Mike Tyson’s Net Worth

Mike Tysons Early Life

Mike Tyson’s net worth is currently estimated at $300 million. This wealth was accumulated through a combination of successful boxing career, endorsement deals, and property holdings. It all started for Mike Tyson when he was just a young boy growing up in the streets of Brooklyn. At the age of 7 Mike began training in boxing with local gym owner Cus D’Amato. He quickly became one of New York Citys most promising amateur boxers, winning Golden Gloves championships and earning spots on the U.S Olympic Team in 1984 and 1988.

In 1989, Mike Tyson made his professional debut with a TKO victory over Trevor Berbick. From there he went on to win an impressive 50 fights by knockout (a record that still stands). His 1992 fight against Buster Douglas remains regarded as one of the greatest upsets in sport history, as Douglas had previously been considered one of the toughest fighters in the world. The bout also earned Tyson widespread notoriety and massive financial rewards – making him one of America’s richest men overnight! In 1997, he was charged with rape but eventually pleaded guilty to lesser charges and served three years in prison .

Since his release from prison, Mike Tyson has made a dramatic return to professional boxing , winning two more bouts before retiring in 2006 due to injuries sustained during his last fight . Today Mike Tyson is living a quiet life off his fortune – spending time with family and friends , travelling , and investing his money wisely .

Mike Tysons Career

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you’re interested in Mike Tyson’s net worth The man has had an interesting career, and his net worth reflects that. Here’s a look at his career highlights, and how they’ve contributed to his net worth today.

Mike Tyson was born on January 17, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York City He began boxing when he was just six years old, and quickly became one of the best fighters in the country. He won the WBC World Heavyweight Championship at the ripe age of 20, and defended it four times before losing it to Buster Douglas in 1990. After losing the world title, Tyson went on to have an extremely successful career as a boxer. He became known for his ferocious punching power and quick reflexes. His fights were always entertaining to watch – even if he did end up getting knocked out more than once!

Despite being knocked out more times than not during his boxing career (he ended up losing by knockout or technical knockout 39 times), Mike Tyson still managed to amass a huge net worth through various business ventures after retiring from boxing. In 2003 he started a controversial chain of restaurants called “Tyson’s”. These restaurants were infamous for their bad food and high prices – but despite all of this criticism, Tyson still made millions from them over time. In addition to this restaurant venture, Mike also created a line of clothing called “Just Don’t Kill” which is currently sold online and in some stores across the United States . Finally, he starred in several movies after retiring from boxing including “The Hangover”, “Undisputed”, and most recently “Get Him To The Greek”. All told , these various business ventures have added up to an impressive $300 million+ net worth for Mike Tyson .

Mike Tysons Personal Life

Mike Tyson is a famous American boxer and former world heavyweight champion. He was convicted of rape in 1992, and served six years in prison. After his release, he established himself as a television personality and actor. His net worth is estimated at $300 million.

Tyson was born on April 25, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York City to Tina (née McCray) and Jimmy Tyson. His father was an African-American boxer who won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1954; his mother was white. When Tyson was two years old, his father abandoned the family; his mother subsequently worked as a stripper and prostitute to support him and her three children. In Elementary School he fought boys twice his age for money and food; by the time he reached high school he had developed into a formidable physical specimen. At 19 years old, Tyson won the National Aptitude Test for college students (NATE) championship boxing tournament with a record of 20–0

Mike Tysons Net Worth

is currently estimated at $200 million. Tyson has made his fortune primarily through his boxing career and endorsements. He retired from boxing in 2005 with a record of 74 wins, 36 losses, 1 draw. His total purse earnings amounted to over $700 million. In March 2016, Tyson was convicted of rape and sentenced to six years in prison.

In 1980, Mike Tyson won the world heavyweight championship by defeating Trevor Berbick in an epic battle that ended in a 15-round decision. This victory made him one of the richest athletes on earth and he quickly became known for his outrageous behavior and wild parties. Despite this reputation, Tyson remained popular with fans thanks to his exciting fights and aggressive style of boxing. In 1992 he lost the world heavyweight championship to Buster Douglas after being disqualified for biting off part of Douglas’ ear during their fight. This defeat seemed to be the end of Tysons boxing career but he later reclaimed the world title in 1994 by stopping Michael Spinks in round three. After this win, Tyson became known as “The Baddest Man on the Planet”.

Tyson’s Net Worth peaked at around $300 million following his return to the ring as champion but this wealth was largely destroyed when he was convicted of rape in 2016 and spent time behind bars . As of now , it is estimated that Tysons net worth is only around $200 million . Most of this money comes from his long boxing career (which generated over $700 million) , endorsements (including deals with Burger King, Pepsi, Mastercard and Nike) , real estate holdings (he owns several properties including a mansion near Miami Beach) and income from appearances (he makes appearances across America ). However, despite these assets , it is likely that much of Tysons current wealth will be lost once he pays back all the money he owes (in addition to fees associated with serving time in prison).

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