A Jumin route Mystic Messenger walkthrough to make sure you get the Good Finish of your goals with Mr Silver Spoon himself.

This Mystic Messenger guide web page offers the whole lot you’ll want to full Jumin’s route.

This web page assumes you will have already locked into Jumin’s route on Mystic Messenger Day four, and will include loads of spoilers – for those who’d moderately deal with the sport by yourself, take a look at our Jumin route chat occasions schedule.

Under you’ll discover a listing of Jumin route endings and easy methods to get hold of them. For those who want extra assist, scroll down previous the picture for a full walkthrough of Jumin’s route from Day 5 by means of Day 11.

Like all Mystic Messenger characters, Jumin’s route presents a number of endings. Right here’s the breakdown:

  • Jumin Regular Finish: attain the get together with Zero-9 opened RSVP emails.
  • Jumin Good Finish: attain the celebration with 10 or extra opened RSVP emails.
  • Jumin Dangerous Story Finish 1: choose incorrect solutions (be hostile and money-grubbing) by means of to the Day 7 department.
  • Jumin Dangerous Story Finish 2: choose right solutions by way of the Day 7 department, then change to incorrect solutions (exchange Elizabeth, ask to be locked up) by means of to the Day eight department.
  • Jumin Dangerous Story Finish three: choose right solutions via the Day eight department, then change to incorrect solutions (insist on going residence) via the Day 10 department.
  • Jumin Dangerous Relationship Finish 1: rating under chat 30% participation or win extra hearts for an additional character than Jumin on Days 5 by way of 7.
  • Jumin Dangerous Relationship Finish 2: cross the Day 7 department, then rating under 30% chat participation or win extra hearts for an additional character than Jumin on Days eight by way of 10.

Considered use of saves will help you get all these down with only one go to to Jumin’s route. You’ll need to reload your save 4 occasions, so it should value you 20 HG in complete. Ensure you perceive the principles for reloading saves earlier than you do that! Right here’s probably the most environment friendly technique:

  • Don’t open RSVP emails (these you obtain after three right replies).
  • Make a guide save after reaching Day 5, then obtain Dangerous Relationship Finish 1.
  • Reload your save and obtain Dangerous Story Finish 1.
  • Reload your save and obtain Dangerous Relationship Finish 2.
  • Reload your save, progress to the Day 7 department level, make a second save, then obtain Dangerous Story Finish 2.
  • Reload your second save, then obtain Dangerous Story Finish three.
  • Reload your second save, then obtain Regular Finish.
  • Reload your second save, open all of your RSVP emails, then obtain Good Finish.

The walkthrough under suggests the solutions resulting in Jumin’s good ending. Tell us should you’d like extra steerage as to which solutions result in dangerous endings.

As soon as once more, you don’t need to motion each chat to succeed in the great ending – simply attempt to hit as many as you’ll be able to. In contrast to the widespread route, each chat on the Jumin route gives possibilities to earn hearts from him.

Day 5

Day 5 – 00:55

  • 1: What are you doing this late?
  • 2: (any)
  • three: Is everybody else okay?
  • four: (any)
  • 5: What do you propose to do now, Seven?
  • 6: Wouldn’t it be protected for everybody to be collectively?
  • 7: Thanks. You have to be busy sufficient with the hacker, however I recognize that you simply’re nonetheless taking care of me.
  • eight: Good luck! I do know you are able to do it!

Day 5 – 02:36

  • 1: (any)
  • 2: Seven should have been actually stunned. A hacker?;;;
  • three: I feel there needs to be a connection. The timing is just too… suspicious.
  • four: I don’t know who the hacker is… however I suppose I might appears suspicious within the present state of affairs.
  • 5: I want Jumin might ship me a safety guard too T_T However he can’t so…
  • 6: I’m glad at the very least everybody else shall be protected because of Jumin.
  • 7: Good luck to you, Jaehee! Maintain your self.
  • eight: I’m getting actually nervous;; Can’t Jumin do one thing about it?
  • 9: …I need to see Jumin.
  • 10: Hurry and verify!

Day 5 – 08:12

  • 1: Jumin, slept properly?
  • 2: (any)
  • three: You tried it earlier than, Jumin?
  • four: Tsk tsk… How unhappy to stay on a factor like that…;;
  • 5: Jumin, what elegant meal did you’ve gotten for breakfast at this time?
  • 6: Jumin, I feel you’re so type to ensure everyone seems to be protected.
  • 7: You may speak like that however you’re really frightened about us. I feel you’re type ^^
  • eight: I’ll. I’ll do the whole lot I can.
  • 9: I don’t assume he gained. The chatroom was hacked, however not utterly.
  • 10: You’re utterly proper, Jumin.
  • 11: The place on the earth did you get that line;;
  • 12: See~ He’s truly fairly type.
  • 13: Being nervous gained’t do any good so we should always simply have religion and wait.
  • 14: Thanks, Yoosung.
  • 15: Thanks on your considerations ^^
  • 16: All proper… Good luck at present. I’ll be cheering for you.

Day 5 – 10:30

  • 1: Sure.
  • 2: Uhm… Am I invisible to you, Jaehee…?
  • three: We have been going to speak about that sooner or later proper?;;
  • four: Perhaps it’s your stalker +_+
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: You probably did lots for us… T_T
  • 7: Shouldn’t I stick with Jumin at occasions like this?
  • eight: You don’t know what it needs?;; That’s extra scary.
  • 9: Is it due to the hacker?
  • 10: Jumin appears so lonely…
  • 11: …All these articles have to be a ache for you two.
  • 12: Perhaps Jumin’s not feeling so happy due to that article…?
  • 13: Bye~ Jaehee.
  • 14: Is there something to cheer Jumin up?
  • 15: Jumin will prefer it. Let’s invite them.
  • 16: Guess you by no means get sick of these. lol

Day 5 – 11:58

  • 1: Hey Zen! Are you again from rehearsals?
  • 2: You need to get indignant at Seven T_T
  • three: Why do you assume so?
  • four: I feel so too.
  • 5: Thoughtful? Are you lastly making up with Jumin?
  • 6: You’re not grateful in the direction of Seven who’s working exhausting and Jumin for sending you these guards?
  • 7: I need to go see Jumin…!
  • eight: Bye! Hope the truck’s there whenever you get again…

Day 5 – 13:40

  • 1: Hiya, Yoosung!
  • 2: Server upkeep virtually kill you OTL
  • three: The safety guards are Jumin’s so I’m positive they’re good.
  • four: Knew you would be an excellent scholar ^^
  • 5: I don’t actually prefer it. I like roast hen extra.
  • 6: Individuals do nicely if they’re destined to be. Like our Jumin. ^^
  • 7: Okay~!
  • eight: Make it by means of with all of the hen you ate ^^

