My attempt at WoW Player Housing (long post includes pictures) PART 2

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for about 3 years and have loved every bit of it. Today, I’d like to share a photo album from my personal WoW player house that isn’t on the server anymore – two years after I built it!

The “blizzard destroy evidence ” is a story that I wrote about my attempt at WoW player housing. The first part of the story was posted on May 23rd, and Part 2 is posted today.




7rqmXdk - My attempt at WoW Player Housing (long post includes pictures) PART 2

WoW Player Housing


Item Limit (Section 2.5)

– You are not allowed to put an endless number of objects.

— Item placement resource system

– (Its for max capacity, not a currency)

Availability of Space

– The quantity of “Space” in each residence varies.

– For example, a small home may have 100, whereas a bigger house may have 200.

– The cost of “space” to put various goods will vary.

– When installing a big object, such as a table or bookcase, it will cost 5 “space.”

– A medium object, such as a chair, takes up three spaces.

– A tiny object, such as a book, takes up one space (no collision on models)

– (All numbers used temporary, would probably adjusted to find a good balance)

— Small things will be put on the ground by default, while certain medium/large items will be labeled as “surfaces,” allowing small items to be placed on top of them.

– (tables, shelves, boxes, fireplace, etc) You can’t, for example, set a chair on top of a barrel this manner.

– Restrictions on using outdoor equipment only outdoors

– If the snow assets are themed, arrange them together; all snow elements, such as trees, may be utilized in all snow zones.

-Aesthetics are kept in line with the zone.


Extrinsic System (Idea 1)

– In this concept, dwellings are limited in terms of topic.

– For example, in Elwynn Forest, a human home may only have human-esque architecture as a basis (Human, Worgen, Kul Tiran, and Dalaran assets).

– This would only apply to a few large/medium pieces of furniture.

– Small items like as candles and books would be unrestricted in their usage, regardless of where they originated from, and may be utilized by anybody.

– As a result, you’d have to reside in the area where you desire a certain architectural style.

– However, “extrinsic” furniture is permitted.

— Which serves as a backup resource, similar to “space.”

– This would be restricted to a quarter of a percent of the total “space”

Availability of Space with Extrinsic System

– For example, you may add gnomish architecture to your human home. But not to the point that the style is obliterated.

– This keeps dwellings connected to the outside world.

— It would be cross-faction as well, allowing you to have an orcish table in your human home (if enabled).

— If this is too limiting, it may be limited to the models of the opposing group.

– For example, if you’re in an alliance, you may utilise assets from all alliance races as well as neutral factions. Horde goods, on the other hand, are restricted to the extrinsic system.


No Restrictions (Idea 2)

— The user may put whichever unlocked object they desire in their home, regardless of where it came from.

– (It’s not possible to place a tree inside.) However, other outside goods will have the space limit as well.)


Section 3: Where can I get furnishings and decorations?

– Shared account collection, once you unlock anything, its style is unlocked on your account.

– Storing goods earned via achievements, quests, raids, drops, crafting, pvp, reputation, and other means (maybe a competition like transmog event)

— Has a houses/item tab, similar to the transmog clothes set/item tab.

– Allow flames for cooking, but not for other occupations (no usable anvil, mana loom, no pond for fishing)

– Any model in the game may be used by anybody.

– However, the method of obtaining it may be faction-specific.

– This provides an incentive to level up an opposing faction character since you can then utilize the furnishings you obtain for your main character’s home.

– Perhaps some limits on particular faction flags.

– A user interface that displays the objects you’ve put so you can keep track of the models you’ve utilized.

A user interface that displays the objects you’ve put so you can keep track of the models you’ve used.

House Collection Tab: Furniture > Crates

House Collection Tab: Wall Décor > Paintings

– The collection system is divided into several groups.

– To make it simpler to organize, large categories include subcategories.

— Only major categories contain items, allowing subcategories to be added.

– Take, for example, the genre of wall art. A merchant may offer a canvas that can be “transmogrified” into any sort of “wall art,” such as paintings or posters.

– A furniture merchant may offer simple items of furniture.

– certain items may come via professions, reputation, drops, and so forth.

– A list of categories:

– Ceiling Decorations – they are decorations that dangle from the ceiling.

— for example, flags, ropes, and so on

– Wall Decorations – they are items that are hung on the wall.

