My Hero Academia, a New Anime Series That Will Drive You Crazy With a Super-powered Hero.

Available since 2014 in manga version, My Hero Academia arrives in animated version for the greatest happiness of its fans with the first episode that you can watch for FREE, isn’t it beautiful ?

And to watch the episode, you just have to register in the player to watch episode 1. Note that all episodes are free and available every Sunday at 11am on ADN.

Source : MHA Episode 01 in VOSTFR on DNA

A future hero without superpowers?!

The story takes place in a world where the super powers called “Alters” are common to 80% of the population, but a young man named Izuku Midoriya, a ninth grader at Oridera, has none, which is not obvious when monsters attack from all sides. But just because he doesn’t have “Alters” doesn’t mean thatIzuku Midoriya doesn’t dream of becoming a superhero, that’s why he wants to join the prestigious Yuei high school which trains the greatest superheroes to become as strong as his idol, the famous All Might which has as a principle :

“Being able to save lives with a smile on your face”

There will be only one!

Throughout his adventure, he will have to face Kastsuki Bakugō, another student hated by his arrogance, a real head slapper! Moreover, he is convinced that only he will be admitted to the Yuei Academy thanks to his explosive super-power that comes from his Furyô character and that he will be the ONLY BOSS of all the Heroes.

If you want to know more about My Hero Academia, I invite you to watch the first episode in VOSTFR available for free for 1 year on Anime Digital Network (ADN), a manga streaming platform.

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