mioPOD Testimonial mio HULL Heart Price Display

I simply needed to do a mioPOD Testimonial as Mio was just one of the initial optical heart price firms to go into the health and fitness market with an excellent item a couple of years earlier Currently they are back, this time around with a plainly remarkable item … however exactly how does it compare to today’s competitors?

What is mioPOD?

mioPOD is an optical heart price display created to be endured either your upper-arm or fore-arm. It ought to collaborate with nearly any kind of sporting activities enjoy or app as it sustains BLE and also ANT+– to ensure that would certainly consist of the Nike, Under Shield and also Zwift applications in addition to a Garmin or Polar watch.

mioPOD Review The ‘point of difference’ with the mioPOD is that it has a great application that is, partially, powered by market-leading Firstbeat sporting activities formulas to provide evaluations of the results of all your exercises in addition to your preparedness to train. The market-leading Valencell optical Human Resources sensing unit is additionally made use of.

That is mosting likely to acquire mioPOD?

Mio Labs are targetting the mioPOD in the direction of fitness center and also health and fitness individuals in addition to to some joggers and also bikers that probably do not wish to put on a breast band however that do desire precise heart price information.

Maybe you do not wish to put on a sporting activities watch? Maybe you are coming to be much more conscious that various kinds of training are required to obtain trimmer faster which you are not constantly similarly as all set for them every early morning.

That is the competitors?

Somewhat, heart price displays on sporting activities watches and also breast band heart price displays are the competitors, however allow’s overlook those and also, rather, simply take a look at comparable innovations.

mioPOD, OH1, Scosche Rhythm+, Wahoo Tickr Fit, Whoop You might not have actually become aware of every one of these– Polar OH1+, Wahoo TICKR Fit, Scosche Rhythm+/24, Whoop and also Biostrap. And also you probably will not have actually become aware of Runar however are enough to state, there are much more arm-worm heart price displays, nonetheless, those I have actually noted there are the most effective (I have a RUNAR however have actually not examined its precision, appears alright and also economical).

The Polar, Wahoo and also Scosche items include reasonably simple workout-recording applications. Whereas the Whoop band and also Biostrap are much more costly components of broader services that aid you Bio-hack or deeply-understand your body and also its readiness-to-train. They are typically for even more serious-minded professional athletes, as opposed to a person searching for an easy sensing unit that will certainly be precise and also collaborate with ‘pretty much anything’.

You could ask yourself why Sunnto and also Garmin (kinda) do not have a much more focussed item offering in this room.

mioPOD Review mioPOD Testimonial– Visual appeal & General Style

Its dimension resembles the gruel in Goldilocks … perfect. Any type of larger and also it would certainly look a little bit foolish and also if it were any kind of smaller sized, the Battery Life would certainly be endangered and also it additionally would certainly be vulnerable to turning over.

mioPOD Review It’s comfortable and also it looks wonderful sufficient, although the majority of you will certainly never ever see it below your Tees sleeve. I think it looks a little unusual on my lower arm however any kind of band looks unusual there, in my point of view

mioPOD Testimonial– Utilizing It

mioPOD Review The mioPOD combined well with every little thing I attempted over ANT+ and also BLE. It just appears to couple with one BLE (Bluetooth Smart) gadget at once so make certain anything else you have actually formerly matched to is absent or else you will certainly not have the ability to match to a brand-new gadget.

The on-off switch requires an excellent press however that’s OKAY. Around the very same switch are some coloured LED’s that suggest the standing of the mioPOD (ie is it on and also recording) in addition to Human Resources areas.

I can not see the factor of revealing colour-coded Human Resources areas on the LEDs on my arm, it’s simply not a practical area to look. Nevertheless, I will certainly yield to you my earlier resentment if you mean to put on the mioPOD on your lower arm, as the areas will certainly be extremely plainly noticeable there.

There is additionally‘haptic feedback’ That’s simply a 2020 method of stating that it shakes! However do not knock the resonances, as resonances go, it behaves.

mioPOD Review mioAPP– Utilizing It

I pick up that the application will certainly be broadened in the months in advance. Yet also since January 2020, it’s an excellent however fundamental application. It looks wonderful and also all the secret, post-workout details is presented plainly.

If you have actually picked to make use of the mioPOD far from the application after that any kind of cached information is accurately sync needed to the application.

Nevertheless, the standout includes on the application are those from Firstbeat.

You obtain your regular STRENGTH MINS, EDUCATING LOTS and also HEALING CONDITION in addition to the ANAEROBIC TRAINING IMPACT and also CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING IMPACT for each exercise. There is some excellent and also workable details there for mainstream health and fitness nerds and also would-be professional athletes. A minimum of it’s ‘good’ if the source information (Human Resources) is precise and also, as we will quickly see, IT IS ACCURATE! (sufficient).

mioPOD Specifications & Functions

  • 24- hr procedure (declared, not examined)
  • Performance-level Optical Heart Price
  • Relaxing Heart Price
  • Shed Calories
  • Health And Fitness Degree
  • Heart-Rate LIGHT Alerts
  • Haptic Alerts
  • Running Tempo
  • Educating Insights
  • 5 ATM MACHINE Water Immune (50 m. you can swim with it, I have actually not examined that)
  • Synchronizes with mioAPP
  • Caches/Internally Shops 30 Hrs Of Exercises
  • NFC/ BLE/ ANT+ Connection
  • Battery charger– (consisted of) and also suitable with a Garmin Forerunner/Fenix 2019 battery charger.
  • The band must manage your 40 centimeters arms (otherwise, use it on your smaller sized lower arm)
  • The band can be altered however the given band ought to take care of smaller sized32 centimeters arms. My Public Relations example featured an extra band however I’m uncertain that the industrial ones do as well. You might possibly attach 2 bands with each other to make it much longer, I really did not attempt.

mioPOD Review

mioPOD Testimonial– Affordable Examination

I pointed out the competitors previously.