Day 5 – 15:05

  • 1: I’m advantageous… However Jumin, you’re nonetheless on the workplace?
  • 2: lolololol Mr. Director lolol So cute, Jumin.
  • three: Haha. You didn’t know that earlier than?
  • four: I’ll let you realize what it’s subsequent time.
  • 5: Wine! Sure, I like to have pink wine with hen parmigiana.
  • 6: The great thing about sharing. They only offer you a free drink to inform you thanks for ordering~
  • 7: I don’t assume the firms ought to be blamed for all the things.
  • eight: He’s proper. Plenty of locations now compete with being artistic.
  • 9: Jumin’s so cute nagging. lolol
  • 10: Jaehee stated you didn’t look too completely satisfied this morning… Did one thing occur?
  • 11: Was it your worker?
  • 12: What!? Oh… uhm…
  • 13: I feel sometime you may discover somebody, I’m positive of it.
  • 14: Cease teasing him; I feel there was an actual lady at his home… What was it about…?
  • 15: You’re not answering his query… You could have dinner plans?
  • 16: I don’t assume that’s it. I’m frightened one thing’s happening with him.
  • 17: Jumin ought to be fantastic, proper…?

Day 5 – 17:16

  • 1: You have been right here, Jaehee ^^ I hope work isn’t too dangerous?
  • 2: What are you speaking about? Jumin’s a succesful single man who has nothing to lose by staying single.
  • three: Cease teasing Jumin…
  • four: I do assume Jumin noticed an actual lady at his home.
  • 5: You don’t assume… Mr. Han is arranging an engagement for Jumin….?
  • 6: Good! Let’s sue him collectively.
  • 7: He’s proper. Perhaps Mr. Han discovered somebody he needs Jumin to marry…
  • eight: I feel that’s a good suggestion. If that may cheer him up, I’m all for it!
  • 9: You’re not slacking off, are you?
  • 10: Jaehee, say hiya to Jumin for me.
  • 11: I don’t know. However even when that’s the case, they’re those in charge, not you.
  • 12: Yup! Please watch out, Seven.

Day 5 – 19:00

  • 1: Whats up, Yoosung, haha.
  • 2: lol You missed me. lol
  • three: I feel who you’re getting married to is extra essential than if you’re getting married.
  • four: I additionally assume that it is best to marry somebody you’re keen on.
  • 5: Isn’t there any strategy to regulate that?
  • 6: Good concept. That’s precisely what we’d like proper now.
  • 7: Hurry and go!

Day 5 – 20:55

  • 1: Jumin, did you eat?
  • 2: What are you speaking about? Did one thing occur?
  • three: Being so hostile doesn’t go well with you, however okay ^^;
  • four: First settle down, and give it some thought objectively…
  • 5: Good day, Jaehee.
  • 6: That occurred?
  • 7: I feel Jumin’s actually stressed proper now… I’m apprehensive.
  • eight: Is the corporate value is? I heard it was a small one;
  • 9: Jumin have to be going by way of a tough time proper now… I really feel so dangerous.
  • 10: Because you’re all the time by his aspect, please take excellent care of him.
  • 11: I don’t need to begin a conspiracy, however I feel that’s a potential principle.
  • 12: Nevertheless it’ll assist Jumin and the corporate for positive!
  • 13: Subsequent time, be a part of us after you’ve completed what Jumin advised you to do.
  • 14: Can I promote them?
  • 15: Okay. I can’t cease worrying about Jumin…

Day 5 – 22:59

  • 1: You completed work?
  • 2: Why can’t you?;;; Marrying a lady isn’t the issue, the organized marriage half it.
  • three: Yeah;;; He may assist. lol
  • four: He’s a really decisive individual. However… I feel he’ll have quite a bit to consider issues since his father’s concerned.
  • 5: I really feel a bit unhappy concerning the state of affairs too…
  • 6: ★
  • 7: Ahwoooo~~~~
  • eight: Please let this all go away in order that Jumin doesn’t should endure!
  • 9: lololol You’re not going to an evening membership, are you?

Day 6

Day 6 – 00:40

  • 1: What was the issue?
  • 2: I assumed he took it himself. Yoosung, you might have good eyes.
  • three: How rather more annoyed would Jumin be…?
  • four: I feel so too however I assume Jumin’s father has totally different concepts.
  • 5: I’m frightened that Jumin may really feel harm due to that.
  • 6: A stone-cold individual… I feel that’s a bit harsh T_T
  • 7: I ought to simply quietly cheer for Jumin.
  • eight: That’s a praise, proper? Thanks.
  • 9: Thanks for worrying. I’m superb. Jumin and Jaehee are those struggling.
  • 10: It’ll be enjoyable. Let’s invite them~
  • 11: An equal world… That’s good.
  • 12: lol You’re gonna fail once more. lol Ask Seven to catch it for you.

Day 6 – 02:50

  • 1: Hope issues are higher… Is Jumin nonetheless working?
  • 2: You’ll be able to’t attain him? That’s a bit worrying…
  • three: I knew you’d discover one thing! What did you look into?
  • four: Oh my god… She actually did it…
  • 5: Is there something I can do to assist?
  • 6: You’re proper. I’m positive your efforts will assist Jumin’s firm.
  • 7: Jaehee, nonetheless be sure to don’t skip meals!

Day 6 – 08:30

  • 1: Good morning, Zen…
  • 2: Yeah. You’ll be able to’t assist however suspect one thing now.
  • three: A brand new position? Wow! Congratulations!
  • four: Like Jumin?
  • 5: Win them over together with your appearing relatively than your seems to be!
  • 6: Virtually… It have to be so onerous for Jaehee to do double the work.
  • 7: I’d wish to work for Jumin. Wouldn’t we develop nearer?
  • eight: Yeah… He hasn’t been coming right here typically.
  • 9: Let’s invite them! I’d love to satisfy them.
  • 10: Zen~ Hope the assembly goes nicely as we speak!

