric Klapisch. At the timeThe Spanish Innwas already their fourth collaboration afterThe Young Peril,Everyone is looking for his catandMaybe. Since then, they’ve shot four more films together. The character of Xavier is a role specifically written for the actor who did not hesitate to give of his person to interpret it. To put himself in the student’s shoes, Romain Duris had, before shooting, scoured Europe to help the casting director find the foreign actors with whom he would share the camera.  

3. Sons of Anarchy: my gang, my battleSons of Anarchy (2008) on IMDb8.6/10232,003 votes

In summary

In Charming, a small town in San Joaquim County, California, bikers are the law. But beware, they’re not just any bikers. We’re talking about members of the notorious Sons of Anarchygang. Under the leadership of Clay Morrow, they traffick, beat and intimidate to preserve the order and integrity of their territory. 

Both feared and respected by the population, the bikers try as best they can to juggle their strict code of honour with the need to replenish the organization’s coffers. Not easy, especially when the FBI decides to stick its nose in SAMCRO’s business. Meanwhile, Jax Teller, one of the pillars of the gang, is also torn between his love of the brotherhood and the evil she’s willing to do to survive…  

Our opinion

Seven seasons of bikers, Harley-Davidson, sex, violence, and immorality. A series that smells like testosterone, motor oil and sweat. Of course, watching Sons of Anarchy may not be the best cure for decompressing after a complicated week at work. Although… the galleys of the Brotherhood almost end up having something comforting and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

Apart from the fact that it deals with an exciting and far from anecdotal phenomenon on the other side of the Atlantic with a certain realism, the show has few flaws. The script is well done despite some length, the characters worked and well interpreted. Add a dark, tribal feel, the desert landscapes of California’s outlying areas and a pinch of spicy dialogue for a small screen reference of the past few years. 

A highlight 

In all likelihood, Jax Teller’s character borrows as much from reality as from fiction. As touching as it is frightening, the hero of the series would be inspired by the personality of Edward Winterhalder, a successful novelist and former biker. Before turning to literature and publishing a dozen best-selling novels about biker gangs, he was himself head of the Bandidos brotherhood in Oklahoma. Quite a resume, that of a man who seems as contrasted as the number 2 in the hierarchy of the Sons of Anarchy.   

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