Mirage Smart Speaker: a Speaker Covered by a Screen

The brand that introduced the world’s first foldable smartphone is back at CES this year with a speaker covered by a flexible screen and the second version of its connected notebook, the RoWrite.

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Totally unknown to the general public before last year, the Chinese brand Royole made its mark at CES 2019 by presenting the world’s first ever foldable smartphone, the FlexPai. If the device was relatively imperfect – not to say outright unusable – it at least had the merit of surpassing by a short head the announcements of the sector’s mastodons, notably Samsung, who wanted to be the first to present a foldable smartphone to the world, followed by Huawei with its Mate X during the last edition of the MWC in Barcelona. But more than a product, Royole wanted above all to demonstrate its mastery of flexible screen technology. The Chinese brand is back this year with two new products, except that they are not smartphones, but a speakerphone and a connected notebook. What if flexible screens were not necessarily intended for smartphones?

Mirage Smart Speaker: a speaker covered by a screen

The first product presented by Royole during CES 2020 is a connected loudspeaker. Not really original, you might say, except that the Mirage Smart Speaker features a flexible AMOLED screen with a 7.8-inch touch screen display. The concept seems rather appealing, since the device, which is cylindrical in shape, also allows access to various information such as time, weather, and even the possibility of viewing videos. This kind of use was previously only possible on Smart Displays, except that here you get the benefit of a cylindrical design like a loudspeaker. This shape allows it to project sound 360° at a power of 30W, and the speaker is also compatible with Alexa to control it by voice. The icing on the cake: the camera is equipped with a 5-megapixel photo sensor so it can be used for videoconferencing. On the other hand, your correspondent’s face may be a little stretched when displayed on such a screen…

For the rest, the Royole Mirage Smart Speaker is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 524 SoC coupled with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. The speaker will be launched in the second quarter of 2020 for $899.

RoWrite 2: a connected notebook for those who like to take notes by hand

The RoWrite 2 follows the first RoWrite of the name that didn’t really convince us in our complete test. Its performance and design, in particular, seemed to us to lag far behind the experience offered by the pen tablets available on the market today. This year, Royole promises better accuracy and longer Battery Life on its RoWrite 2. The weight has been almost halved and the design has been thoroughly revised to be much closer to a small notebook than the first version. RoWrite 2 will be available from March in the United States at a price of $129.


RoWrite Royole Smart Digital...

RoWrite Royole Smart Digital…

  • Writing pad chip
  • Converting written notes to text files
  • Compatible with standard paper and pen refills
  • Store your notes and ideas digitally and share pages directly from your computer….





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