If you are contrasting to Biostrap and also Whoop, after that those services are a lot more extensive in addition to much more costly.

  • Scosche Rhythm 24– I have actually listened to some tales regarding dependability and also will not examine this.
  • Scosche Rhythm+– this was a premium item back in its’ day however I assume it has had its day. I have one however never ever utilize it.
  • Polar OH1+– This is a premium item and also it’s normally less costly than the mioPOD. Nevertheless, the mioPOD has a much better band and also caching is much more conveniently allowed on the mioPOD. The mioPOD additionally has a premium battery life to the Polar. Hmmm perhaps I should make use of the mioPOD?
  • The Wahoo Tickr FIT band does not cache information however has a somewhat remarkable battery life (30 hrs). Tickr Fit is typically precise however I have had a couple of unsteady information minutes throughout the years and also have formerly constantly favoured the Polar OH1/OH1+ simply for its cache.

Techy Little Bit From Me Regarding My Individual Usage: I presently make use of the Polar OH1 in my relative item examinations as it merely caches Human Resources in its very own right, it’s precise and also does not rely upon pairing to anything else. I’m having a hard time to locate any kind of reason I should not make use of the mioPOD rather than the OH1. Oh. there is one point, I simply can not obtain the cached information off from Mio’s application. If it immediately sync needed to dropbox/Google Drive it would certainly be excellent WHEREFORE I DO. It does sync to my Apple Wellness however I’m not completely certain exactly how to obtain an untainted historic duplicate out of there. SIMPLE/AUTOMATIC pointers please, on a postcard listed below (Rungap does not help me … I gave up 15 mins after acquiring their ‘swag bag’)

mioPOD Precision

OK, it’s . I have actually made use of the mioPOD for more than 20 hrs of workout. Outside operating, treadmill operating, outside biking and also interior weights have all placed the mioPOD with its rates. I mainly have actually one information readied to contrast mioPOD to for every exercise however I’ll reveal the events where I obtained 3 or even more information collections as well. Surprisingly when contrasting, occasionally, to an HRM-TRI I highly believe that the mioPOD was CORRECT at the beginning of the exercises when both gadgets varied– obviously, I can not ‘prove’ that with 2 information establishes #Sigh.

Allow’s begin with one instance of that from today, as it occurs. Detect the component where Tish Jones joined me for a couple of Kilometres. Tip, it had not been the little bit where I decreased I nearly claimed not to be short of breath at 160 bpm which was difficult … since I was.

This was a relatively lengthy bike trip on rough Surrey roadways plus a lengthy cake drop in the TeePee/Tipi in Shere (Messing Around Duck). We had a great deal of cake. I can not appear to obtain the information out of the application however it looks around precisely these 2 side-by-side graphes

This trip was an irritated journey on my very own to Windsor. bear in mind there is no other way that the HRM-TRI can match to the Polar Vantage so both Human Resources tracks actually are almost the same. You will seldom obtain this top quality of Human Resources from a watch with oHR.

Right here are some adjustments in rate on a treadmill, this time around with a third gadget, additionally caching its very own Human Resources track. #Perfect

Right here you can see the efficiency utilizing fitness center devices and also exercising weights. There are 4 failures below for the mioPOD which is bad. These possibly accompany a particular workout where I was just exercising asymmetrically. From an individual point of view, at these reduced Human Resources degrees, the mistakes never mind me whatsoever. However if you can obtain your Human Resources degrees greater with weights after that this type of possible mistake may be a problem for you.

mioPOD+ Vantage V Titan

So, tentatively I would certainly state it looks precise. I want to be much more clear-cut however I’m not mosting likely to invest anymore time on mioPOD for this evaluation.

Rate & Schedule

It appears to be just readily available from the maker today for $99

That prices degree is excusable however is somewhat enthusiastic. If you acquire it from them to import right into the UK/Eu you will certainly be ADDITIONALLY billed regarding Eu/ ₤40 in import tasks and also charges. ie just acquire it if you remain in the U.S.A.! (in the meantime)

  • Rate – 85%

  • Obvious Precision – 95%

  • Construct Top Quality & Style – 90%

  • Functions, Consisting Of Application – 90%

  • Visibility & Compatability – 95%



This simply could make its method onto my lower arm as a recommendation item for screening items in the future.


  • Appears typically precise
  • Comfortable
  • Available to nearly any kind of application or sporting activities watch
  • Pleasant battery life
  • Firstbeat rewards could warrant the rate to some


  • Please allow me obtain the cached information out of the application much more conveniently.
  • A bit costly

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