NBA Rumors: Clippers Reportedly Willing To Trade Serge Ibaka, Marcus Morris And Eric Bledsoe

The Los Angeles Clippers are willing to trade forward Serge Ibaka, guard Marcus Morris and point guard Eric Bledsoe for a chance at winning the NBA Finals With Chris Paul’s departure on July 1st, this is an opportunity for them. The Brooklyn Nets also expressed interest in trading Brook Lopez or D’Angelo Russell with their three first-round picks potentially used as assets by other teams during the next offseason.

The “nba rumors, trade ” is a rumor that the Clippers are willing to trade Serge Ibaka, Marcus Morris and Eric Bledsoe. The three players have been rumored to be on the trading block for some time now.


The LOS ANGELES Clippers are currently going through a difficult period. They took another significant punch when Paul George went down with a ruptured ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow in the 2021 NBA playoffs after losing Kawhi Leonard to a season-ending injury.

Despite the fact that the future does not seem bright for the Californians, they may be able to take advantage of this and move certain players in exchange for draft selections. The Clippers are still in eighth place in the Western Conference rankings, but they aren’t worried about it right now. 

The franchise is prepared to deal a number of players, including veterans Serge Ibaka, Marcus Morris, and Eric Bledsoe, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. They’re concentrating on developing their young players while preparing for the next season. 

Rival executives have learned that LOS ANGELES is open to talk about trading the bulk of its experienced lineup. “Except for their key players and Terance Mann, they’re very much up for business. I believe they are perfectly content to miss the playoffs and rebuild for next season “According to one official from the Western Conference “I believe they’re attempting to get rid of the Marcus Morrises of the world, players who have some worth, so they can replace them with younger talent and maybe cheaper [contracts] coming summer.”

Morris could be able to recoup the first-round selection that Los Angeles is now missing. Morris might fit into a number of contenders’ wing rotations, just as he did when he was acquired by the Clippers before to the 2020 trade deadline Utah seems to be an ideal landing location, but the Jazz and Clippers’ history and prospective postseason collision course, as well as Utah’s lack of draft assets, make any move there doubtful. The New Orleans Pelicans who are still looking for a play-in slot, could be willing to part with a first-round pick for a player Ike Morris

According to Fischer, a Serge Ibaka deal would be financially beneficial to the Clippers, making it the most probable option for the Los Angeles franchise. 

The Clippers’ most probable trade deadline move seems to be the acquisition of Serge Ibaka. The Clippers would save nearly $40 million in tax penalties only by cutting Ibaka’s $9.7 million contract. According to Bobby Marks of, the Clippers still have $3.3 million in cap space to trade this season, and just $3.1 million of Ibaka’s salary is guaranteed before he becomes a free agency According to league insiders, Oklahoma City is a trade partner to keep an eye on.

Aside from these two, Eric Bledsoe might be on the move as well, as he could be used as a trade chip to bring in veteran point guard Goran Dragic. 

Los Angeles also has seven second-round selections available. There’s a chance the Clippers might trade Eric Bledsoe to Toronto in exchange for Goran Dragic, allowing Los Angeles to keep Dragic’s bird rights until the summer. A front office can afford that sort of move with a gap-year philosophy.

With just $3.9 million of Bledsoe’s $19.3 million contract guaranteed for next season and a small pool of clubs likely to have cap space, another head office could be willing to take on his pay. It’s also advantageous for Los Angeles to keep Bledsoe. The Clippers moved his guarantee date from June 30 to July 10, four days after the league’s moratorium expires, giving them more flexibility for whatever summer swing any trade deadline tinkering may help set up.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are the only veterans who have a secure berth right now. They haven’t been able to have a greater effect on the Clippers due to injuries, but they want to alter that once they recover. They have some intriguing young players, and with some recent moves, the Clippers might have new championship ambitions next season. They might make a lot of moves before the trade deadline, but only time will tell. 

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