Mousepads: a Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

Corsair MM1000 Qi

+ Qi standard for wireless charging

+ Hard surface for fast moving around

Razer Vespula V2

+ Hard mat

+ Wrist rest cushion

HyperX FURY S Pro

+ Generously sized carpet

+ Very nice finishes

+ Comfort

You have chosen the best gamer mouse, the best gamer keyboard, the best speakers or the best screen, your setup only requires a few accessories to achieve excellence. What if the missing link is the mouse pad?

1. Corsair MM1000 Qi, the best mouse pad for wireless mice

Mousepads: a Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

+Qi standard for wireless charging

+ Hard surface that facilitates fast movement

– Hard surface that can be surprising at first glance

The Corsair MM1000 Qi is different from the classic gamer’s model, as it offers the option of charging a wireless mouse by simply placing it on top of the mouse. A technology that is obviously reminiscent of mobile phone chargers by simple contact. But is it interesting enough here?

A different design from conventional carpets

This mousepad is designed to be stronger and more durable than fabric.

With dimensions of 35 cm wide by 26 cm deep and 0.5 cm thick, combined with a rigid surface to reduce friction as much as possible, a mouse’s gliding sensations change radically. The obvious reason: it’s a mouse pad for recharging the mouse.

A Qi charger to fill up your mouse

If the design changes from an ordinary mousepad, it’s because Corsair has added a Qi charger to its MM1000. Designed for use with the Dark Core SE mouse, it allows the mouse to recharge without requiring a direct wired connection. While this has the advantage of using a wireless mouse without fear of running out of power, it does not reduce the number of cables connected to your computer.

And even though the mat is not designed for this at first, it can be used to charge other mice, compatible tablets and smartphones.

Our opinion on Corsair MM1000 Qi

There’s not much to reproach this Corsair carpet if you like wireless mice. However, this model will not suit everyone, as the proposed glide may differ from the usual ones. It is also worth mentioning its price, which is quite prohibitive and which, combined with the mouse itself, will rather encourage you to invest in a wired model with a classic carpet.

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2. Logitech Powerplay, the perfect companion for your G903 or G703

Mousepads: a Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

+ Allows you to forget the battery failure with your wireless mouse

+ Little friction between the carpet and the mouse

– Absence Usb hub

– Compatible only with G903 and G703

Wireless mice are becoming more and more popular among gamers, and Logitech has recognized this by offering its own models. But when you say wireless mouse, you say battery and therefore recharging. To meet this need, Logitech offers its own carpet, the Powerplay

A very thin and soft carpet

The Powerplay comes in the form of a rubber mat that is 34.4 cm wide by 28.4 cm deep and 2 mm thick. A standard size, but very thin and, unlike a classic carpet, it offers a surface that can be chosen in fabric or hard. While the first option is common, the second is a different story. While the design is stronger and more durable than fabric, it also changes the feel when the mouse slides.

A very restrictive charger

Designed for use with a G903 or G703, its technology, however, does not incorporate the so-called Qi technology, which greatly limits the compatibility of the mat with other mice from different manufacturers. It is also excluded to use this mat to recharge various equipment such as smartphones, due to the lack of suitable technology.

Our opinion of the Logitech Powerplay

In absolute terms, this mat is perfect for users of Logitech wireless mice like the G903 and G703. Obviously reducing the disadvantages of wireless while maintaining the advantages, the proposed solution remains very limited. Especially since it cannot be operated by other wireless mice. Moreover, its price is more expensive than some competitors such as Corsair, which does not make it a first choice model.

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3. Razer Vespula V2, a mat with wrist rest cushion

Mousepads: a Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

+ Hard carpet

+ Wrist rest cushion

– Carpet that can be small

The Razer Vespula is not new, since it is here updated in a second version as its name indicates. This new version offers two surfaces and a wrist rest to provide comfort and a personalized sliding sensation.

A well worked carpet

The Vespula carpet is quite classic in its dimensions, with a surface area of 32 x 27.2 cm and a thickness of 3 mm. In contrast to its predecessor, the cushion on which the wrist rests is thinner, from 3.7 to 2.2 cm, which certainly reduces the space requirement while slightly reducing comfort. With a rather sober design, it gets rid of the few decorative elements of its predecessor (such as the feet painted in green, the brand’s colour), and the whole breathes quality.

A double-sided function

But its main interest is that it is a double-sided carpet with a cushion as a wrist rest. In other words, to change the surface you wish to use, simply flip it over.

On one side, there is a very smooth surface that allows the mouse to glide over the mat with very little friction, which is useful for games that require fast, loose gestures. On the other side, the surface is textured to increase friction to improve accuracy, which is useful in games requiring a clean, smooth motion.

Our opinion on the Razer Vespula V2

This mat offers two solutions in one for players seeking to vary their playing styles, whether they are lively and involve the shortest possible moves or require precise movements. A design that makes sense in games, but is useless in everyday tasks. Still, its price remains, recommended at 45 euros, which is still quite prohibitive.

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4. HyperX FURY S Pro XL, a mat that will cover most of your desk

Mousepads: a Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

+ Generously sized carpet

+ Very nice finishes

+ Comfort

– Cloth carpets, difficult to maintain

The HyperX Fury S comes in several sizes, and the one we are interested in is the XL size in the Pro version. Designed with the utmost simplicity, this mousepad still ranks as a top-of-the-line product with the best possible covering.

A large carpet of very good quality

This mouse pad comes in four different sizes. The largest, in XL format, offers a surface area of 90 x 42 cm. A particularly important template that reserves this mat for large desks and will not be useful for all gamers. Nevertheless, the design is rather good and the result is both sporty and elegant.

