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players have missed out on the Mighty series, and it’s not surprising that this is due to a lack of interest. WayForward Originally released the first two games, Mighty Flip Champs and Mighty Milky Way, on the Nintendo DSi Shop. Both have been widely acclaimed and have even received a few awards. Despite its decent successes, everyone immediately forgot about the series when Mighty Switching Power first appeared on the market. This independent success was one of the first titles in the online store to give rise to two sequels and a remake. The collection of four Might Switch Force games on the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic offering for fans of 2D action/platforming games.

Mighty Switch Force was the first big hit, but in this particular review we’ll be talking about the remaster, as it’s pretty much the same game with added content (both the original and the remaster are included here). This is a set of steps where you have to solve the platform puzzles in different ways. You have three buttons to work with: one to jump, one to shoot and the last one to activate and deactivate certain platforms. It’s not your typical platformer where you rely solely on jumps to navigate the scenes, so you’ll have a lot of fun with other starters.

The main trick is to be able to control the appearance and disappearance of platforms, which brings a lot of puzzle elements into the game. There are all kinds of different platforms with unique features like cannons that you shoot into the air, or others that get stuck when you step on them so they don’t disappear. Of course, there are a lot of enemies that get in your way in each level, and they actually become part of the puzzle solution as you try to traverse each new area. Different types of enemies explode or freeze when you hit them, creating great moments of trial and error.

As you take the various courses, you will constantly find new ways to use the tools at your disposal. The basic style of platforming quickly changes to labyrinthine courses that require skill. This doesn’t mean that the levels are too long or difficult, but those playing for the first time may find themselves at an impasse more than once. There’s not much to get off the hook to encourage multiple breakaways, but what’s done here is get the job done.

Mighty Switching Force 2 has unfortunately not been remastered, but that doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of this title. While similar to the first in many ways, it completely changes the dynamic of the game by replacing Mega Man’s weapon like a blaster with a water cannon. The goal of the game now is to solve puzzles while putting out fires. Now there are random fire pits to pulverize, mud blocks to clean up, and lots of new fire-related enemies to eliminate as you try to make your way through additional areas. Fun mechanisms, like shooting flame-covered stone monsters into burning walls or spraying them with water to make them bounce off the wall instead of breaking them. The game makes good use of these new mechanics, but unfortunately it’s not as unique as the displacement mechanics. It would have been great to see some new concepts in this game, but again, it seems less like a sequel than an addition to the first game.

Finally, there’s the Mighty Switch Force Academy, which is the odd game on the show. Unlike the previous titles, the emphasis here is on multiplayer. You can play alone, but the courses are clearly designed for four players. The levels seem very labyrinthine and require you (and hopefully your friends) to solve puzzles and collect a number of items to progress. The game has the same puzzle quality as its predecessors and even has a new trick: the ability to manipulate price borders. So, if you fall into a bottomless pit, you’re back at the top of the screen.

To be fair, the multiplayer aspect of the game isn’t that bad. The game can be played alone and unlike New Super Mario Bros Uh, it doesn’t zoom in or out. This means that even when playing solos, playability is greatly reduced, making it difficult to see details, especially in manual mode. The inclusion of an additional VS mode is welcome, but I’m not sure this series needs the multiplayer option.

Despite some problems, this is a very solid collection of games. They work great as puzzle games and offer more than enough content. While there aren’t many gadgets to unlock, there is a certain replay value in that each level must be completed within a certain amount of time. There are no online features here that are good for multiplayer or leaders. Still, these omissions don’t take much away from what is an entertaining collection!

Mighty Power SwitchCollection overview
  • Charts – 7.5/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Late Call – 8.5/10


Final thoughts : GRAND

The Mighty Switch Force collection is a fun, creative and charming collection of games worth every penny. All in all, there is a lot to explore and it should keep you busy for a long time

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