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Look for previous NEET PG reports on this page. NEET PG Q&A Entry Free Download can be found here Participants can therefore download the NEET PG model documents for free. Readers can read the whole article for the national aptitude test and the study material for PG 2020, as well as tips for preparation.

NEET PG Date of inspection – 6 January 2020

Free download of earlier NEET PG documents Pdf

Are you preparing for the PG 2020 national admission test? Then read the previous NEET-PG reports to get an idea of what kind of questions are being asked. Hacking into India’s postgraduate medical entrance exam is not an easy task. In order to perform this task, a graduate student must ask for help with theNEET questionnaires of the previous year.Participants may use the National Qualification Requirements and the previous GM admission questions to assess their preparation.

Previous NEET exams help participants to obtain the necessary information about the curriculum and the subjects of the exam. National Permission with the PG Entrance Research The old questions also help to determine the weighting of the signs illuminated on various subjects. Another way NEET PG Previous reports help participants understand the difficulty of the questions in the exam. By referring to the last five years of work on the National Aptitude Test and the PG Entrance Test, students can predict trends in the topics covered in the exam. See also the list of NEET-PG preparation books below.

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NEET PG Medical Input Test Model Documents @

NEET PG 2020 Test

Review panel

National Commission of Inquiry (NEC)

Name key

National qualification requirements for postgraduate entrance examinations 2020

 Research level

 National entrance exam

Date of availability of the access card

30. December 2020

NEET Graduate Entrance Test Date 2020

6. January 2020

Publication of the results of NEET-PG

 31. January 2020

Starting date of the consultation NEET PG 2020.

 15. March 2020


Previous documents

Official website

Download NEET PG rechargeable documents from the last 5 years Pdf | Old NEET PG V&A documents

For NEET PG 2020 tests

NEET PG Refers to the national qualification requirements and entrance examinations for admission to various MD/MS and PG courses. Every year the National Review Board (NEB) organises a NEEP. Students who wish to follow a postgraduate medical course must pass the National Admission Test of the PG. But since last year the National Entrance Test has replaced the NEET (All India Medical Entrance Exam for Postgraduate Students). You will find below the links to download the sample questionnaires NEET PG Pdffree of charge. In this way, graduate students can make their preparation effective by trying out the online control of the NEET PG layout.

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Applicants should start the preparation following the submission of the online application for NEET PG 2020. For all these graduates we have updated the NEET PG 2020 curriculum with the exam template. Therefore, check the program before you start creating the curriculum. The National Qualification and Admission Examination Model (NQE) gives you details such as the type of examination, number of questions, marks, duration, etc. Once you have completed the training, start with exercise NEET PG Previous Reports to properly prepare for the exam.

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Test schedule NEET-PG-2020 | Medical input test NEET 2020

  • Type of examination – Computer-Based Testing (CBT)
  • Number of questions – 300 multiple choice questions
  • Labelling system – The weight of the questions will be different in each area.
  • Negative mark – is not indicated by the negative mark.
  • The official language is English.
  • Curriculum – All subjects in the MBBS program, including pre-clinical, paraclinical and clinical subjects.

National qualification and approval tests (NEET) List PG 2020


Morning session

Day Session

Reference period



Conclusion of the report



Registration procedure

9-10 hours.

2:45 – 3:45

The tests start with



The exams will be over soon.


19:30 FEF

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Problems solved in the last 10 years NEET PG Pdf

Here we have collected the documents of the last five years concerning the national qualification requirements and the entrance exam, as well as the decisions. Participants can download them by clicking on the links below. We hope that the following previous reports NEET PG will help participants to hack the exam easily and get a good result. HAVE A NICE DAY!

NEET PG Download free medical postcheque booklets




Rachana Chaurasia or Anshul Jain or Anantanarayan


Robbins of Sparsch Gupta


Tripathy or sparse gupta.


Park of Vivek Jane or Aravind Arora.


Sakshi Arora or Shibbu George or Dhingra.


Harrison, Mudit Hannah or Amit Ashesh.


Bailey, Ashish Gupta or Pulse releases.


Sakshi Arora or Sheila Balakrishnan.


O. Phi Ghai or Aravind Arora





Forensic medicine



Stick or priest



<< Also check the NEET PG 2020 rating card >>

How do I prepare for the NO PG 2020 entrance exam?

  • First check the programme and the test sample provided by the officials.
  • Make a suitable curriculum in accordance with the syllabus and prepare it.
  • The study material and the NEET-PG book should then be collected in preparation.
  • Prepare short notes on important topics and formulas.
  • Finally, solve last year’s NEET PG issues to improve your ability to resolve and manage time.

NEET PG book with bank questions free download

  • DAMS Beat The NEET by Sumer K Sethi
  • PG All India’s entry medical research with Gupta, Krishnamurti and Network answers
  • Overview of DNB’s continuing education for primary and secondary schools Waibhav Bharat, Ishad Aggarwal
  • The AIIMS PG Medical Entry Examination with Gupta, Krishnamurti and Network answers
  • Entrance Medical Examination for graduate students Amit Tripaty, Ashish Gupta Tom 2
  • Entrance Medical Examination for graduate students Amit Tripaty, Ashish Gupta Tom 3
  • Self-assessment and review of the NEET system : Volume 1 Arvind Arora
  • Self-assessment and review of the NEET system : Volume 3

See also NEET PGconsultation data

We have therefore provided complete information on the NEET PG predecessordocuments. We will provide updated information on all state and national entrance examinations. So stay with us at to stay up to date with the latest news on the NEET PG 2020 test. In the meantime, click on the following link for more information about PG NEET samples. magneticpg/

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