A fabric cut for optics

If its size imposes some, it is not for nothing. In addition, it provides a large area to maneuver the mouse, which is not useless for configurations with low sensitivity or for FPS players. In addition, its coating makes it the best ally of the user of a mouse calibrated for FPS, since it is smoother than the standard version.

But such a size is not easy to maintain, and even has the disadvantage of getting dirty faster.

Our opinion about the HyperX FURY S Pro XL

This mat, with its rather imposing dimensions, will satisfy FPS players in particular. Of course, if the entire surface is never used, it allows a significant gain in comfort compared to a normal sized carpet, and in the process it decorates the office in a slightly sporty way.

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5. Logitech G440, a standard mat that will fit everyone

Mousepads: a Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

+ Format suitable for small offices

+ Fast and easy mouse movement

– Small size can prevent large mouse movements

The Logitech G440 is a standard mouse pad. Aiming to appeal to both the regular user and the gamer, its design is rather rudimentary in order to limit its selling price.

A conventional carpet that is a bit sloppy

Offered in a fairly standard size, the Logitech G440 measures 34 x 28 cm and is only 3 mm thick. These are contained dimensions on which a good quality rigid matt coating is based. Offering a very sober rendering, we will settle for the G logo to indicate the “Gaming” affiliation of the carpet. Also note the absence of worked edges, to the point that they reveal the different layers of materials used for the carpet. A subdued quality that doesn’t necessarily make a good impression.

A surface without imperfections

But this defect should not make you forget the quality of the carpet surface. The latter is rigid and matt, so both optical sensors and lasers are perfectly at ease, which guarantees high pointer accuracy. Another advantage of a matt and rigid coating is that it is easier to maintain, as a wipe with a cloth is enough to remove dirt.

Our opinion on the Logitech G440

Totally sober and with rather sloppy finishes, the Logitech G440 is nonetheless a very good mousepad in terms of its rigid, matte surface that provides precision and ease of maintenance. It will be more than enough for most gamers and its price, quite reasonable, makes it one of the best value models available.

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6. SteelSeries QcK Heavy XXL, a carpet that looks sober

Mousepads: a Comparison of the Best Models in 2020

+ Generous size

+ Pleasant glide

+ Soft surface thanks to its 6mm thickness

– Glued, not sewn edges, may alter the life of the product.

– High price

The SteelSeries QcK Heavy is a continuation of the large size mats, which not only offer a large manoeuvrability surface, but also a little comfort for the user.

A large conventional and quality carpet

The SteelSeries QcK Heavy mat has a surface area of 900 x 400 mm, which makes it equivalent to the mastodon, the FURY S Pro by HyperX. Still reasonable dimensions for all players with a normal size desk. Its design is quite good and inspires a certain confidence. As for the rendering, it’s quite sober and we’ll settle for the SteelSeries logo on the bottom right.

Large and efficient

Such a large scale is obviously not without explanation. This mat provides above all a large surface to manipulate the mouse, which is very useful for those with little sensitivity or for FPS players. But such a size is not easy to maintain, and even has the disadvantage that it gets dirty faster than a standard size carpet.

Our opinion on the SteelSeries QcK Heavy

The SteelSeries Heavy will undoubtedly be an interesting ally for SPF enthusiasts or mice with low sensitivity. It allows the passage to benefit from a gain in comfort, although the risk of soiling is higher and it requires a little more maintenance. As for its price, it remains fairly close to the competition in view of its size.

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How to choose your mouse pad?

The brand:

  • Usually the mouse manufacturers offer quality mouse pads to go with your mule. You can therefore choose the closed eyes of the carpets offered by : Logitech, Razer, Corsair, Steelseries and Co. On the other hand, pay attention to the price/quality ratio; due to their reputation some manufacturers tend to slightly inflate prices. What could be better than to match your mouse pad to your favourite mouse.
  • As for third party manufacturers, no general answer, please refer to the previous paragraphs. And if a doubt persists, do not hesitate to post your questions or queries in the comments.


  • Without a doubt, what makes the difference between a carpet that you will use for one year or a carpet that will follow you for the next five years are the finishes.
  • Indeed, if from the first hours of play, your carpet shows traces of wear or friction, you know that within a few months you will be able to put it in the trash. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, there are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your mouse pad.
  • Undoubtedly prefer a sewn edge to a glued edge.
  • And if you prefer to be comfortably seated, you will choose without hesitation a model that incorporates a wrist rest.


  • Mousepads are available in several thicknesses, which can affect the gaming experience.
  • Thin base (2-3mm) – ideal for those who prefer the feel of a hard surface. Similar to the use of a plastic mouse pad / hard surface, but with more comfort. This will be recommended for games requiring fast mouse movements at the expense of precision.
  • Heavy base (5-6mm) – ideal for those who prefer a more comfortable feel. The surface is much softer and more comfortable. In addition, the added thickness is ideal for parties / LAN tournaments, as you don’t know what kind of surface you will be playing on. The added thickness helps to eliminate irregularities in the desk, giving you the flattest possible surface. This type of mouse is recommended for all players looking for a very precise mouse movement, losing a few crumbs of speed in the process.

The format:

  • As a general rule, when you think of a mouse pad, you think of a small square reserved for your mouse. However, XXL size mouse pads are becoming increasingly popular as they allow a larger area of interaction with your mouse. They also allow you to place your keyboard on it, which has the main advantage of improving your typing.
  • That’s why the XXL mousepads have become so popular: they are a basic for all PC gamers and are not overpriced compared to a more classic square.

Our product selection process

We carry out each comparison with the same thoroughness and methodology. We spend 4 to 5 hours analysing the characteristics and opinions of the products available in France.

As a result, we have a list of about 15 products and we test them all.

The products with an advantage to be asserted are thus presented in this comparison.