Mont De Marsan – Landes (40000)

The opinion of Véronique (Pessac)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


A small town that needs to change!

I grew up in Mont de Marsan, indeed when I read the comments I find the main lines of all: the city and the majority of its inhabitants lack openness to the outside world: the ‘red’ square which should be a friendly place according to the first plans, flowered, here we are with an abomination… I say it’s a small town that can be beautiful, but it has to stop navel-gazing: dust off the public services and let the people learn to be humble and welcoming… I remember when I arrived, the library, how horrible it smelled like dust in there, and people proudly said that the system was moving to computers, I came from a city with a large and luminous library already computerized (more than 15 years ago now) open to the youth… I had a hard time adapting, it’s true that if you’re not Landais, born here, you’re still a stranger. I also remember the music school, the stairs that were leaning down, that I was afraid to go up, they told us they were building a new school I came from a conservatory in a town of about thirty thousand inhabitants… Everyone was proud of this new school…Unfortunately the structure was too small, the teachers were very brilliant, and there were other unmotivated teachers whose teaching left something to be desired, and especially with a teaching structure that was not adapted to musicians who had to turn to Bayonne or Bordeaux due to a lack of level or volume per hour, which was a shame….

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN The flowered spaces, the associative fabric which counts more than 200 associations of all kinds, the will to change which has just emerged (phew finally…) congratulations to the Dax Mt de marsan shuttle, which would allow more than one person to be able to work elsewhere without having to leave the city! I might still be at Mont de Marsan if it had been done earlier, to be encouraged! A very pleasant market…

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN The lack of critical spirit of the people of MONT DE MARSAN about their town, the difficult traffic whether by car or towards other towns (train timetables etc.). I also think it’s a shame that the Madeleine celebrations are only perceived as a big drinking party when thousands of volunteers work all year long to prepare float animations, parties etc…

(May 2009)


The opinion of Mathilde (Mont de marsan)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


My city would benefit from opening up

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN The choice of sporting and associative activities, the climate, the green spaces, its statues, the calm of the residential areas.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN The lack of train destinations and the frequency of trains to Bordeaux, the inefficient tum (bus) circuit, lack of animation, not many jobs or training courses, the Place St roch in red, the programming of the cinema.

(March 2009)


The opinion of Nicolas (Mont-de-Marsan (yes, yet))

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


The Big Sleep?

I arrived in Mont-de-Marsan a year ago for professional reasons. I had never been there but I knew it was not the dream city, beautiful, well laid out, dynamic, pleasant, located in a beautiful region… So I did not fall down when I discovered it on a daily basis and, among all its confirmed faults, I even had a few good surprises… It is a city whose function (I should say usefulness) is only administrative, fallen in the middle of a land populated by country people (as opposed to city dwellers), because the Landais like to live in the countryside, and it is not me who says so!

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN The dungeon district. Downtown on Sundays when the weather is nice. Free or affordable public services (swimming pool, library, leisure centre…). The leisure base of Ménasse (so close but in the neighbouring commune, it is necessary to specify it…). Proximity to the countryside and the absence of built-up areas. All public services within walking distance. The green way (as long as there are a few trees left standing to provide shade!). The market (and what’s in it). The associative fabric. The new logo.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Everything else! The abominable urban planning, urban sprawl and especially suburban sprawl. Residential neighbourhoods lining up their beaver houses (Barbe d’Or for example). The city’s laissez-faire approach to construction: the colour combinations of the facades are often delirious, the perfect architectural heterogeneity. The city’s three-decade backlog in terms of development: the all-car boom was in the 1970s! It is impossible to move around on foot even in the city centre, there are no strictly pedestrian roads. Sidewalks are a patchwork of materials, times and shapes and are often cluttered with various objects (power poles, cars): a hell for strollers and disabled people. The absence of a trigger device for pedestrians at traffic lights: in Victor Street, you have to be patient when crossing. It’s impossible to ride a bike in peace because it’s downright dangerous. Extremely degraded and poorly designed roads, with rare exceptions. Plenty of free parking in the centre, for example. I’m enjoying it like everyone else, but it’s not really in the air. As a result, traffic jams are disproportionate for a city of this size during commuting. Lack of hygiene. People may lack civic-mindedness from this point of view, but the lack of garbage cans doesn’t help them much! The degree of cultural life is close to -12. The Fêtes de la Madeleine, which are as uninteresting as possible (ah, the Cavalcade…). Lack of services and shops in general. The isolation of the city: the car is fine, but for the train, it’s like being in the Andes! The Landes desert was almost all around. To put it simply, there’s almost nowhere to go unless you’ve been driving for a long time: the Pyrenees, the ocean, the Basque Country and Spain are still at 2h, 1h, 1h and almost 2h respectively. Afterwards, we can always announce that we have everything nearby! Come on, I’ll stop the incriminating testimony with the air base, the noise of the planes.