Day 6 – 10:01

  • 1: Yoosung… What’s up? …LOLOL server beneath upkeep once more?
  • 2: He gave an interview…? I’m frightened about Jumin…
  • three: Yeah. Getting re-married proper after getting divorced ?;;
  • four: Maybe he ought to have been extra cautious about sharing his phrases…
  • 5: I would like safety guards too T_T
  • 6: Hahaha. It’s not for a superb purpose, however take pleasure in it when you can.
  • 7: lololol Focus in your class as an alternative of the rumors;;

Day 6 – 12:22

  • 1: Jaehee… Hey. However what do you imply by false tales?
  • 2: How is Jumin?
  • three: Jumin is admittedly not himself…
  • four: Zen, you’re right here… I don’t assume Jumin’s doing very properly..
  • 5: Sure! He’s an excellent director!
  • 6: Improv rehearsal??? Wow… so cool.
  • 7: … The 2 sentences are utterly totally different.
  • eight: I’ll sit up for it too!
  • 9: I’ll report you to the police.
  • 10: Hmm… Why don’t you consider how Jumin acts in the direction of Elizabeth?
  • 11: I feel so too. He’s stopped the tasks that he loves.
  • 12: That’s… fairly cool.
  • 13: Yeah… I assume this isn’t the time to broaden the enterprise for private causes.
  • 14: Usually Jumin would ignore it… however his father steered it. I feel that’s why that is attending to him.
  • 15: It’s a good suggestion. You may have the ability to get different roles from them.
  • 16: If she’s hiding something, I hope we discover out quickly.
  • 17: lololol Zen, you’re so cute.
  • 18: Oh! That’s good ^^ Let’s help him collectively.
  • 19: I hope the whole lot goes properly with Jumin…
  • 20: Good luck at this time, Jaehee!

Day 6 – 14:48

  • 1: Hiya Seven.
  • 2: Do you have got a pop quiz or one thing? lolol
  • three: Seven, you’re such a genius. lol
  • four: Ya. That one with the elf Gonzales?
  • 5: Hahahahahaha!!
  • 6: They aren’t. Seven’s simply gibberishing like all the time.
  • 7: Seven, you actually know lots of people. lol
  • eight: I’m wonderful. Nothing unusual occurred to you, I hope?
  • 9: Seven ^^ You recognize the reply, proper?
  • 10: I hope we discover out who it’s quickly…
  • 11: Coronary heart Quivering?
  • 12: Hurry up.
  • 13: Don’t mess with him an excessive amount of;
  • 14: Seven! Catch them each!
  • 15: Seven’s actually good at what he does, however he appears to love joking round quite a bit, haha
  • 16: I feel you’ll look cute in it, haha
  • 17: Are you going to review on your quiz? Good luck~

Day 6 – 16:12

  • 1: …Simply burn it away and overlook it!
  • 2: How’s Jumin?
  • three: I’m so fearful about Jumin…!
  • four: I feel the identical… And I feel he went means overboard this time.
  • 5: Yeah… It’s as if he handled Jumin like a bit boy.
  • 6: He have to be tormented on the within, although. He simply doesn’t know how one can categorical it…
  • 7: Bye~ Say whats up to Jumin for me~!
  • eight: I’m actually frightened about Jumin.
  • 9: Good luck~ Get that uncommon boss monster!

Day 6 – 18:00

  • 1: Jumin, I used to be apprehensive! I heard what occurred together with your father…
  • 2: In fact you’re upset…! Are you actually okay?
  • three: So since I’m a member of the RFA… I’m necessary too?
  • four: That’s why you assume expressing your feelings is meaningless. Because you all the time received the identical response.
  • 5: It’s good that you simply had such an exquisite father…
  • 6: You’re keen on your father however hate him on the similar time… It have to be exhausting.
  • 7: Do you are feeling such as you’ve reached a lifeless finish?
  • eight: I don’t assume you’ll be able to perceive simply because I clarify it to you. And there’s no set reply… You study it by way of.
  • 9: I’m truly glad that I obtained to listen to your inside ideas.
  • 10: I’ll be ready to speak to you once more. Relaxation up.

Day 6 – 19:20

  • 1: Don’t tease him…;; Jumin’s actually having a nasty time…
  • 2: Aren’t you frightened? Simply think about how annoyed he should have been…
  • three: Sure, let’s be critical.
  • four: Jumin is just not a robotic…;; The best way I see it, he really feel all the things.
  • 5: …I don’t like that you simply considered Jumin as a robotic, however let’s invite them.
  • 6: Not good feelings although.
  • 7: Cream Spherical!
  • eight: What’s this abruptly…?;;
  • 9: Do you need to drive someplace?
  • 10: Seven, are you able to not discuss with your automobiles as infants? It sounds bizarre;;
  • 11: Present all of them your love!
  • 12: It will actually assist Jumin in the event you be a bit extra trustworthy with him.
  • 13: Okay~ I’ll have to think about methods to assist Jumin.

Day 6 – 20:44

  • 1: Will he be okay…?
  • 2: Did one thing occur?
  • three: What!? Your home??
  • four: How shameless of her.
  • 5: I’m fearful this can hassle Jumin once more as soon as he finds out.
  • 6: …I received apprehensive about that too.
  • 7: Please let me know when you hear one thing from him.

Day 6 – 23:11

  • 1: Yoosung lolol Hiya lololol
  • 2: They’re actually meticulous to go discover Jaehee…
  • three: Oh~ I do know that saying. lol
  • four: -_-…
  • 5: You actually attempt exhausting to be humorous, Seven. lol
  • 6: lololol He’s making an attempt to get you once more~ Watch out!
  • 7: Guess he doesn’t need them. lol
  • eight: Wow, fortunate Yoosung. lolol Depart some for me!!
  • 9: Seven, the place are you going?
  • 10: Name him and ask~
  • 11: Perhaps he’s making an attempt to assist Jumin?
  • 12: Yoosung, good luck as all the time!

Day 7

Day 7 – 01:00

  • 1: Jumin! I heard that Sarah went to Jaehee’s home!
  • 2: Nonetheless, he’s your loved ones… I don’t assume it’s dangerous for her to look into it, simply in case.
  • three: We should always assume Jaehee’s doing all her work although.
  • four: Uhm… Is Elizabeth third doing okay?
  • 5: I feel you may simply want a while to tug your self collectively once more.
  • 6: Sure, I do. Please don’t drink an excessive amount of caffeine.

Day 7 – 02:03

  • 1: Zen! You didn’t get sufficient sleep?
  • 2: His cat could be very particular to him.
  • three: Thanks for saying that, however he’s treating me ok already.
  • four: A lady?
  • 5: You imply Elizabeth was in your dream? It’s essential to secretly like cats. lol
  • 6: That doesn’t look like a great dream.
  • 7: I need to worship Jumin’s face;;
  • eight: I don’t consider in stuff like that.
  • 9: You’re worrying for him proper now, proper? ^^ So good of you.
  • 10: Her identify is Elizabeth third.
  • 11: Nonetheless, you’re speaking about your dream for Jumin, proper?
  • 12: That could be potential… He actually ought to be cautious identical to what you stated.
  • 13: I can really feel how sort you’re.
  • 14: Take a look at your good-looking face and really feel higher! Get some relaxation!

