More Than a Trend: How to Use Memes for Marketing Online

Memes are the most popular form of expression apart from social media messages and GIFs. For starters, they are the perfect medium for sending across quick messages. Second, they are perfect with any social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram.

Due to their popularity and ease of consumption, they are perfect for marketing too. In fact, using memes for marketing can help a brand to engage its audience. How? They are not overly promotional like ads.

Want to know how to use memes for marketing?

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Understand the Types of Memes

To use memes for marketing successfully, you must first understand the different types of memes available out there. There are three broad categories namely:

  • Literal memes
  • Intentionally viral memes
  • Macros memes

Literal memes are highly popular and normally trend throughout the meme population. Such memes are recognizable and they can be entertaining or sad. Intentionally viral memes burst onto the scene then disappear.

Such memes are often tied to news, popular culture, current, and trends. A good example is the “white and gold or blue and black dress” meme of 2015. Macros are meme types which feature an accompanying image.

Want to design your own memes? Learn more about Adobe Spark’s meme creator and transform your basic idea into a viral meme.

Understand the Rules of Memes for Marketing

To be successful with advertising memes, there are a few rules you need to follow. First, memes are not for everyone. They appeal to millennials and Gen Xers only. Second, know your brand.

If your brand is playful, using memes is a good thing.

Third, don’t try too hard. It is a common mistake for many people using meme social media marketing to try and force their content to go viral. Forcing your memes to go viral rather than trend on their own will work against you.

Fourth, learn to use memes rarely. Even if you have the right audience or brand, limit the number of memes in your content. Last, never sacrifice originality and quality.

If you want to build a consistent audience, never substitute the quality of your content with memes. Although memes are useful, they only serve to enhance your original content.

Understand the Different Applications of Meme Ads

Want to make your original and high-quality content recognizable and fun? Understand the different applications of memes for marketing. For instance, if you want to grab the attention of your target audience, use memes that are fun and recognizable.

This encourages more interactions. To enhance your content or make fun of a complex topic, use a GIF meme. You can also use memes to boost your brand reputation or ride of an existing popular meme.

Finding the Best Memes for Marketing

To find the best memes for marketing, start by searching online. You can check Pinterest, Giphy, Reaction GIFs, MemeGenerator and Imgur. To find the right meme from these sites, use the correct titles, image extensions and even the advanced search function.

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