(March 2009)


The opinion of Cécile (Saint perdon)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Pretty town with a lot of potential…

Mdm is a beautiful city where it is good to live, where one has a good quality of life far from the tumult of the big cities. The town centre lacks dynamism and architectural refurbishment, moreover, in terms of shops, there is an effort to be made, no mega cinema, few nice restaurants. The Landais have to get moving to make their city evolve and energise it. I’m hopeful.

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN The proximity of the sea, the mountains and Spain, the cleanliness of the surrounding villages, the environment that calls for calm, appeasement and serenity.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN The lack of dynamism in the town centre throughout the year!

(January 2009)


The opinion of S. (Bordeaux)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Dead city

What I like in MONT DE MARSAN The green and flowery spaces of the city that are always well looked after, the Flamenco festival that wakes up the city a little while waiting for the Madeleine festival, the only animation in Mons!

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Practically everything! The lack of animation, the red square (why didn’t you make a nice square like the town hall one ?), the non-existence of public transport (the tum is a farce, buses that don’t pass, lines that don’t lead to strategic points), traders not traders at all with a few exceptions, prices in the said shops, a city which is not served by the train or very badly (it is necessary to go to Dax to take the tgv), the carparks all paying, the non-development of the historical center, the lack of architectural unity, lack of pleasant places to stroll or to settle down in terrace!

(January 2009)


The opinion of Corinne (Mont de Marsan)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Sleepy town

Mont de Marsan quiet town, very quiet … Except during the Madeleine celebrations in July, which should rather be described as a great human drinking spree. For fans of the genre!

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN Mont de Marsan is a very well flowered city. You can walk around there quietly, there’s not too much delinquency. Compared to other cities, it’s reassuring when you have big teenagers. Geographically well situated town, halfway between the sea and the mountains, but isolated. Cozy town…

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN At Mont de Marsan, the inhabitants are very proud of their Madeleine festivals. But apart from the alcohol, the cavalcade (very beautiful), the bullfights (for those who like and out of price) and some animations, there is not enough to whip a cat! It’s nothing out of the ordinary. For young people who do not have a sporting activity, nothing is provided for them. They hang out in the streets and skateboard for example on the red square at the risk of being scolded by the municipal police and by passers-by. Mont de Marsan is a city without dynamism. All the big brands are in Dax and everything is off-centre. You always have to take the car. Public transport is pretending to be there, just to give the municipality a clear conscience. In the 18 years that I have lived here there has been no change in this area. This shows the dynamism of the commune. And if you have to take the train go to Dax instead (it takes 4 hours minimum to go to Toulouse via Pau by bus). City where off-centre sidewalks, if any, are not maintained. Be careful if you want to take a walk with a stroller for example. The various entrances to the city are ugly. Mont de Marsan really needs renewal and to open up to youth and the outside world.

(January 2009)


The opinion of Catherine (Ygos)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Living at Mont 2

Mont-de-Marsan is a medium-sized country town. Less alive than the city of Dax. Except in the summer with the famous Madeleine festival in July, its flamenco festival, etc…

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN Whether some people like it or not, the air base is still a source of income for many people (with the jobs it provides). Its advantage: the proximity of the sea and the mountains, a city halfway between Bordeaux and the Spanish border.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Its lack of city life. Lack of pedestrian streets, paid parking. But beware, the city has changed municipalities, so a new look may be in sight.

(December 2008)


The opinion of Matt (Libourne)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Mont De Marsan

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN Pleasant rivers, nice town hall.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Quite lost in the Landes… Somewhat quiet town. Neither ugly nor beautiful.

(December 2008)


The opinion of Dominique (Auch)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


The opening may be

Quiet town in general, but as one of the previous notices says, the landais is closed on his clan.