Shelves, pictures, flags, and weaponry on display, for example

– Floor decorations – Can be put on the floor with things on top.

– For example, rugs, carpets, and gold piles

– Large items of furniture

– For example, tables, mattresses, and wardrobes

– Lights – all lights will be included.

– For example, a chandelier, wall lights, or candles

– Trophies – originate from PvE and PvP content, and will be unique, thus only one of each may be placed.

– For example, boss loot, heads, and statues (more detail below)

– Miscellaneous – Items that don’t fit into any of the other categories, for example,

– For example, professional equipment or food

– Large objects – House Structure Pieces

– For example, support pillars and fireplaces

– Garden – Outdoor goods that are “domesticated”

– For example, a fence or plants

– Outdoor – Items for the “Wilderness”

– For instance, trees, tents, and enormous outdoor sculptures

Templates for Collecting Appearances: Toy vs. Barbershop vs. Transmog System

Toybox, for example, is one of the first works that comes to mind.

– If we follow the toy box model, once gained, the item may be utilized for most toys; the only drawback is that there is generally a cooldown/duration, which would be ineffective for furniture.

-So, in terms of furnishings, it has a click to use for instant usage.

— Works similarly to a toy box; just drag out from the collection tab.

– There is no cost; the only limitation is the amount of space available.


Idea No. 2: Barbershop jobs

— As before, except each time you pull out an item, a receipt appears, detailing the cost of each item used/change performed. as in a barbershop

– This way, you have to affirm what you put in your home, so if you want to put 20 chairs in your house, it’s an active option. It encourages you to make significant decisions.

Every change, such as going to the barbershop, costs money.


Idea 3: It’s similar to a transmog system.

– it’s separated into a wardrobe collecting system and then a transmog merchant.

– (It’s added to your collection tab after you’ve gathered a piece.)

– Then you’ll need a piece of gear to transmog on top of it.

– For example, a helmet to helmet transmog normally costs gold.)

– You’ll need a vendor-sold foundation item. Crafting materials is an example of a job.

– one for each of the major categories

– For instance If you want a table, you must first purchase “stock furniture,” which you may then install in your home.

– The goods are then consumed when they are used.

– Or maybe it has something to do with space.

– For example, an item that costs one space utilizes one stock item. Three stock items are used for an item that costs three spaces.

11k911a7e3e81 - My attempt at WoW Player Housing (long post includes pictures) PART 2

merchant selling products from his inventory


Idea #4: Furniture may benefit from a hybrid system.

– To gather furniture and decorations, use the transmog wardrobe collecting system template.

– Then, to obtain furniture out of the collection tab, click to utilize or drag the item.

– Then figure out how to “transmog” simple stuff into the components you’ve gathered.

– For example, a stock table may be transformed into a luxury table.


Idea #5: New woodworking / lumberjack vocations

– Instead of going to a vendor to acquire stock furnishings, this would be utilized.

– It’s even possible to mix two professions.

– Will need a significant amount of development work.

– They’ll have to go in and hack down trees, using the WoD Garrison as a blueprint.

– Older expansions may only have one or two tree kinds per expansion.

– There’s no need for “tiers” for old materials since it’s retroactive, therefore patch x is ignored. There are two new zone crafting materials.


Other item rules (and ideas):

– New vs. vintage models

– I believe that having more assets is preferable since the player may choose what they want.

– If there is an HD remake, make it the only choice.

an example of a high-definition recreation of assets

– However, for non-unique assets, utilize them as is, regardless of whether they are from previous expansions.

– Many smaller elements, such as banners, still stand up (Centaur Banner example)

Even after being exposed to vanilla, certain artifacts nevertheless stay up – cata

– However, there are other models available (up to 40 000 suitable models depending on what blizzard wants to give)

– Items that should not be utilized include:

– It seems that almost every object has a “ruined” or “destroyed” form (like a broken chair)

– and keep outside activities to a minimum, such as no large walls or ruins

– Fencing and gates are acceptable.

– Pre-made “kits” or pre-assembled goods may be used; they will cost “7 space.” For example, a ready-made table with a few modest objects on it.

— A music jukebox in-game.

– Items with a holiday motif are permitted all year.

– Limit products with animation/lights/effects may be possible.

– Lights are only for aesthetic reasons.

– Perhaps include letters you send to other players in the form of a clickable envelope that can be read.

Letter with interactivity

– Readable books may be gathered and placed on shelves all across the globe.

