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Resident Evil 2 test

for wifi do you have a good speed from where you connect? because it requires a very good speed to play TV or HD video in wifi.

The wifi can be caused by multiple causes (interference, saturation…) reboot the box and test again.

Me with my free box I am obliged to restart the box often because the wifi is not stable … in short everything depends on where you connect the quality is not equal everywhere

me on my mobile I rarely manage to have live wifi live without it stopping or blocking…there are times when it’s a little better or when I can’t get anything…it’s a question of speed in my opinion.

The vendors have to test on fiber optics, I think.

For the flashplayer I don’t know how it behaves on Android, we don’t know when it’s active or not…but it’s not long since it was released on Android, unlike a PC.

I don’t think Flashplayer is mandatory to play content on the internet and other video players can replace it after there’s also a matter of video codecs that work with the processor it’s not very easy to implement

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