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN The size of the town, the river, the red square and the Saturday market.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN The number of billboards at the entrance, the lack of architectural style, the reduced animation and the high cost of concerts or shows.

(November 2008)


The opinion of C. (Saint Pierre du Mont)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


A city that does not live!

I just arrived on Mont de Marsan at the end of July. My report is irrevocable. At 19h00 the city is dead, the montois are not evening, they are in a hurry to get back to the 20h00 jt! As for the air base, we shouldn’t overuse the planes, they don’t just go around all day long and break our ears. I think it’s great to see mirages and gusts of wind passing at high speed in the sky, at least it’s not common. More interesting than the planes at Orly or Roissy where you suffer the noise pollution but the show is not there.

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN The proximity to the ocean very pleasant especially in summer, the proximity to the mountains, Bordeaux not too far away for department stores. I like the environment (pine forests, sunflower and corn fields…) very pretty and flowery. The climate is very mild there (I come from the Paris area, there is no picture). The quality of life there is pleasant (no stress, no traffic jams or very little, no pollution…). People of non-Landais origin are very pleasant and smiling it also changes. The associative life is very developed there. The gastronomy and the quality of the food, the really cheap rents compared to the big cities, the tranquillity (no worries of gratuitous violence…).

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Parking is paid for everywhere and very badly arranged. The city is dead, except for the festivals of the madeleine in summer and still it is necessary to like the booze otherwise it is without interests, at 19h00 all is closed (you should not have forgotten your baguette of bread otherwise it is ruined it is necessary to go in supermarkets). The Montois don’t like the change too bad because the city is very well located on the map of France and its potential is huge too bad that the Montois don’t see this side of it! The wages are low enough and to find work good luck!

(October 2008)


The opinion of Hélène Laralde (Paris)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Living in Mont-de-Marsan

Pretty tourist town in the heart of the Landes forest. Very pleasant climate, close to the sea and the mountains. Satisfactory infrastructures, cultural life in full expansion…

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN Air Base 118 is a major asset for this provincial town. Very active associative life. Important educational pole.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Downtown with no food store and no real possibility to park vehicles, the Madeleine festival is too noisy and alcoholic, which disrupts the calm of the city every year.

(August 2008)


The opinion of Laurent (bordeaux)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Air Base to be closed!!!!

Nice city to see but to live it’s bored (except at the Madeleine festivals). A very associative city for all that! Gotta keep busy. For the military it’s an air base to be closed! The proximity of cazaux and bordeaux is to be favoured for the transfer because spouses find work more easily.

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN A nice town to see.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Not much work, noisy air base.

(April 2008)


The opinion of Pierre (Mont de Marsan)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Mont de Marsan

City of civil servants, city without soul.

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN The proximity of the sea and the mountains, the climate except in winter (too cold!).

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN The shopping street that is too small, the noisy and alcoholic parties, the speed of the cars in the streets, the layout of the town.

(March 2008)


The opinion of Mary (Paris)

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Mont-De-Marsan, a town that has become sad

Mont-de-Marsan has become sad since the closure of the 6th RPIMA, this is a pity because before the town was gay all year round. There is a lack of cleanliness on the sidewalks (dog droppings), smell of urine in the small streets.

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN Above all, I love the decoration made by the gardeners, the diversity of the flowers and especially the harmony it gives in and around the town.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN I hate the vulgarity of some people who run shops, or simply work in administrative offices.

(March 2008)


The opinion of Ellen Dulau (Bilbao (Spain))

on the town of MONT DE MARSAN


Mont de Marsan, outside influence to be developed

City pleasant to live in, but lacking a positive image towards the outside world. Gaffes have been made to embellish it (the red square, the soulless post office square) although the flower side is very successful, especially in summer. This city lacks life, the traffic having been diverted at the post office square on both sides (it is frustrating) and parking impossible, the city dies at 7 p.m. when the shops close, we should study how to keep people in the city centre.

What I like about MONT DE MARSAN Its quiet life, its Saturday market, its parties, its people.

What I don’t like about MONT DE MARSAN Deserted town at 7pm. Lack of intellectual side. Making an antenna or a good iut would give back the life that the students give. I don’t like holiday booze.

(March 2008)


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