Day 7 – Department

  • In case you have made right decisions so far, the sport will proceed as under. If not, you’ll ultimately arrive at a Dangerous Finish.

Day 7 – 07:07

  • 1: Jumin, did you learn what Zen stated about his dream?
  • 2: Do you actually assume the dream means one thing? I’m apprehensive about Elizabeth.
  • three: I want he wouldn’t assume that the identify doesn’t matter simply because she’s a cat.
  • four: Oh … Nicely, you’re making me blush… however I hope you’re jealous.
  • 5: I feel it’s good to be ready… no matter whether or not you consider it or not.
  • 6: When you’re nervous about it, why don’t you tighten the safety.
  • 7: If I have been beside you, I’d have love to select one for you!
  • eight: I feel that’s good.
  • 9: The place did he go… T_T… I miss him.
  • 10: Jumin, what’s happening? Are you okay?
  • 11: The place do you assume he’s going?
  • 12: Cheer up T_T
  • 13: Bye, Jaehee! Jumin will come again!

Day 7 – 09:18

  • 1: Yoosung, did one thing occur?
  • 2: OMG… So merciless..
  • three: Why don’t you simply be courageous and ditch it like Jumin? lol
  • four: Jumin should take duty for it will definitely… I’m positive it’s not all that good.
  • 5: Be a accountable individual ^^
  • 6: Why don’t you attempt to be assured like Jumin? ^^
  • 7: It’s essential to have so much in your thoughts, Yoosung.
  • eight: Okay! Let’s invite them only for you!
  • 9: lolololol You’re comfortable about getting chips?
  • 10: I wanna get on his automotive too~
  • 11: Yoosung, I’ll expect a photograph~ lol

Day 7 – 11:20

  • 1: Sure, I did~ Thanks for asking.
  • 2: Jumin nonetheless hasn’t contacted you?
  • three: I feel all these guesses are making him nervous proper now…
  • four: You solely talked about your goals. It’s not your fault.
  • 5: I feel meaning Jumin’s having such a tough time that he can’t even take into consideration that.
  • 6: I’m actually apprehensive about Jumin. If rumors like that begin going round, the Chairman may actually drive the wedding on him.
  • 7: I want I might go… I need to see with my very own eyes whether or not he’s okay.
  • eight: Jaehee, I really feel such as you’re simply treating Jumin as a robotic that works on a regular basis.
  • 9: There’s a restrict to how a lot Jumin and I can speak… I’m positive he had no selection.
  • 10: I actually take pleasure in speaking to Jumin. I hope he comes again to regular.
  • 11: I simply take pleasure in speaking with Jumin ^^;
  • 12: Inform me as quickly as you see Jumin again house.
  • 13: I’m actually fearful about him…
  • 14: I’m glad that he’s serving to you ^^;
  • 15: Gah… I’m so fearful about Jumin…

Day 7 – 14:00

  • 1: Hey, Yoosung!
  • 2: Issues are difficult… I perceive him.
  • three: Hello! Hey hey!
  • four: I doubt that’s the case;;
  • 5: Why don’t you gown up as a cat Yoosung and go see him?
  • 6: However… wouldn’t it’s harmful for me to go? We nonetheless haven’t caught
  • 7: Cease…
  • eight: Perhaps I can simply go to his workplace?
  • 9: Omg Seven. How did you handle to try this?
  • 10: It’s a good suggestion. We will study one of the simplest ways to make use of a smartphone at this opportunity.
  • 11: I like that film.
  • 12: Good luck eliminating all of the bugs! >_
  • 13: Name him~

Day 7 – 16:30

  • 1: How did he look?
  • 2: Thanks for considering that method. I’d like to speak to him myself… would that be potential?
  • three: I’ll go to him, Jaehee. Thanks for worrying about him.
  • four: Thanks, Jaehee. Simply depart Jumin to me. Take care.

Day 7 – 18:00

  • 1: I’m on my method however the visitors’s actually dangerous. God~! It’s so irritating.
  • 2: I really feel so dangerous once I assume how a lot Jumin have to be struggling… I need to get there quick.
  • three: Did you discover… one thing associated to Jumin?
  • four: You don’t assume… Did Glam Choi unfold this?
  • 5: I’m extra nervous now that articles like these are flying round…
  • 6: Yeah… I hope nothing worse occurs.
  • 7: Sure, we should always! I feel they’ve a superb trigger.
  • eight: I ought to put together myself earlier than I get to Jumin’s too.
  • 9: You’ve gotten safety guards anyway. ^^
  • 10: Yup, don’t fear ^^

Day 7 – Visible Novel #1

  • 1: Jumin… I’m so glad to lastly meet you.
  • 2: Jaehee made positive that I traveled protected.
  • three: Jaehee stated you appeared to be having a tough time and I ought to go to you. I got here as a result of I acquired fearful.(Jumin)
  • four: Your home… is sort of superb.
  • 5: Why did you set her in a cage…?

Day 7 – 19:30

  • 1: Jaehee… Are you okay?
  • 2: lololololol
  • three: It’s okay. I’m glad I obtained to see him sooner.
  • four: Oh~ What’s it?
  • 5: …That may’t be good for Jumin’s popularity. (Jaehee + Jumin)
  • 6: I hope the reality will get revealed quickly and this all ends… (Jaehee + Jumin)
  • 7: Sugar Spherical isn’t an individual;;
  • eight: However Seven, what’s occurring with the hacker?
  • 9: What…
  • 10: However Yoosung, did he get to your home? I keep in mind he stated he was going.
  • 11: I’ll cross…
  • 12: Bye… Don’t overlook to catch the hacker~
  • 13: Oh, proper. Fortunately, Jumin appears to really feel higher now that I’m right here. ^^;;
  • 14: Okay! Don’t fear about Jumin.

Day 7 – 21:58

  • 1: Sure… It’s a bit late, isn’t it?
  • 2: I’m high quality. How was rehearsal?
  • three: Jumin, good to see you right here.
  • four: Jumin was a t-rex in his previous life.
  • 5: Gahh~ It’s nothing like that.
  • 6: Jumin’s a gentleman ^^;;
  • 7: lololol Jumin, you’re cute.
  • eight: All I want is a thanks. ^^
  • 9: You don’t should… I can prepare dinner.
  • 10: Jumin, because you’re feeling higher due to me, are you going to work tomorrow?
  • 11: Jumin may want extra time.
  • 12: Nicely, since everybody who works for Jumin additionally works for Mr. Han… I wouldn’t have the ability to belief the corporate.
  • 13: Jumin, might you continue to be a bit extra thoughtful in the direction of Jaehee and concerning the firm?
  • 14: Sure. That’s very recent.
  • 15: P-put… me to mattress…?
  • 16: I belief Jumin.
  • 17: Okay, don’t fear. I’ll be high-quality.

