Mozilla Fixes a Critical Flaw in Firefox 72

Hangover at the beginning of this year for Mozilla. Firefox 72, the final version of which has been available since 7 January, urgently needs to be updated due to the discovery of a “0 Day” security flaw that has already been exploited by malandrins. All users who have installed version 72 of the free browser must download any cases ceasing the update freshly put online.

The case is obviously of the utmost importance: ICAR, the US computer security agency, has very officially alerted Internet users to this vulnerability, which allows a forban to take control of the infected computer. Firefox versions 72.0.1 and 68.4.1 of Firefox ESR (the “large organizations” version of the browser) fix the flaw.

Please note that the iOS version of Firefox is not affected due to the use of the WebKit engine.

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