Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Update Significantly Reduces Game Size

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is getting a major update, and it’s good news for anyone who enjoys flight simulators. In the past, the game was bloated with unnecessary features, and to add insult to injury, the updates were often delayed for months. But the company appears to have learned from its mistakes, and the latest update brings a significant reduction in game size, while adding some much-needed improvements as well.

Microsoft released a new patch to Flight Simulator X yesterday, which they claim reduces the game size by 60% on PCs with 2 GB of RAM. (According to the patch notes this is due to how the patch optimizes the game’s memory usage.) I have a machine with 3 GB of RAM and I can say that the new patch makes for a much more stable and enjoyable experience than previously.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Update Significantly Reduces Game Size: Publisher: Microsoft Studios (MSPD) Publisher Location: Redmond, Washington, USA Release Date 25 Oct 2015. Read more about microsoft flight simulator 2020 patch download and let us know what you think.

News Microsoft Flight Simulator patch update drastically reduces game size The new Microsoft Flight Simulator update has significantly reduced the game’s file size from 170GB to 83GB. This will be good news for everyone, especially considering how important the game used to be. Not only does this free up space on your storage device, but it also allows you to quickly download the game for new players who want to download it. File size reduction occurs with game update We have optimized the initial download of the full game so that the base game only requires 83 GB instead of 170 GB. But that’s not the only thing the update brings, as the patch brings many new changes to the game. According to the patch notes there are changes to navigation, weather, aircraft, turboprop aircraft and other changes to the game. With a new updated and improved graphical efficiency, players can now expect a smoother gaming experience. The bandwidth of the weather data has also been reduced, making it easier to turn off the weather effects if you want to take better quality shots. Here are some of the key features of the update, taken from the release notes: NAVIGATION

  • A new AIRAC 2105 cycle has been introduced
  • The FAA data is integrated into our Navdata solution.
  • Landing flights are now stored in the flight plan files (.PLN)
  • Bugs and other problems with selecting a parking space as arrival and not as departure have been fixed.
  • Some aircraft in Live Air Traffic with a bad model have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where some aircraft call signs did not work in real air traffic mode.
  • Real-time increase of air traffic density
  • Aircraft that are not on the ground but whose altitude is zero are now displayed with the default altitude of 5000m.
  • Improved stability of live traffic
  • Enhancement of ATC formularies to FAA standards (formularies only)


  • Reduced capacity for weather data
  • Improved accuracy of real-time snowpack display
  • Only the visual effect of the tool now correctly disables other weather effects
  • Visual Icing has been renamed Icing in Devmode because it affects the entire Icing system.
  • Icing in DevMode only changes the visual effects if only the visual effect is enabled.
  • The drop in ice constant is no longer ignored outside the freezing zone.
  • Accelerated pitot model defrosting with slower defrosting
  • Pitot icing does not change with the number of instruments.
  • Pitot icing is not affected by speed limiter vibration.
  • Reduction of the icing of structures by a factor of 15 for heavy icing (6 for moderate)


  • Pitch hold added for PITCH HOLD mode
  • Increasing the value of induced resistance and the accuracy of induced resistance determination
  • The autopilot will no longer fly to a waypoint that has been removed from the flight plan.
  • Injected SimConnect traffic (VATSIM, IVAO) should now be shown in HTML/JS tools that have a traffic view, as well as on the VFR map.
  • The simvar gear didn’t take into account the shocks and sent wrong values back to the ground.
  • Record the corrected acceleration values after the resolution of the collision so that they are accurate when they are requested as Simvar.
  • Folding, dismantling, upgrading of wings and fuselage of a model airplane
  • More thorough cleaning of the valve system. Support for multiple systems with different number of levels and maximum tilt angles
  • Increase the threshold to avoid elevator fights to 50% (corresponds to the stop threshold).
  • Modify AP lift with trim to avoid user input issues when user input is >50% per lift.
  • Allow adjustment of the unladen centre of gravity position outside the limits.
  • The sound was not broadcast on large aircraft
  • Fixed: The automatic accelerator was sometimes disabled by artificial intelligence.

If you want to read the full patch, click on the link here. Post your comments below.Last week, Microsoft released a patch to its Flight Simulator X game that significantly reduced its size. The update was released on July 3rd, and, by the next day, the patch was installed on nearly 5 million PCs in 180 countries. Microsoft’s Press Release stated that the update made the game “work better on systems with limited disk space.” The end result of the update was a 50% reduction in the game’s disk size.. Read more about microsoft flight simulator 2020 update and let us know what you think.

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