Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows, Available for Download

Microsoft announces via its official blog the final release of its Office 2016 office suite for Windows.

As expected, Microsoft today announced the availability of Office 2016 for Windows. This is the classic version specifically dedicated to the system’s desktop and mainly oriented towards corporate use. As a reminder, in July, Microsoft had launched Office for Windows 10 in final version, a suite containing tactile versions of the main software of the suite for tablets and phones.

Holders of an Office 365 subscription can now update from Kirk Koenigsbauer, Vice President of Office, further announces that Office 2016 for Mac, available since July on a subscription basis, can be purchased on its own and therefore without a subscription.

For this new version, Microsoft is first of all emphasizing collaborative work with the possibility to edit simultaneously – and in real time – a Word or PowerPoint document with several people with a simplified sharing option as well as the possibility to collect information within a OneNote notebook accessible by several people. For each document, access to the history of previous versions has been improved. Also, the software integrates an action engine that facilitates the search for specific functionality.

In addition to these new features, the Word word processor Word supports handwritten equations and offers enriched Bing searches in a side panel. In addition to new graphics, the PowerPoint presentation tool has a better conflict tool when a slide show is made collaboratively.

For its part, the Excel spreadsheet manager introduces six new types of graphs and simplifies the import of data into different types of databases (SQL, Access, Oracle, IBM, Postgre, Sybase…) to transform them. Also note the implementation of an exponential smoothing allowing to establish forecasting calculations. Also, Microsoft has made several improvements to pivot tables.

The Outlook email client makes it easy to send attachments stored on OneDrive by managing read and write permissions. Microsoft explains that it has optimized the Search Engine with suggestions for keywords and contacts based on the content. For companies, it will be possible to create groups to facilitate collaborative work.

The editor also introduces a better management of the contents of the box. For example, the jumbled mail option allows you to move less important messages to highlight the others. Microsoft explains : ” This feature analyzes your email messages and, based on your behavior, identifies messages that you are likely to ignore. It then automatically moves these messages to a folder called Scramble so that you can review them later. ».

Find all the new features of Microsoft Office 2016 in detail on this page

As a reminder, the Office 365 Personal subscription, including an Office license, up to 10TB of storage on OneDrive and a 60-minute per month package on Skype to landlines, is billed at €7 per month or €70 per year, while the Office 365 Family subscription, including five licenses, is offered at €9.99 per month or €99 per year.

While waiting for the official Microsoft prices and judging by the website, Microsoft Office 2016 Family and Student Mac or PC and without subscription to Office 365 is charged 142 euros.

Download Microsoft Office 365 Personal for Windows.

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