Mobile Package: All the Promotions at Bouygues / B&you, Free Mobile, Orange / Sosh, Sfr / Red,…

We all have a mobile plan, but it is possible to change operators in order to make significant savings. Discover the promotions currently running at the various operators.

Free Mobile offers its Special Series package at €8.99 per month with 60 GB of data and 4 GB roaming. 

As a reminder, this €8.99/month rate is valid for one year, after which it automatically switches to the classic package at €19.99 per month (100 GB / 25 GB data). The special series (without obligation) is intended for new subscribers. It includes Unlimited Calls SMS and MMS (in mainland France and to DOM), 60 GB of mobile Internet in 4G in France, as well as 4 GB per month in 3G from Europe and DOM.

B&Youoffers 3 non-binding packages with rates valid until 28 May 2019. All three of them offer unlimited calls SMS and MMS in France

  • Offered at €9.99 per month with no commitment, the B&You 40 GB package offers 40 GB of data, 4 GB of which can be used for roaming (Europe and French overseas departments).
  • Offered at €16.99 per month with no commitment, theB&You 50 GB package offers 50 GB of mobile data, including 10 GB that can be used for roaming (Europe, French overseas departments USA and Canada). You will also have unlimited internet access in France during the weekend! This will allow you to surf without data limitation, and save even more on your fixed 50 GB volume.
  • Also available at €16.99 per month, the B&You 80 GBpackage offers 80 GB of data including 8 GB that can be used for roaming (Europe and French overseas departments).

These prices will remain valid even after 12 months.


Bouygues is also offering a special offer on its Sensation package (from the 50 GB package) until 26 May with 15 € refunded per month for one year, whether or not the package is linked to the purchase of a smartphone.

Please note that if you take advantage of this offer to buy a smartphone, another promotion will be added, valid until 19 May, which will allow you to get an additional gift (concert, cinema or sport). And don’t forget that there are many promotions on smartphones (Samsung, Apple, Huawei,…), with a €100 trade-in bonus for your old smartphone as a bonus. 


Red by SFRoffersuntil May 20itsmobile package 40 GBwithout commitment to only10 € / monthfor life, understand that the price will remain the same even after 12 months. The latter offers unlimited calls and SMS / MMS as well as 4 GB of data per month while roaming but also Free access to the Youboox digital book service, access valid until June 30, 2019. 


RED also offers the same bundle but with 60 GB of data at €15 per month (15 GB roaming in Europe, USA and Canada) valid until 20 May, or 100 GB of data at €20 per month (10 GB roaming in Europe).

SFR also offers mobile packages with promotions for owners of an SFR Internet box for which very interesting discounts are applied :

  • the 2 hours of communication and 100 MB of data at €0 per month for 12 months and €5 per month thereafter (compared to €3 and €8 respectively for those who do not have an SFR box)
  • the 5 GB data package at €7 per month for 12 months and €12 afterwards (instead of €12 then €17)
  • the 50 GB data package at €10 per month for 12 months and €25 thereafter (instead of €20 then €35)
  • the 100 GB data package at 20 € per month for 12 months and then 35 € afterwards (instead of 35 € and then 50 €)

Soshoffers, until May 28th 9h, its most complete package at 24,99 € per monthat only 9,99 € per month without commitment and for a period of one year, the price then returning to normal.


As a reminder, this package includes :

  • unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France
  • Mobile Internet with 50 GB of data (reduced speed beyond that) in mainland France
  • Unlimited SMS to Europe / Switzerland / Andorra / French overseas departments and Territories
  • From abroad, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to these zones and to France and enjoy your 50 GB of mobile internet as if you were in France.
  • Unlimited calls to USA and Canada and landlines in Europe
  • Universal SIM card (5€)

As regards virtual operators, let’s mention the operator Prixtelwhich offers until May 28th its mobile package in Special Seriesfrom 4.99 euros per month This is an adjustable mobile plan whose monthly price will automatically adjust according to the volume of mobile data consumed, with a maximum ceiling to avoid any problems.


You will find 3 levels of data:

  • Up to 10 GB of data: €4.99 per month (instead of €12.99)
  • Up to 50 GB of data: €10.99 per month (instead of €18.99)
  • Up to 100 GB of data: €16.99 per month (instead of €24.99)

In addition to the mobile data volume, this package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS within France to fixed and mobile phones as well as unlimited calls from Europe and the French overseas departments to France, and unlimited calls and SMS from France to Europe, the French overseas departments and North America (only for the 100 GB level).


Note, the data volume from Europe and Overseas is 7.4 GB if the price is reduced and 9.3 GB otherwise (beyond that, service cut) whatever the level consumed, which makes the package at only €4.99 very interesting. Finally, within the framework of this offer, the mobile network used is either the Orange or SFR network (you can choose at the time of subscription or change it later). This promotional price isvalid for 6 months, then you will switch back to the classic rate.

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