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Miller CiNX 5 Review – Newsshooter

Miller revealed their brand-new variety of CiNX tripod heads just before IBC 2019. The CiNX Fluid Heads are offered in 3 variations, the CiNX 3, CiNX 5 as well as CiNX 7.


< img src=""alt= "P1040373" course=" wp-image-100875 "/ > I had an interest in taking a look at the CiNX 5, as I believe it is flexible sufficient to be utilized with mid sized digital cinema video cameras, completely as much as a big digital movie theater video camera as well as lens bundles. Miller happily loaned me a CiNX 5 Head set system as well as a set of HDC 100 1 Stage Alloy tripod legs with a mid spreader.

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That is the CiNX 5 targeted at?

DSC 3520

According to Miller, the CiNX 5 fluid head has been created for cinematographers that are trying to find a flexible, light-weight, as well as long lasting option at a fairly inexpensive cost. The broad haul variety of Miller’s brand-new CiNX Liquid Heads allows counterbalance of several video camera sizes, lenses, as well as accessories|dimensions, accessories, as well as lenses|lenses, sizes, as well as accessories|lenses, devices, as well as sizes|accessories, sizes, as well as lenses|devices, lenses, as well as sizes.

In my personal view, the CiNX 5 is targeted at the exact same individual who would be taking a look at a Sachtler 18 S2 Liquid Head, Sachtler 1910 Cine 7 +7 HD Liquid Head, OConnor Ultimate 1030Ds Liquid Head, OConnor Ultimate 1040 Liquid Head, Vinten VISION 100 Liquid Head, or Cartoni Focus 22 Liquid Head.

DSC 3814 01 Miller CiNX5 on the left

, Sachtler 18P S2 on the right | Miller CiNX5 on the left

, Sachtler 18P S2 on the CiNX 5 Secret functions Liquid drag system with smooth begin as well as soft quit innovation & well balanced angled shifts. 16 settings of counterbalance.
  • Payload variety from 2kg (4.4 pounds) as much as 21kg (46.2 pounds).
  • Pan as well as tilt drag 7 +0 settings.
  • Sideloading video camera platform, with security lock, to fit Arri/OConnor or compatible video camera plates.
  • 150mm video camera plate moving variety.
  • Several installing bases: CiNX is adaptable to a Mitchel base plate, 100mm or 150mm sphere progressing (supplied with 100mm sphere progressing).
  • 4 Arri kind device installing factors.
  • Lit up bubble level as well as pan-tilt drag controls.
  • Accurate drifting pan-tilt calliper locks guarantee bounce totally free on-off performance.
  • Removable sphere level stud enables level base installing with 3/8″ screw string.
  • Optional 2nd frying pan deal with install.
  • 3 years guarantee.
  • Impressions


    The CiNX 5 is definitely a major head. In spite of evaluating around the same as a Sachtler 18 S2 as well as having a comparable haul capability it in some way feels larger, bigger, as well as more powerful.

    Sachtler ball leveler sphere the left, Miller one on the The one caveat I discovered when utilizing the CiNX5 head on my Sachtler Flowtech 100 tripod legs was that I had to utilize a Sachtler sphere leveler as the Miller one was as well huge. I couldn’t utilize my Sachtler SpeedLevel

    Clamp either as it had not been compatible with the Miller head. Exactly how do you select the best tripod? There truly is no such point as the ideal tripod. Everybody’s requirements are different, as well as there are a great deal of aspects that will certainly choose

    what tripod functions well for you. What you require to do when choosing a tripod is factor in what kind of work you do, what cam as well as lens bundles you utilize, as well as what devices you may utilize in the future. A tripod is a long-term investment that is going to last you numerous years if you take care of it.|If you look after it, a tripod is a lengthy term investment that is going to last you lots of decades. It will outlive any type of cam you currently have. A tripod that may fit your requirements today, may not fit your requirements in the future. If you are a working expert, your tripod is mosting likely to be among the essential pieces of your set.|Your tripod is going to be one of the essential items of your set if you are a working expert. I can never comprehend why people get a costly electronic

    cinema cam and after that placed that video camera on a poor, low-cost tripod. I directly do not such as incredibly lightweight tripods. While they might be simple to bring about, the heads on these tripods are typically quite poor as well as you can’t do good fluid managed pan

    as well as turns. Whenever I utilize a tripod such as this, particularly with smaller mirrorless video cameras, I end up obtaining distressed with the smoothness of the frying pan as well as turns. Look, I obtain it, in some cases you do need a lightweight tripod. If you are simply doing secured off shots, or need a tripod momentarily cam for a meeting, then a lightweight tripod makes sense.

    It likewise makes a lot of sense if you are traveling or have to bring a tripod fars away on your own.|If you are traveling or have to bring a tripod long distances by yourself, it likewise makes a great deal of sense. Develop High Quality & Style The CiNX 5 head is sturdily made as well as I such as a lot of the style functions. In regards to style, it is rather a departure away from various other heads Miler has previously made. For me, it feels as well as looks|looks as well as feels like a much more contemporary head.