Day 7 – Visible Novel # 2

  • 1: Jumin, what are you occupied with?
  • 2: The place will you sleep?
  • three: Please do. I’ll really feel extra snug if I hear your voice.
  • four: What’s the ebook about?
  • 5: Good friend?
  • 6: You need to know extra about me?

Day 7 – 23:23

  • 1: Oh, are you taking requests?
  • 2: Howdy, Yoosung ^^
  • three: You haven’t forgotten due to LOLOL, have you ever?
  • four: lolololol Yoosung, are you in entrance of Seven’s home? lol
  • 5: Yoosung. Ensure you get these Buddha Chips.

Day eight

Day eight – 00:59

  • 1: Why?
  • 2: Zen has nothing to fret about~ I really feel like I’m in heaven!
  • three: Yup. God Seven is beneficiant.
  • four: Stated like a real recreation addict!
  • 5: Assist Seven together with his work or one thing.

Day eight – 02:12

  • 1: Hiya, Jaehee.
  • 2: I’ll go house as soon as the solar rises.
  • three: However Jaehee, why are you continue to up?
  • four: Sure, please.
  • 5: I doubt Jumin will actually care about this information~
  • 6: That’s a sensible method to go about it. I recognize what you’re doing.
  • 7: lolololol It should have been so embarrassing~
  • eight: It’s unhappy that somebody’s after Jumin’s wealth…
  • 9: Zen~ Don’t fear. He’s very nice. ^^
  • 10: It have to be so troublesome for him to have his father concerned…
  • 11: Do you consider what they are saying about being instructor and scholar?
  • 12: I feel Jumin considers it as one thing he needs to keep away from.
  • 13: When the solar goes up… I nonetheless assume that Jumin is unstable.
  • 14: Zen, thanks for worrying.
  • 15: Don’t fear an excessive amount of. Jumin simply wants a while.
  • 16: Jumin gained’t care about what you discover out… however good luck.
  • 17: You’re not nearly as good wanting as Jumin… however I admit you’re good-looking.
  • 18: Ya. Everybody will go insane when you launch that photograph.
  • 19: Then I’m wondering what Jumin’s existence is like…
  • 20: I’m positive Jumin will present his gratitude someday.
  • 21: Why are you altering your ideas now?
  • 22: I’ll return safely so don’t fear ^^
  • 23: (any)

Day eight – 08:30

  • 1: Jumin, what are you doing on the kitchen?
  • 2: Did you go to work?
  • three: You’ll want to provide a greater excuse if you need him to return to work ^^;;
  • four: Getting ready for the marriage… That’s not nice.
  • 5: Nothing good can come out such rumors getting round…
  • 6: I’ll maintain her! Go forward.
  • 7: I agree. You’ll be able to’t ignore your work due to this.
  • eight: I’ll attempt. Go forward, Jaehee.

Day eight – Visible Novel #1

  • 1: Sure, go forward.
  • 2: I’ll maintain her. Don’t fear and go.
  • three: Thanks for saying so, however don’t fear about me and do what you need to do…!
  • four: How ought to I maintain Elizabeth?
  • 5: She seems to be drained contained in the cage… when will you let her free?
  • 6: No… Elizabeth?
  • 7: Jumin, I’ll show you how to discover her!

Day eight – 09:55

  • 1: That’s not essential… Elizabeth is lacking!
  • 2: It was a mistake… I’m positive it’s not as a result of she hates you.
  • three: Okay, Jumin! You’ll discover her. I do know you’ll.
  • four: I’m shocked too.. I’m frightened about Jumin.
  • 5: Let’s hope not.
  • 6: Assist me discover the cat, Zen.
  • 7: Wow! Can’t we invite him to the social gathering?
  • eight: Good luck with the assembly. I hope Jumin finds his cat quickly…

Day eight – 11:43

  • 1: He nonetheless hasn’t discovered Elizabeth?
  • 2: He let her out when he was feeding her.
  • three: I’m sorry I couldn’t be a lot of a assist…
  • four: I feel I ought to keep till Jumin feels higher…
  • 5: She should have been curious concerning the outdoors world.
  • 6: Please let me know should you get in contact with him.

Day eight – Visible Novel #2

  • 1: Jumin… don’t be unhappy. We’ll discover her.
  • 2: I’ll be right here till you are feeling higher, Jumin. You possibly can belief me.
  • three: Nothing dangerous will come out of listening to some info. You’ll be able to decide whether or not or not what she says is useful.
  • four: It’s nothing like that… First present us the photograph of Elizabeth.
  • 5: Sarah, I’m Jumin’s good friend. Please watch what you say.
  • 6: Jumin… I feel you’re too emotional proper now. Are you okay…!?
  • 7: Ju-Jumin!?
  • eight: Jumin… can we actually do that?
  • 9: Is that this applicable… when Elizabeth is lacking?
  • 10: Jumin… first settle down. You have been nervous about Elizabeth a minute in the past!
  • 11: I feel any relationship wants time… Let’s give it some thought. First, let’s discover Elizabeth.

Day eight – 13:15

  • 1: He put up an advert already… I hope he finds the cat quickly because of that.
  • 2: No on is aware of that… I hope he finds her quickly.
  • three: Sure… they haven’t seen Elizabeth, however others may be in an analogous place, so I feel it’ll be good to ask them.
  • four: I’m positive she’ll come again safely and see Jumin once more…!
  • 5: Shouldn’t you at the very least go to high school… T_T
  • 6: The place are you two planning to go?
  • 7: That gained’t occur…
  • eight: You could be proper. Go forward.

Day eight – 15:30

  • 1: I’m superb. The place are you Jumin?
  • 2: Shouldn’t you no less than go to your workplace…?
  • three: However we nonetheless haven’t discovered her but.
  • four: You’re not considering of me as a alternative on your pet, are you?
  • 5: Thanks… However shouldn’t you continue to be liable for Elizabeth?
  • 6: Don’t go over you method an excessive amount of. I’ll be right here regardless of how late you come.

