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ActorNafiya Ali Sodhi in the Post Instagram reported that she was diagnosed with leukodermia. She also wrote in detail about the disease.

Bollywood updated: 09. April 2020 at 11:03.

Nafisa Ali, a cancer survivor, has now been diagnosed with leukodermia. Nafeesa Ali, a cancer survivor, was diagnosed with leukodermia.

Bollywood actor Nafisa Ali Sodhi said she was diagnosed with leukoderma after she noticed white spots on her skin during chemotherapy a few months ago Nafisa survived the cancer. Nafisa is currently in Goa and is severely affected by the current blockade in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic

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Nafeesa wrote in a long post: Ever since I started chemo, I’ve been seeing white spots on my neck… Now that I’m by the sea and sunbathing, I can read it on my face. That’s life… You win and you lose. I’ve been diagnosed with leukodermia… What’s that? Like vitiligo, leukodermia is a skin disease in which the skin areas tend to lose their natural colour.

Leukoderma is considered a depigmentation of the skin characterized by the localization or complete destruction of melanocytes in the body. The characteristic formation of white spots on the skin remains closely linked, in contrast to the spots that occur with Vitiligo. Leukoderma is mainly known for the presence of white spots, which were initially located on smaller areas. But over time, skin spots can become more pronounced. Stay blessed and happy, sign the actor.

In November 2018, Nafeesa was diagnosed with phase 3 peritoneal and ovarian cancer. It was declared cancer-free in 2019. About her fight against cancer, Nafeesa said last year that I still have to get checked every three months, and it will be another five years before I can say that the cancer is in remission, but that is always a good excuse to go get some champagne.


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