– There are also certain lore artifacts, such as a method to view cinematics.

– The art gallery building in Legion Dalaran, for example, sells portraits.

– (Could you add additional wall art or utilize hearthstone cards? (Is this concept art?)

– An inscription may be used to create a new object, such as a scrapbook.

– When you snap a selfie, it is saved in the scrapbook, and you may subsequently display the images in your home.

– Keep the scrapbook to ten photos, with the option of adding more pages if necessary.

– Professions are those who make things.

– For example, leatherworkers may make carpets and skins, while herbalists can provide herbs. (This is a cosmetic shop, not a farm)

– Don’t forget to include any archaeological discoveries.

– Use a lot of assets, such as transmog, at the end.

– Mannequins with transmog and tier sets.

– Weapons that can be hung on the wall.

– Perhaps boots on the floor and a helmet on the surfaces?


Idea 1:

– When you kill a boss, they can drop something related to them.

– A gift from the boss or the boss’s room

– For example, the pyrite canisters are dropped by Ulduar’s first monster.

It receives special stuff from the boss.

Idea 2:

— Maybe as a prize, you receive a small stone-textured replica of a monster if you kill it.

– (needs a lot of effort from the developers to incorporate new textures, but it’s already in the game with the toy “Kang’s Bindstone,” which turns adversaries into stone when used)

– Perhaps this could be related to completing a dungeon/killing a monster and receiving a model as a reward.

– A model for each kind, perhaps:

– Wood = Raid Finder

– Stone = normal

– Silver = Heroic

− Gold = Mythic

accomplishment is rewarded with a monument

Idea 3:

— a replica of the head of that long-dead boss

– Pvp rating trophies, mythic+ keys

— For pvp, maybe the heads of opposing group races.

Obtain the heads of killed bosses as prizes.


– There are no NPCS such as butler or maid, however

– Your favorite or chosen horse may wander free in the open air (like garrison)

– Fight inside with pets

– It might also be extended to classes with pets. (a hunter’s pet wanders)

— Interactable elements that have consequences, such as laying toys on the ground

– For example, to become intoxicated, drink from a keg of beer.

You must strike a balance between toys and work

– Maybe as a companion app to a mobile game, customize your abode.


Mockup of the final user interface

-A mockup of the Final Build Mode user interface.

It features a grid, a green object, and a placement reticle. (place/rotate object using mouse)

– a collection tab from which you would drag the object, a bag containing stock goods, and so on.

– “space” UI, item placement UI, movement UI minimized for fine adjustment, and current object highlighted


Some examples of homes I’ve built in Maya (with default lighting rather than WoWs). There aren’t all of the textures linked, there’s an alpha texture missing, and there’s no animation/lighting/effects, so it looks a little weird, but it gives you an idea of how it may appear.)

House 1 as an example

-Item list on the right, created using a mix of existing assets to test how it will appear.

2nd example of a home

3rd house angle example

exterior of the hozu home

-the outside of a hozu home, as well as its inside

Tiki House was built using an extrinsic system.

– I attempted to make a tiki bar out of horde assets. Hozen, Zandalari Troll and Pandaren, and Goblin are all Zandalari races. The extrinsic system was employed by me. If the base was troll and the extrinsic was Panda/Goblin, the total came to 64 “space” and 25 “extrinsic.”

a fundamental camp

-a simple campfire tent


Last Thoughts

Personally, I’d prefer:

Section 1: Idea 2 – a home on the other side of the earth. Going out into the world adds to the immersion in World of Warcraft by bringing the outside world into the game.

Section 2: – I like a combination of all of the ideas, especially the usage of the grid as placement assistance and potentially (the reticle to serve as an anchor or maybe it gets too crowded) and the notion of just clicking to position movement and then clicking again to pick movement.

Section 2.5: Idea 1 – I prefer the extrinsic system because it forces you to think about where you put things.

Section 3: Idea 4 – achieves a wonderful balance by using the toy box’s click and drag functionality while still necessitating the use of stock item components. Which, like transmog, costs a basic amount of gold.

Section 3: Trophies – Idea 1 – Gives each boss a distinct vibe, although they may also be dropped. They might also include the achievement’s tiny model/head.

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In part 2 of my attempt at WoW player housing, I will be showing you the zone changes that I made and the results. Reference: wow zone renamed .

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