Naïca Online (Naica Online) Issued a Statement, Denying That Were Was a Breach of Account Credentials And That They Stored Passwords in Plain Text

their game and some of the other behaviors, including communication, still seem like absolute nonsense, I think it’s only fair to listen to the other side and also point out some of the odd behaviors in the OP’s thread with the original accusations of security breaches.

Here’s the explanation from Naica Online on their Discord:

Since the moderators also deleted his warning post, I think they were a little upset about the warning and didn’t fully verify the claims.

TL;DR personally after reading all this, and after his Discord yesterday:

There was no antidote for Naica Online, so yes, many exploits are not uncommon for many indie titles like this.

The operational information on the original letter was probably part of the opportunity to obtain credentials.

It looks more like the OP used data from other services/games, and those users just reused those email/password combinations. Hackers who try to do this (create a false image of a new leak by simply using data from past security breaches) are unfortunately quite common.

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Today, Naica still makes the mistake of placing too few/no restrictions on attempts to enter. It’s still pretty bad, but certainly not as bad as the full breach and saved passwords. They also said they fixed the problem. I don’t know if it happened now or during those 6 months.

Returning to the subject of gambling.

As someone who also follows a number of Infosec threads, I first found some of the comments from a Gamemaker, aka SEO, in his thread a bit suspicious, and then joined the Naica Discord yesterday to see some other interesting behavior:


  • Naica is still bad, but it probably doesn’t break login credentials via gamingsec, and it probably doesn’t store an unencrypted password.
  • At best Gamingsec was probably a little overzealous and maybe too young, at worst they were trying to create a false narrative around the data breach and storing passwords in plain text.

Denial: Not affiliated with any of the above parties.

Source: Original link


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Post Naïca Online (Naica Online) has issued a statement denying that the account was cracked and stating that they save passwords in plain text for game messages.

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