Day eight – 17:22

  • 1: I can’t make a judgement on Jumin proper now… I want time.
  • 2: Sure… I feel I ought to stick with Jumin for now.
  • three: Jumin could have such a tough time if I depart now, I’m positive of it.
  • four: That’s not true. Jumin is aware of that I’m not a cat.
  • 5: I feel Jumin must be accountable of Elizabeth till the top.
  • 6: I don’t assume Jumin is secure proper now. Let’s give him some extra time.
  • 7: One thing so necessary gained’t be determined so all of the sudden ^^;;
  • eight: lolololol
  • 9: I feel Jumin wants a while to chill out. He’s afraid he may lose me when he misplaced his cat already.
  • 10: Me.
  • 11: Zen, what style do you watch probably the most?
  • 12: When do you assume Jumin will get residence…?
  • 13: I ought to ask Jumin to introduce me to him.
  • 14: I actually hope Jumin finds his lacking pet…
  • 15: Seven, use your assets to seek out Elizabeth.
  • 16: Good. His uncle is coming too then?
  • 17: Seven, is it attainable to hint what Jumin is doing now?
  • 18: Kidnapped… You don’t look like the sort to get kidnapped, Seven.
  • 19: Are you saying gaming is nothing necessary?
  • 20: And name us if something occurs…
  • 21: Don’t fear an excessive amount of about me. I’m fantastic~
  • 22: Don’t fear. I’m completely satisfied being with Jumin.

Day eight – Department

  • In case you have made right decisions thus far, the sport will proceed as under. If not, you’ll ultimately arrive at a Dangerous Finish.

Day eight – Visible Novel #three

     – Whelp…
  • 1: I’m unhappy that you simply didn’t discover Elizabeth but…
  • 2: Thanks… however shouldn’t I be going residence now?
  • three: Nonetheless, I can’t simply begin dwelling right here so out of the blue… I’ve to go to the condo to organize for the social gathering.
  • four: What’s our relationship…?
  • 5: Jumin… You’ll take excellent care of me, proper?
  • 6: I’m not… a alternative for Elizabeth, am I? That’s not the connection I would like.
  • 7: Thanks for being so thoughtful, however I can shield my very own physique.
  • eight: Jumin… I wasn’t going to run off. Let’s settle down and take a while to consider it.
  • 9: I gained’t go anyplace so please transfer away.
  • 10: We have been each stunned… I feel it’ll be greatest for me to remain right here till you are feeling extra calm.

Day eight – 19:00

  • 1: Jumin got here house safely.
  • 2: Jumin was too nervous… I made a decision to remain right here with him. He’s not taking your calls?
  • three: I simply assume that Jumin wants a while.
  • four: Is the whole lot going okay on the workplace?
  • 5: Can’t you simply inform me?
  • 6: Alright.
  • 7: I’ll have the ability to return earlier than the social gathering.
  • eight: Jaehee, be sure to don’t skip your meals and hold in there.

Day eight – 21:03

  • 1: I couldn’t depart Jumin on his personal.
  • 2: Belief Seven~
  • three: Sure. He’s nonetheless a bit unstable… however I feel he’s making an attempt exhausting to regulate himself.
  • four: He liked Elizabeth as greater than a cat… I feel he simply realized that she is ultimately only a cat and organized his ideas.
  • 5: Thanks for worrying… I’ll attempt to talk with Jumin extra.
  • 6: It have to be exhausting… however don’t lose hope! Good luck!

Day eight – 23:17

  • 1: I’m nonetheless right here… Don’t get too mad.
  • 2: Sure… He’s nonetheless very mild.
  • three: Jaehee, did you end work?
  • four: What in the event you two escape right into a battle…?^^;
  • 5: Sure. It will be higher for Jaehee to return.
  • 6: No approach. That gained’t occur…
  • 7: Watch out!
  • eight: Even when Jumin is unstable, he’s slowly opening up… in order that day will come quickly.
  • 9: I hope we discover Elizabeth quickly… I’m apprehensive.
  • 10: Everybody has their faults… He have to be extra lonely since he all the time has to cover them.
  • 11: I ought to spend a while with Jumin.
  • 12: Okay, thanks ^^

Day eight – Visible Novel #four

  • 1: … Thanks for this good meal. However I can’t assist however fear over Elizabeth.
  • 2: However first, I feel I’ve to go residence tomorrow to organize for the celebration… What do you assume?
  • three: I nonetheless assume I ought to return as quickly as potential…
  • four: I do perceive…
  • 5: I’m right here as a result of I’m fearful about you dropping Elizabeth.
  • 6: Jaehee stated within the messenger that she’s coming right here… Can’t we see her?

Day 9

Day 9 – 01:09

  • 1: In fact.
  • 2: Wow! It have to be enjoyable, haha.
  • three: Be buddies!
  • four: Jaehee, I’m sorry you had to return.
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: Belief Seven.
  • 7: He was a bit harsh… however please perceive contemplating his present state.
  • eight: I simply assume that Jumin wants extra time…
  • 9: Sure, Jumin could be very good to me… as all the time.
  • 10: I’ll attempt to do what I can right here…!
  • 11: There was a struggle…
  • 12: I’ll speak to him in order that nothing like that may occur.
  • 13: He gained’t be in one other relationship. I’ll be the final…
  • 14: I’ll additionally hope for Jumin to arrange his emotions and really feel higher.
  • 15: You actually are cute to consider in such issues.
  • 16: Jaehee, grasp in there! I’ll attempt to speak to Jumin too.
  • 17: I hope he comes again to regular quickly…
  • 18: Let’s invite them!
  • 19: I’ll inform Jumin you stated that… Thanks.
  • 20: (any)

Day 9 – 02:29

  • 1: I’m effective Zen ^^; You have been awake.
  • 2: If individuals discover out that I’m with Jumin proper now… will that badly have an effect on him?
  • three: Jumin will really feel higher quickly. Simply wait a bit extra.
  • four: I’m positive Jumin doesn’t need to be like this…
  • 5: (any)

Day 9 – Visible Novel #1

  • 1: What are you doing up?
  • 2: Did you are feeling that approach in the direction of Elizabeth?
  • three: Wasn’t Rika particular to you? Hmm?
  • four: Have been you near her?
  • 5: Did you have got emotions for Rika?
  • 6: I perceive… how you are feeling. I’ll wait till you work issues out.
  • 7: I’ll keep by your aspect… however everybody has to say good bye at one level.
  • eight: There are different RFA members together with Jaehee. Don’t assume you’re alone.
  • 9: All the things will work out.

Day 9 – 09:43

  • 1: Seven… did the driving go okay?
  • 2: Yoosung… it should have been so exhausting for him.
  • three: Oh no… it should have been so onerous.
  • four: Return when the solar’s up.
  • 5: Huh? Why are you saying that unexpectedly? Is it that harmful?
  • 6: Yeah. who else you shield the world if not you?!
  • 7: How about Yoosung?? Is he protected?
  • eight: Yeah! That’s a good suggestion.
  • 9: Don’t put Yoosung in peril.

