Movie Theaters are part of the White House’s plans to reopen America

The White House moved into the theatres in the first phase and proposed a plan to restart the operation. The Trump administration has announced a series of guidelines for opening the country in several stages. The cinemas have been closed since mid-March and lose money every day. Employees are sent on unpaid leave, managers take measures to reduce wages, debts are put on the table, there are rumours of bankruptcy and much more. Nevertheless, the theatres hope to open their doors by January 1st. June will be open. With Donald Trump’s new plan, some theatres with strict rules could open even sooner.

Things are different in every state today, and it’s the state governors and local officials who decide when it’s safe to restart a business. President Donald Trump announced this week his plan to reopen America, which includes a series of measures, each with its own criteria for states and cities trying to reopen. Theatres are included in the first phase if they meet these standards: Larger locations (e.g. sit-down breakfasts, cinemas, sports fields, places of worship) can operate under strict physical distance protocols.

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The decision to reopen the cinemas in the first phase comes at a time when most staff are encouraged to work from home wherever possible, while citizens are encouraged to refrain from unnecessary travel. At the same time, opening cinemas in the first phase of the Trump administration plan does not seem to be the best idea, unless the people live in a state that is not strongly influenced by our current situation. Government officials will need to assess where they are in order to make progress.

Until the governors and local officials believe it’s safe to go to the second phase, theaters can operate with moderate physical distance protocols, the White House said. No concrete timetable has been proposed, but it could well coincide with the opening on 1 January, which many theatre networks are hoping for. June. In some states, such as Texas, theatres and other companies opened even earlier. Of course, this will vary from state to state and will lead to different results depending on the instability of our current situation.

Governor Gavin Newsome of California recommends that everyone stay indoors until mid-May and use safe social distance protocols similar to those in other major US cities. According to the new White House plan, California will be able to implement the first phase of the plan after the 15th anniversary of the White House. I can try if Newsom thinks it’s safe. At the same time, China tried to reopen the theatres after strictly respecting the internal order, and the situation began to deteriorate, leading to the closure and reoccupation of the building. Right now the balance has to be delicate and people will have to decide whether they want to go to the movies or not. Visit the official White House website for more information on the various stages of the current plan to rediscover America.

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