We Tried Tomorrow’s Tv, Here’s Our Opinion!

On July 11, 2016, Pierre Lescure, former CEO of Canal Plus in collaboration with Jean-David Blanc,founder of Allociné, opened the doors of Molotov, a new service to watch TV from an application without necessarily needing a TV set.


The great strength of this application is that it is available on computer, smartphone, and tablet for free with the possibility to record your broadcasts in the service’s cloud. On the program, we have access to all 35 DTT channels without the need for a TV set, antenna or TV box, all you need is an internet connection

A simple application and an enriched TV experience

After installing and launching it on your computer, smartphone or tablet, you will find a first page with all the content that is currently being broadcast or will be broadcast soon.

You can skip from channel to channel by going to Watch TV LIVE or instead select the genre you want to watch from movies, series, sports, news, documentaries, culture, entertainment or children’s programmes. You also have Bookmarks in the same menu, this is where you will find your recordings. Nevertheless, we will have to wait until next autumn to use this feature, because the Creation law was voted on June 29th. And finally, in the last sub-menu called Because you follow… you have the actors, presenters, directors, scriptwriters that you follow in order to be notified of their next appearances or the broadcast of their work.

The Search Engine is very interesting to use, you can make a search on an actor, a TV channel, a documentary, a theme or the title of a film to have more information and see the next broadcasts. If you like stories about the story, you type story in the Search Engine and you’ll get at the top information about the people who appear in the documentaries or who helped to make it, and then the list of available broadcasts and reruns.

We also have the possibility to control our live feed and go back to review a passage or simply pause if a pee break is necessary.

Parents will be happy to know that parental controls are built right into the application.

Free offer and paid offer

Molotov is available FREE with access to all 35 basic DTT channels and 10 hours of recording. If you wish to benefit from HD and simultaneous display on 4 screens or device, will cost 9.99 euros per month, but in addition you will have 100 hours of recording time offered and the possibility of replaying certain programmes and documentaries. Soon, for those who have the free offer, it will be possible for 3.99 euros per month to have 100 hours of registration. This option will be available at the same time as the feature.

The download of the application is HERE.Initially it is available on PC, MAC, iPad and Apple TV, a version for Android, iPhone, and connected TVs will arrive soon.


After having tried this new service, there is no need to say, the Molotov application will very easily replace the one of your Internet Service provider It is complete enough to make us choose an Internet offer without a TV box in order to make real savings. The only downside is that it lacks satellite and other cable channel packages as well as video and SVOD rental to make it a must-have service! Maybe in the more or less distant future, other channels will sign a partnership to be part of the service? Try Molotov and you’ll adopt him for sure.

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