Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Update

Microsoft flight simulator X (FSX) is a brilliant Flight Simulator that has been one of my favorites since it was first released. FSX is a scenery-rich flight simulator that allows you to pilot an aircraft in global locations as if you were really there. FSX is also one of the most stable flight simulators on the market, and this is partly thanks to the constant support that Microsoft puts into the program through updated versions, patches, and expansion packs.

Developed by the famed Sim Labs division of Microsoft, Flight Simulator is a simulator that allows you to fly your favorite aircraft and take part in the thrill of aviation. The Flight Simulator series has been around for more than 20 years, and has grown to include over 20 different titles. The latest release, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, has been a huge success, and now they are coming out with patches for older titles. This is the first time that they have offered patches for Windows 95, 98, and ME.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has released update, which implements the new AIRAC 2105 loop and FAA data for the Navdata solution. It also fixes a bug. Here is the official list of changes and additions in this patch. This patch n’t make many changes to the game, but it does one thing in particular when it comes to reducing the load size. In fact, the downloadable file size has been reduced from 170+ GB to 83 GB, which should result in a significant improvement in your hard drive space. But if you’re curious about the rest of the changes, Here is the complete list of patch notes for the Microsoft Flight Simulator update.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Notes


  • Some packages in the Community folder may be outdated and have unexpected effects on the performance and behavior of the game.
  • Move the community package(s) to another folder before restarting the game if you experience stability issues or long loading times.
  • We made some optimizations for the first full load of the game, so the base game is only 83GB instead of 170GB.
  • Start of the new AIRAC cycle 2105
  • The FAA data is integrated into our Navdata solution.
  • Landing flights are now stored in the flight plan files (.PLN)
  • Bugs and other issues with selecting a parking spot as the arrival location instead of the departure location have been fixed.
  • Fixed several aircraft in Live Air Traffic with a bad model
  • Fixed problem where some aircraft involved in air traffic had broken call signs.
  • The density of air traffic has increased
  • Aircraft that are not on the ground but are at zero altitude are now at the standard altitude of 5000m.
  • Improved stability of live traffic
  • Improved ATC language compared to FAA standards (text only)


  • Reduced capacity for weather data
  • Improved accuracy of active snow coverage
  • The Visual Effects Only option now correctly disables other weather effects.
  • Visual Icing has been renamed Icing in Devmode because it affects the entire Icing system.
  • Icing in DevMode only changes the visual effects if only the visual effect is enabled.
  • Beyond freezing, persistent ice breakup is no longer ignored.
  • Accelerated Pitot Ice Flow Model for Delayed Thaw
  • Pitot icing did not change with the number of instruments.
  • Overspeed fluctuations of the governor that were not affected by ice formation in the Pito system were corrected.
  • Reduce the icing factor of the structure by 15 times for heavy icing (6 times for moderate icing).


All aircraft

  • Pitch hold added for PITCH HOLD mode
  • Increase of the intrinsic induced resistance and improvement of the accuracy of the determination of the induced resistance
  • The autopilot will no longer fly to a waypoint that has been removed from the flight plan.
  • The traffic injected by SimConnect (VATSIM, IVAO) should now be shown in the HTML / JS tools with the traffic displays as well as on the VFR map.
  • Simvar’s acceleration ignored the effects and sent false values back to the ground.
  • Recording the correction of the corrected acceleration values after the collision resolution, so that they are accurate when drawn as Simvar.
  • Updated flight model for flaps, stall, wings and fuselage.
  • More thorough cleaning of the valve system. Support for multiple systems with different numbers of levels and maximum tilt angles.
  • Increase the threshold to 50% (corresponding to the separation threshold) to avoid a compensation fight.
  • The AP lift with trim is modified to prevent user input problems when the user input in the lift is > 50%.
  • Allows an empty CG position to be put out of bounds
  • The sound was not broadcast on large aircraft
  • Disabling the automatic accelerator set by artificial intelligence


  • Improved thrust control instruments for constant speed propellers and turbojet engines
  • Eliminates false and completely implausible TTI simulations where the propeller has springs or vice versa.
  • Thrust reversal problem on the propeller set (no negative beta and no induced wind support).
  • Added support for debugging on the engine debugging page
  • Correction of the increase in torque with height due to the confusion N1 / N1 in the code of the turbo engines of FSX
  • TBM 9300 flight plan page crash on scrolling fixed.
  • Precise torque adjustment according to POH for TBM 930
  • Updated stability and inertia values for TBM 930
  • The maximum torque at sea level for the TBM 930 has been corrected.
  • Fine tuning of the turbines : ITT, torque, power and fuel consumption for the TBM 930
  • Flight model update for the controller on TBM 930
  • Updated maximum torque and torque limiter setting near the ground. 100% maximum with inertia cage; 112% maximum, limited to 109% without inertia cage for TBM 930.
  • Reduction of the inertial separator overload from 25% TQ to 12% TQ for TBM 930
  • Optimised stability and inertia of the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Optimised idle speed from 1030 to 1060 rpm for the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • On the Beechcraft King Air 350i, the maximum torque is set at sea level.
  • Beechcraft King Air 350i turboprop engine tuned: ITT, torque, fuel consumption and other small changes
  • ITT debugging has been added to the engine fuel consumption and turboprop density table for the Beechcraft King Air 350i.
  • The fuel consumption reported in the POH for the modes IDLE, 12000ft Cruise and 18000ft Cruise on the aircraft Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX.
  • ITT fixed strap, throttle/torque ratio and Garmin for ITT and TRQ on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • Transferring stability and inertia to the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • Fine tuning of fuel consumption according to altitude and adjustment of maximum torque on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • POH Turbine fine tuning on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • Improvements to the user interface and controls of the aircraft Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • The propeller lever on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX can now be moved into the spring position.


