NBA Fans Can’t Believe Patrick Beverley Averaged 37.3 PPG And 8 Steals In High School

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Patrick Beverley has received a lot of criticism from NBA fans in recent years. He’s a good defender, probably a very important base for the Los Angeles Lakers, but sometimes his mouth is bigger than it is, and that gets him a lot of bad comments.

It was recently discovered that not only is he a garbage man, but he can also play baseball. The chart recently showed how good Bev was in high school. She surprised a lot of people with her numbers. Pat even scored 37.3 points and an incredible 8 flights in one game, which shocked many fans who didn’t remember Beverly or only knew him as the guy who talked a lot.

Patrick Beverly estimates the number of PCAs in high school?

– HoopsSupply (@HoopsSupply) 13. February 2021

The worst players in the NBA continue to shine better than the average jersey. At 40, he was going to blow up everyone at the local apiary.

– Jordyn Graham (@Jgrammah) February 13, 2021

I read his biography, and the man was insein at

– louie (@louie_jackjr) February 13, 2021

I want to know who he shared the POY…. with. was sharing.

– Hope Code (@TheHoopCode) 13. February 2021

Pat Bev in high school:

– — …. (@SnipaCurry) 13. February 2021

8 STEALS ????

– MAKE OUT HILL (@AJ_Capalxt) February 13, 2021.

Pat Bev at High School.

– Kirin (@krtcapalot) 13. February 2021

Scheyer has already scored 21 points in 75 seconds.

– Cash Green bca Evan Lyman (@_deadlyhabits) February 14, 2021

All the NBA scum are probably 30 caliber HS. And I don’t even just hate facts, Jack.

– Jimmy North Side OG (@UncutJames_420) February 13, 2021

Now, who was the other player of the year? My goodness.

– givit2me (@Bigbenzo36) February 13, 2021

8 Thieves is a madness, imagine if someone has 8 thieves in the game…. An average of eight games, dammit.

– Tobias (@Tobias48492204) February 13, 2021

I saw Shumpert shoot in a local gym and the guy looked like Kobe. Didn’t miss. It’s to show you how incredibly talented the NBA is. And how the elite stay in the league, let alone dominate.

– lillil (@bowaloobanks) 14. February 2021

Great series on YouTube about his last year. He was a monster in high school, college and abroad. He realized he had to change his game to play in the NBA and did exactly that and became a millionaire.

– Jason Kimbrough Sr (@Jakimbroyahooc1) February 14, 2021

I saw a documentary about it last year.

– Kevin (@NBADraftAddict) 14. February 2021

He stole more on average than he helped!? Who the hell is he showing his power with!

– Carsen Vetuard (@roldjf) February 13, 2021

People forget that every member of the NBA was once a human being. Whether it was in school or in college, they were the best.

– Have faith (@begreater24) 13. February 2021

How do you fly in AVERAGE 8? This is pure nonsense.

– SEUN (@Dan_Onas) February 13, 2021

Since no one is talking about eight flights, it’s crazy.

– Anthony (@AnthonyD1318) February 13, 2021

I don’t think where the records were kept…

– LeBerner James (@LBJcrib) 14. February 2021

Co-founder of the year ???? Does anyone know the other man

– TOR (12-15) – TML (11-3-1) (@Kid_Canada07) February 13, 2021

He’s an NBA player, so that’s no surprise.

– TREASON (@icetraelatte) February 13, 2021

Like someone said, this guy may not be the best player in the NBA, but against normal people, he’ll dominate easily. Beverly plays on a team with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George; he played with James Harden so he didn’t have to show off his offensive skills, which were plentiful in high school.

It shows how talented you have to be to get into the NBA, how well you have to play, and Bev did it. He is now known as a defender, but there is no doubt that this man was a true teenager.

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