Day 9 – 10:58

  • 1: I did… Do you assume they’re actually okay?
  • 2: However… Jaehee, how are issues at work? Did Jumin do to the workplace?
  • three: I feel Jumin nonetheless wants extra time… Let’s wait a bit extra.
  • four: I’ll attempt my greatest, Jaehee.
  • 5: Good bye, I’ll attempt my greatest to persuade him.

Day 9 – 13:03

  • 1: Heya Zen.
  • 2: I feel it’ll be extra useful when you attempt to perceive Jumin’s background and previous.
  • three: Are you okay? Each of you’re protected, proper?
  • four: Ought to I name Jumin? Do you want assist?
  • 5: Do you see something round you?
  • 6: Zen… how did you guess?
  • 7: I feel he ought to maintain his promise with Seven.
  • eight: Oh my god… So it actually was a psychic dream;;
  • 9: It’s Elizabeth third!
  • 10: That is the prospect to seek out Jumin’s cat!
  • 11: I can’t perceive why Elizabeth can be there.
  • 12: Get some relaxation. We’d discover Elizabeth because of this although.

Day 9 – 14:33

  • 1: I hope they discover Elizabeth…
  • 2: How’s work going? Did Jumin meet his father?
  • three: Yoosung! Hello!!! Is Elizabeth with you?
  • four: Sure… I feel that shall be greatest.
  • 5: Did one thing occur to Seven…?
  • 6: You must be sure that Elizabeth is protected!!
  • 7: Jaehee, I hope the assembly goes properly…
  • eight: What did you do?
  • 9: You must nonetheless hold Seven firm whereas he’s driving! He can’t nod off so maintain speaking to him.

Day 9 – 17:20

  • 1: Did the assembly go properly?
  • 2: Oh no… I ought to speak to him.
  • three: He’s gone all sentimental, hasn’t he?
  • four: Jumin! I heard that the assembly went properly.
  • 5: I miss you too.
  • 6: ☆CONGRATS☆
  • 7: It’s for actual! It makes me completely satisfied to see him be good to you.

Day 9 – 19:04

  • 1: I feel Jumin’s warming up now ^^
  • 2: I’ll speak about that with Jumin.
  • three: Yoosung, did Elizabeth get house protected?
  • four: That’s not good…
  • 5: Ought to I ship you the cat meals Jumin has?
  • 6: Seven should have gone via one thing surprising.
  • 7: It should have been somebody Seven is aware of.
  • eight: I feel it’s a good suggestion. I’m positive there are individuals who need his assist.
  • 9: You don’t have to fret about me. I belief that Jumin will let me go quickly.
  • 10: That’s not good… Why would Elizabeth do such a factor? T_T
  • 11: Give her her personal area.
  • 12: I don’t assume it’s that straightforward to Jumin…
  • 13: You don’t have to fret about Jumin. He jut wants time to type out all of the feelings he’s been burying.

Day 9 – 20:37

  • 1: Seven, are you okay? What occurred?
  • 2: Is it associated to the hacker?
  • three: (any)
  • four: Did you discover one thing main?
  • 5: Alright, Seven! Get some relaxation. You appear very drained.

Day 9 – 21:46

  • 1: Jaehee, did you obtain Seven’s e-mail?
  • 2: (any)
  • three: When do you assume Jumin will come residence…?
  • four: You’ll inform me if he mentions me, proper?

Day 9 – Visible Novel #three

  • 1: Hiya, Jumin.
  • 2: Sure… However your assembly together with your father went nicely?
  • three: I ought to be the one to thanks, Jumin.
  • four: Sure… I feel it’s time for me to return to organize for the celebration.
  • 5: Thanks. We’ll be capable of meet one another quickly so don’t be so unhappy.
  • 6: Uhm… what do you propose to do about Elizabeth? Shouldn’t you convey her again?
  • 7: However I feel Elizabeth might be most comfortable by your aspect…
  • eight: Okay… I’ll simply keep by your aspect.

Day 9 – 23:00

  • 1: Hey Yoosung… is it robust?
  • 2: Have to be good~
  • three: She may… Perhaps that’s her means of expressing it.
  • four: Elizabeth have to be stressed too…
  • 5: I would like her to be again in Jumin’s arms…
  • 6: How did Jumin care for her till now…?
  • 7: I’ll speak to Jumin once more too.
  • eight: That’s fairly cool lol Cat remedy?
  • 9: He’s letting me depart tomorrow. Don’t fear.
  • 10: I feel I’ll have good goals in the present day.

Day 10

Day 10 – 00:44

  • 1: Jumin… when are you going to mattress?
  • 2: As soon as I depart, I’ll miss this penthouse…
  • three: Don’t really feel empty… We’ve a lot time forward of us!
  • four: You must have kissed me… I might have been comfortable even when I used to be woken up.
  • 5: Uhm… have you considered what to do with Elizabeth?
  • 6:What’s it?
  • 7: I nonetheless assume you could have an extended strategy to go to really categorical your feelings.
  • eight: They are saying that when the ice melts, spring will come alongside.
  • 9: Alright, good night time, Jumin.

Day 10 – 02:13

  • 1: Zen, what are you continue to doing up?
  • 2: Interfering with LOLOL…? That cat has no manners.
  • three: Elizabeth is doing nicely, proper?
  • four: So cute~
  • 5: It’s since you have been so busy gaming that you simply didn’t deal with the cat. Cats are delicate creatures.
  • 6: I hope Jumin takes her again quickly…
  • 7: I prefer it, haha
  • eight: I feel Jumin’s doing every part on his personal velocity… ^^
  • 9: Sure. Jumin’s opening up extra and extra.
  • 10: Should you think about the surroundings he grew up in, if he didn’t have his personal tempo, he might have ended up actually snobby.
  • 11: Maintain the cat~!
  • 12: Jumin stated he’d let me go at the moment so I’m positive it’s superb. He’s simply fearful over my security.
  • 13: I ought to too.

Day 10 – 08:19

  • 1: Jaehee! Good morning. Sure, I’m getting excited.
  • 2: Howdy, Seven.
  • three: Seven… you appear to be you’re type of upset.
  • four: Being deserted is gloomy for everybody.
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: Are you hiding one thing from us.
  • 7: (any)
  • eight: Seven, relaxation up and see you tomorrow.
  • 9: I’m positive he’s wonderful. Isn’t he robust?
  • 10: I’m hoping that the whole lot will work out now.