  • Weather radar now shows precipitation instead of clouds
  • Contrast behavior of the player level with the wind set
  • The counter tracks are now shown for the corresponding AI aircraft.
  • Reduction of lift capacity on a Cessna 152
  • The Cessna 172 Skyhawk and the Cessna 152 emphasize stability and inertia.
  • Update on the flight model work for the Cessna 152
  • The rear wheels of the Cessna 152 that hit the ground were removed.
  • Transferring engine power and propeller resistance. Fine-tune the Cessna 172 Skyhawk’s top speed cruise speed, climb speed, glide speed and other fine-tuning features.
  • Development of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk flight model (controllability, induced yaw motion, roll and stall)
  • Water on windows and rear paintwork repaired in LOD5 for Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
  • The EICAS now displays CLB instead of CL when the A320’s thrust levers are set to CL.
  • Fixed an issue where the co-pilot did not automatically fill in the page Aircraft securing on the Diamond DA40 TDI T.
  • Improved propeller and motor resistance control for Diamond DA62
  • Update of the Diamond DA62 control. The motor effect is enhanced by the rudder angle.
  • The EXTRA 330LT. has slightly greater rudder swing stability and eliminates engine stalling at low speeds.
  • On the EXTRA 330LT, a larger cross section has been added to slightly increase the induced curvature.
  • The fuel pressure gauges now show the correct pressure on the 330LT EXTRA.
  • Development of the 103Solo engine and introduction of the engine clutch under 2100 rpm
  • Fixed an issue in LOD6 that caused the FS livery on the Cessna Citation Longitude aircraft to disappear too quickly.
  • The shutter animation of Pipistrel Virus SW121 that did not work correctly with negative shutter values has been improved.
  • G3000 : The zoom level of the map now remains constant between the normal map and the weather map.
  • G1000 : Airspaces are redrawn when you change the orientation of the map.
  • G3000 : Fixed PFD display error when requesting DirectTo
  • Fixed unintentional deactivation of spawn shots with glass crane shafts.
  • Fixed an issue with FlightPlan displaying past waypoints when DirectTo is cancelled.
  • Fixed FlightPlan guidance was not correctly reactivated when DirectTo was interrupted or reached – Fixed
  • Fixed G3000 and G3X MFD TopBar True Bearing instead of magnetic – Fixed
  • Correction of speeding on the speed lane.
  • Fixed bug that caused the flight plan to not display correctly when the flight was launched directly during the approach.
  • Corrected: VFRMap does not update the approach after FlightPlan update
  • Touch glass cockpits The sliders are now larger and easier to use.
  • Fixed FlightPlan guidance was not correctly reactivated when DirectTo was interrupted or reached – Fixed


  • Fixed position to reset the position of the peripheral entry when the user exits the pause menu
  • Fixed a specific unresponsive shaft on the Bravo Throttle Honeycomb.
  • Restore default assignment for CH Eclipse Yoke
  • Default CH assignment of the hunter’s staff restored
  • Standard display for CH Flight Sim Yoke corrected
  • Restore the default view of the CH Fighter Stick Pro
  • Fixed default assignment for CH Pro pedals
  • Correction of the standard allocation for the CH Pro butterfly valve
  • Correction of the default assignment for the CH choke quadrant

User interface

  • Add-ons in the Community folder are now shown as installed in the content manager.

Microsoft Flight Simulator update SDK / Devmode



  • The Coherent GT debugger is now included in the SDK
  • Speed limitations and permit information for RF centers are now available through the JS Listener in the airport facility procedural data.
  • LOAD_ * JS object listener calls now return a bool to indicate whether or not the ICAO can be loaded.
  • Added Facilities.getMagVar when loading the JS Facility Listener, which can be used to retrieve the Mag variable for a given LatLongAlt.
  • The maximum number of BingMap JS views has been increased from 5 to 9.
  • The JS key event listener has been extended with the ability to capture and hide key events.
  • Preventing the game from crashing when too many virtual NICs are created
  • The installation of the 3DS Max tool has been improved
  • The font in the message window has been corrected.


  • Create an Xbox X | S documentation page with the latest information and best practices for porting content to the Xbox.
  • Added documentation on visual effects and an example. The video lesson will be added soon.
  • Important updates have been made to the project editor:
  • Updated Home page with additional information
  • New section for project asset types (WIP)
  • New section for the different menus of the project editor: Design, modification, provision
  • Market data page updated
  • Updating the output window page
  • The content configuration now includes a section for flights and missions:
  • Primary documentation for flight plan definition
  • Primary documentation for flight definition
  • Initial documentation for the definition of event triggers
  • The first documentation on time determination
  • Added a page describing the new SimObject Stats window.
  • Specifically for the Xbox, a page of template optimization examples has been added, although the examples shown are relevant to anyone making add-ons.
  • In the 3D models section, a page for merging partial models has been added.
  • The airport tutorial has been updated to include a wizard for creating or replacing an airport.
  • The aircraft texture display page now includes a section describing how to use Ice
  • The XML Definitions page of the Package Utility has been updated with additional information.
  • The DA62 example page has been added to the examples and tutorials section.
  • Documentation of new parameters in engine.cfg and flight_model.cfg

Project Editor

  • The + button in the package inspector has been renamed to Add Asset Group.
  • Fixed a crash in the market data editor when loading a blank sample image.
  • Fixed an issue where the Simvar index was lost when loading a file
  • Disables the false alarm message box that used to appear randomly when creating aircraft packages.

Scene Editor

  • Error corrected when editing the terraforming profile of the runway.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘sign was filtered out in the text input for lane sign content.
  • The Add Custom Asset Group window did not close when creating a new asset group without a template.
  • Fixed a crash when editing the terraforming of a track

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