My Hero Academia : a Reference to the Second World War Does Not Pass, His Fearer Has to Apologize.

Recently, readers of My Hero Academia were able to discover chapter 259 of the manga. The occasion for Kōhei Horikoshi, the mangaka, to reveal the true identity of the one known as Daruma Ujiko. A full name that will have been strongly criticized on the web because of a reference to certain crimes against Japanese humanity during the Second world war

a name that has been strongly criticized

Daruma Ujiko is known as the mad scientist at the service of All for One. But via chapter 259 of his manga, Kōhei Horikoshi revealed Doctor Ujiko’s real name: Maruta Shiga. Problem, this name is a reference to a term used during the Second World War by the macabre Unit 731, a military scientific unit of the Japanese Imperial Army. It is under this term, which means log,logorlog in Japanese, that the soldiers referred to the Guinea pigs that were brought into the complex. The local peasants thought they were dealing with a sawmill, not a military installation where scientists were conducting all kinds of experiments, from vivisection to freezing, to Guinea pigs burned alive or left to starve. 

A term that was therefore strongly criticized on social networks forcing Horikoshi to apologize. The mangaka explains in a tweet that he did not wish to recall these atrocities by calling his character that way. The name will therefore be changed to avoid any problems. The word maruta here recalls the connection between the experiments carried out by this mad scientist and those committed during the Second World War. Note that Horikoshi has not yet communicated the new name of Dr. Ujiko. Some readers are waiting for the next chapter at the turn of the century, and want to discover this change. 

Under the tweet of apologies from the Japanese mangaka, several Internet users complained about the lack of freedom left to the author. Some saw it as a reference, with a real link between these experiences. Nevertheless, critics have not been taken lightly, both by Horikoshi and by the magazine Jump, in which the manga is published.

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