Day 10 – Visible Novel #1

  • 1: Did you sleep nicely?
  • 2: I really feel unhappy to be aside from you. However we’ll see one another smiling very quickly, so please cheer up.
  • three: However what’s actually going to occur to Elizabeth? Did you determine?
  • four:Alright. In the event you nonetheless iffy about one thing, I’ll wait.

Day 10 – 10:47

  • 1: I’m going house after I’ve lunch with Jumin.
  • 2: Every little thing can be positive tomorrow.
  • three: (any)
  • four: Do you assume V is hiding one thing…?
  • 5: Go forward. The celebration might be held safely. Let’s be constructive ^^

Day 10 – 13:40

  • 1: Jumin… are you busy?
  • 2: I’m positive he simply envies you~
  • three: Good afternoon~
  • four: I’ve, however for my security and Jumin I made a decision to remain right here a bit longer ^^;
  • 5: It’s a bit too late to eat lunch… When do you assume you’ll come?
  • 6: I’m glad that you simply’re worrying Zen, however I’ll speak about this with Jumin correctly.
  • 7: However any more, Jumin will talk about with me earlier than deciding issues… Proper?
  • eight: Do you assume that there’s another hazard on the market?
  • 9: Jumin… you’re not critical, are you?
  • 10: Yeah… Jumin is slowly opening up.
  • 11: Jumin, I’ll sit up for seeing you.
  • 12: He stated he’d take it into consideration, so I’m positive he acquired your level.
  • 13: Okay, go forward ^^

Day 10 – 15:26

  • 1: Seven, are you feeling higher?
  • 2: In fact you possibly can. I’ll take heed to you.
  • three: Oh my god…! Is that the type of life you’re dwelling proper now?
  • four: It’s so unhappy that I can’t even imaging it…
  • 5: He have to be… essential to you.
  • 6: It’s a bit sudden however why don’t we invite him to the get together?
  • 7: (any)
  • eight: Sure. I hope you get to speak to him this time. Come again to the Seven you all the time have been.

Day 10 – 17:40

  • 1: Hey, Jaehee. I assume he’s busy…
  • 2: I’m getting apprehensive too…
  • three: I’m lonely… Please come see me.
  • four: Then I’ll have to ensure to do it once you comes residence, haha.
  • 5: Oh… I’m blushing… We haven’t gone that far but…
  • 6: Watch out of claiming such issues… ^^
  • 7: Is Sarah coming to the celebration?
  • eight: I’ll be ready ^^
  • 9: I’ll should get able to see Jumin at house.

Day 10 – 18:45

  • 1: Sure.. He’s being late.
  • 2: Why would V out of the blue go to your home??
  • three: Was there… an issue together with his sight?
  • four:Alright, I’ll inform you.
  • 5: Yeah, perhaps I’ll simply spend one other night time right here.

Day 10 – 19:58

  • 1: Zen! How is the get together prep going?
  • 2: Yeah… Did you inform him, Seven?
  • three: Did V harm his eyes?
  • four: If his eyes haven’t been properly for months, gained’t it’s harmful?
  • 5: Seven… I don’t assume you’re feeling higher in any respect but T_T Be extra cheerful!
  • 6: Seven… I feel you need assistance proper now…
  • 7: Bathe +_+
  • eight: Can’t you inform me what occurred at the place you went with Yoosung?

Day 10 – Department

  • If in case you have made right decisions thus far, the sport will proceed as under. If not, you’ll ultimately arrive at a Dangerous Finish.

Day 10 – VNM

  • 1: …
  • 2: Do no matter you need now. I belief you.
  • three: So that you’re not taking Elizabeth again, Jumin…?
  • four: V, I’m so glad to see you in individual!
  • 5: Elizabeth appears pleased to be residence.
  • 6: Jumin could be a good proprietor for that pet. I hope you give your self a second probability.
  • 7: Jumin… I feel it is best to take into consideration how Elizabeth would really feel.
  • eight: I agree with V…
  • 9: I’m positive there gained’t be any drawback if we deal with her collectively.
  • 10: I’m in Jumin’s coronary heart now. It’s okay.
  • 11: It’s okay. Because of you, V, I feel every little thing is understanding!
  • 12: I’ll belief V. He’s your pal.
  • 13: Alright Jumin. See you tomorrow.

Day 10 – 22:38

  • 1: It’s all due to your onerous work, Jaehee. haha
  • 2: (any)
  • three: I really feel like every thing is again instead now because of V.
  • four: I’m excited for tomorrow.
  • 5: I hope it’s a cleaning soap opera with a cheerful ending.
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: I’ve to thanks too, Jaehee, for doing a lot for Jumin’s firm.
  • eight: (any)
  • 9: I’m so excited too… Get a number of relaxation, Jaehee.

Day 10 – 23:50

  • 1: I miss you…
  • 2: You don’t have to inform me that anymore. I’m high-quality.
  • three: That my coronary heart will all the time be with you…?
  • four: However you’ll talk about that with me, first, proper?
  • 5: I perceive… I’ll miss you. See you tomorrow.

Day 11

Day 11 – 08:00

  • 1: Hey everybody!
  • 2: (any)
  • three:Sure. I really feel like Jumin and my love goes again to normalcy too.
  • four: Jumin deserves that privilege although.
  • 5: Welcome!
  • 6: They are going to be ready for you too Yoosung~!
  • 7: Everyone seems to be the primary face, so settle down lol
  • eight: I need to go on trip with Jumin…
  • 9: How’re you feeling?
  • 10: Seven, please cheer up because the celebration is in the present day!
  • 11: Jumin~ I miss you~
  • 12: I consider in you Jumin!
  • 13: Huh?;;
  • 14: I actually like how trustworthy you’re Jumin.
  • 15: Jumin is a sort individual by nature.
  • 16: Because it’s a great change, let’s encourage him to maintain doing it ^^
  • 17: I don’t assume Jumin needs to interrogate you. He’s simply curious.
  • 18: Simply ship Zen these sweatpants by way of fast supply.
  • 19: Jumin… you need to shield me 100%, proper? I perceive.
  • 20: We’ll see one another quickly. ^^
  • 21: It’s higher to speak about critical issues in individual~

The celebration is accessible any time from noon onwards and could be actioned at any time you want. Make a again up save earlier than you start. In the event you proceed with out ten confirmed friends, you’ll see the Regular Finish. You possibly can then reload your save for five HG, motion all of your affirmation emails, and see the Good Finish.

Day 11 – 12:00

  • [party and ending]

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Octopath Traveler is a recreation from Sq. Enix in which you’ll be able…