    DSC 3522

    < img src=" "alt=" DSC 3522 "class="wp-image-100039"/ > I such as the design of the counterbalance as well as pan as well as tilt control dials. They are simple to gain access to as well as run.

    Consecutive Counterbalance

    DSC 3523

    < img src=""alt= "DSC 3523 "class="wp-image-100038"/ > An essential function of the CiNX series is Miller’s trademarked 16 CB Plus innovation, which is a special sequential counterbalance style leading to precise as well as fast|fast as well as precise configuration.


    There is a dial on the front of the CiNX 5 that enables you to alter in between the two different haul settings.

    Sideload System

    All the CiNX tripod heads feature a quick launch sideload system. This is a great function to have as well as it enables you rapidly placed on or remove a video camera bundle.

    The style does imply it needs a little bit of stamina as well as effort to unlock as well as release the locking system, however in stating that, you can’t have any type of quick launch system that is as well simple to eliminate.

    What I suched as is that any type of ARRI compatible cam plate can be utilized on the CiNX collection.


    I tried it out with a Bright Tangerine ARRI Dovetail plate.< img src= ""alt="P1040338"class= "wp-image-100882"/ > While it did fit on safely the issue I discovered(a minimum of with the Brilliant tangerine Plate), is that I could not relocate the plate backward and forward due to the locking screw on the Miller. The Bright Tangerine plate does not have a channel groove like the included Miller plate. You might eliminate the securing screw, however then you wouldn’t have any type of security system.

    It’s nice that you can transform a modification screw if you are running a broader or narrower cam plate.

    The side release system is not truly that much different from that of a Sachtler 1910 Cine 7 +7 HD Fluid Head.

    The CiNX 5 I was screening was likewise new, so normally, whatever is mosting likely to be a bit tight as well as need some breaking in.

    Interchangeable base

    A function that shouldn’t be neglected on the CiNX Series is the compatible base. This makes the tripod heads extremely flexible as you can adjust them to deal with a number of base setups 100mm, 150mm claw sphere as well as Mitchell install (100mm requirement).

    This function is something you just have a tendency to see on much more costly OConnor systems.



    At the end of the day, this is what truly matters with tripod heads. If you are mosting likely to be investing great money on a tripod head that you plan on maintaining for years as well as years|years as well as years, then you wish to know that cash is being well spent.

    The CiNX 5 is a rock-solid tripod head. It’s incredibly smooth as well as it uses an outstanding variety of stress as well as counterbalance settings. I directly like a great deal of tension on my tripod head when I do pan as well as tilts.|When I do pan as well as turns, I personally like a great deal of tension on my tripod head. The CiNX 5 is equally as great, if not much better than any type of other tripod head I have ever before utilized in this regard.

    Even when running extremely hefty lens as well as cam bundles, the CiNX 5 never seems like it’s all of a sudden going to start slipping or having issues. If anything, it seems to do also better with much heavier tons.

    | It appears to carry out also much better with much heavier tons.

    I truly like that you can press a switch as well as not just light up the leveling bubble, however likewise see all of your tension as well as counter balance setups. This may be a little point, however in the real world, it makes a huge distinction.

    I am rather utilized to utilizing Sachtler tripods where I have muscle mass memory, so it did take a bit of time to obtain accustomed to the CiNX 5. After utilizing it for a number of days I ended up being much more acquainted with its operation as well as might make modifications without having to consider what I was doing.

    When I’m shooting wild animals or nature docudramas having a rock-solid tripod system is definitely critical. You require a sturdy head as well as an extremely solid set of legs when shooting on lengthy lenses.|When shooting on lengthy lenses, you need a heavy responsibility head as well as an extremely strong pair of legs. If you try as well as conserve|save as well as try weight by opting for something lighter as well as smaller sized you just wind up with terrible shots.

    When I am shooting at 1000mm as well as I wish to comply with the activity, I need a extremely steady as well as safe |a safe as well as extremely steady platform.|I require a extremely steady as well as safe |a protected as well as extremely steady system when I am shooting at 1000mm as well as I desire to comply with the action. I discovered that a combination of the CiNX 5 as well as HDC 100 1 Stage Alloy tripod legs with a mid spreader was more than as much as the task.

    I definitely missed out on the Sachtler SpeedLevel Clamp when I was checking the CiNX 5.

    Optional Accessories

    The complying with optional devices are offered:

    • Frying Pan Deal With Articulated With Extender
    • Serrated Deal With Clamp Extender
    • Installing Block (AX)
    • Mitchell base adaptor with Clamp Nut
    • D150 Claw Sphere Degree (includes Clamp Nut)
    • Miller Head Situation CiNX (fit D100 Claw Sphere)

