‘Michael Jordan was one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA’ 'Michael-Jordan-War-Odin-Of-Best Shooter-In-NBA.jpg

Michael Jordan is the player who wants every young baseball player on every vault. He has inspired hundreds of millions of basketball players around the world. Some of them just had the chance to realize their dreams and enter the NBA.

Of course, Jordan is still considered a walking God among the NBA people. So even timeless stars like Kevin Durant can’t help but talk about his greatness and how he still dominates modern basketball.

Durant met Jay Williams to discuss various topics related to Jordan’s career, including his skills. So when Williams asked Durant to judge Michael Jordan on a variety of skills from 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest score, Durantula said that his midfield shot was his best feature.

“0. Better than one. He was a sniper. If you shoot 50+% of the field on hold and take out all J’s, you must be a clean shooter and everything has hit the ground. That’s zero. He was one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA, Durant said.

It is clear that Jordan can’t really remember that he was lethal from the outside of the bow, although he has quite an average of 32% of the three points, but he has averaged only 1.7 three-point attempts in one race. Still, it’s hard to dispute Durant’s logic regarding his shot.

Jordan was the ultimate host for the middle class. He could have done all this. Revolutions, hobbies, shovels, bankers, dismissals, etc. In the key he was mortal, and the defenders had no choice but to destroy the color, double or triple his command, and steal his living soul. Anyway, the shot was always silver.

If you make him disappear, he can still get up. If you let it roll with a strong hand, it was a bucket. That’s why he’s the greatest player of all time. And yes, also a very underestimated marksman.best pure shooter in nba history,the 30 greatest 3-point shooters in nba history,best shooters in nba 2019,best 3-point shooters in nba right now,best shooting percentage in nba history,who is the best shooter in the nba 2020,nba all-time highest 3-pointers percentage,best 3-point shooters in nba 2018

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