Update – Office applications are now available in the Mac App Store! Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook have appeared in the Apple Store. Each software can be downloaded free of charge.

It is also possible to download the entire software package at once.

It is also possible to download the entire software package at once.

As expected, it is necessary to have an Office 365 subscription to edit and create documents with this software. It is possible to subscribe from the app via an annual subscription supported by the Mac App Store: €68.99 for the Office 365 Personal version, €98.99 for the Family version, €124.99 for the Solo bundle. Prices similar to those charged by Microsoft on its site.

Please note: Microsoft offers a free one-month trial for every subscription from the Mac App Store. The bundle entitles you to 1TB of storage in OneDrive and 60 minutes of Skype calls each month.

In the press release, Phil Schiller welcomes Office 365 to the Mac App Store. “Apple and Microsoft have worked together to bring Office productivity to Mac users from the start. Now, with Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it’s easier than ever to get the best version of Office 365 on Mac, iPad, and iPhone .

Original Article – The Mac App Store is about to welcome a software heavyweight : Microsoft Office. The announcement was made during the last WWDC, when MacOS Mojave opened a brand new app store for the Mac1. The launch of Microsoft’s office suite in Apple’s shop is not long in coming: he mentions it in an article on the Today home page of the App Store on iPad.

An article that does not appear in everyone’s books, and obviously only in France and Switzerland according to Alexandre Piveteau. However, it says that in order to use the Mac App Store version of Office, a subscription to Office 365 must be purchased in advance, as is the case for iPads over 10.1 inches. On the iPhone and on devices under 10.1 inches, a free Microsoft account is sufficient for document editing, even if not all functions are available. (read: The iPad Pro 10.5 is too big to use any Office for free).

Office on the Mac App Store is not yet available; Microsoft makes do with a handful of software such as OneNote and OneDrive. However, it will not be long before this happens. In addition to Apple’s article, the publisher has put online a new support page about Office activation from the Mac App Store.

Microsoft confirms that Word, Excel and PowerPoint will require an Office 365 subscription to create and edit a document; the same with Outlook to send and receive emails. If you didn’t subscribe from the publisher’s site, the subscription is available from the Mac App Store.

Office 2019 perpetual licenses are not compatible with apps downloaded from the Apple Store. If such a license is used with a version of the Mac App Store, the software will display an alert warning that no subscription was found.

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