    • Full SPECS Payload Variety: 2-21kg (4.4-46.2 lbs)
    • Weight: 4.0 kg (8.8 pounds)
    • Counterbalance Positions: 16 selectable settings (15 +0)
    • Pan Tilt Drag: 7 selectable liquid drag settings + 0
    • Pan Tilt Locks: Favorable lock caliper brake system
    • Turn Variety: 90 °
    • / -75 °
    • Frying pan Variety: 360 ° Video Camera Platform: Side tons fast launch cam plage (Arri kind)
    • Moving Variety: 150mm (5.9″)
    • Installing Base: Ø100mm (3.9 ″) sphere leveling (sexually transmitted disease.) Ø150mm (5.9 ″) sphere leveling (choose.) Mitchell Base (choose.)
    • Elevation Above Bowl: 202mm (8.0″)
    • Lit Up Controls: Bubble degree, pan-tilt drag controls
    • Frying Pan Deal With: Telescopic 390 to 590mm (15.4 to 23.2″)
    • Temperature Variety: -40 ° to +65 ° C(

    -40 ° to +149 ° F) CiNX 5 Head set system

    If you need a lot of adaptability, Miller has the CiNX 5 Fluid head set. The head set is available in a Material difficult situation that has a water resistant shell with PE45 customized foam to bring Miller’s CiNX Fluid heads as well as accessories|devices as well as heads.

    So what do you get in the set?

    • |What do you obtain in the set?

      • Light-weight cinema pan as well as tilt fluid head as well as total accessory set.
      • The high-performance Material difficult situation.
      • Miller Cam Plate Arri type (1065 ).
      • 100mm Claw Sphere (fitted).
      • Mitchell Base Adaptor.
      • D150 Claw Sphere Degree.
      • Telescopic frying pan deal with, extendable by 200mm (5″).
      • The multi-positional articulated frying pan manage.
      • Serrated manage clamp extender.
      • Device Mounting Block.

      Telescopic frying pan manage, extendable by 200mm (5″). Especially fit when heavy drag is used.

      The multi-positional articulated pan manage is developed for cinematographers who need limited as well as precise|precise as well as limited pan as well as tilt control. Its positional versatility allow challenging shots at uncomfortable angles.

      Serrated manage clamp extender allows pan manages to be installed 50mm out from the fluid head.

      Mitchell Base Adaptor allows CiNX Liquid heads to be installed on industry-standard Mitchell level base tripods.

      D100mm Claw Sphere (manufacturing facility fitted)

      D150 Claw Sphere Level is an adapter developed to connect to the bottom of a flat based fluid head. Connecting the adapter then enables install to D150 dish tripods.

      Installing Block allows individual to connect 3kg of devices, such as outside viewfinder. Enables 1/4 ″ as well as 3/8 ″ threads.


      DSC 3541

      The Miller CiNX 5 retails for$ 5,128.38 USD which is an affordable cost when you check out the competitors.

      Miller CiNX 5$5,128.38 USD
      Sachtler 18 S2 Liquid Head$5,386.50 USD
      Sachtler 1910 Cine 7 +7 HD Fluid Head$6,460.00 USD
      Vinten VISION 100 Fluid Head (100mm Sphere Base)$6,265.25 USD
      OConnor Ultimate 1040 Liquid Head$7,457.50 USD
      OConnor Ultimate 1030Ds Fluid Head Bundle$7,790.00 USD
      Cartoni Focus 22 Fluid Head$4,501.00 USD

      As you can see, the costs do vary rather a great deal. Price-wise the CiNX 5 is quite according to the Sachtler 18 S2, however it is a great deal much more budget-friendly than a Sachtler 1910 Cine 7 +7 HD Fluid Head or OConnor.

      The CiNX 5 Fluid head set is $7,793.82 USD.

      Final thought


      < img src="" alt="P1040375" class="wp-image-100878"/ > I began utilizing wooden Miller sticks back in 1990 as well as I need to admit that I haven’t utilized a Miller tripod in any type of capability for greater than 25 years.

      I maintained being amazed by the efficiency of the CiNX 5 head, in spite of its size as well as weight, it in some way handles to duplicate the efficiency of bigger, larger heads.

      It’s well made, practical, as well as simple to utilize. I directly believe it punches well above its weight.

      While I do not believe it is for everybody, if you are searching for a durable, high-performance fluid head that will certainly work well with mid to big digital movie theater cam bundles as well as huge movie theater glass, the CiNX 5 is definitely worth checking out. It produces a compelling choice if you are checking out a Sachtler 1910 Cine 7 +7 HD or OConnor 1040/1030Ds fluid head.

    | According to Miller, the CiNX 5 fluid head has been developed for cinematographers that are looking for a flexible, light-weight, as well as resilient option at a fairly inexpensive cost. The CiNX 5 is definitely a severe head. At the end of the day, this is what truly matters with tripod heads.

    < img src=""alt= "P1040373" class=" wp-image-100875 "/ > I was interested in looking at the CiNX 5, as I believe it is flexible enough to be utilized with mid sized electronic cinema video cameras, all the method up to a big electronic movie theater cam as well as lens bundles. According to Miller, the CiNX 5 fluid head has actually been created for cinematographers who are looking for a flexible, lightweight, as well as long lasting service at a fairly budget-friendly cost. The CiNX 5 is definitely a major head. The CiNX 5 has a payload capability of 2kg (4.4 lbs) up to 21kg(46.2 pounds). At the end of the day, this is what truly matters with tripod heads.

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