Mi Band 5: 1.2 Inch Amoled Notch and Google Pay Support

The wearable market is booming and while the connected watch sector is globally channelled by Apple and its Watch, Xiaomi is achieving excellent scores with its Mi Band connected bracelet, the 5th version of which is approaching.

A few months ago we shared a test of the Mi Band 4 which highlighted an excellent quality/price/functionality ratio. And things should go even further with Mi Band 5.

According to the first information we have, Mi Band 5 is scheduled to be released next June. And if version 4 already had an excellent 0.95-inch OLED display Mi Band 5 should have a 1.2-inch larger AMOLED touch screen, so it’s not only bigger, but also brighter for better reading in direct sunlight.

The Mi Band 4 is available in two versions, the Chinese version being distinguished by the integration of an NFC chip that enables contactless payment via AliPay. Mi Band 5 will also offer NFC, but only one model will be offered. The European variant will then be able to rely on Google Pay contactless payments.

According to TisHelp, the Mi Band 5 should keep a very aggressive price, it will be proposed around 25 euros in China, and around 30 euros in Europe. Its release is planned in China as a first step.

And for your information, the Mi Band 4 is currently on sale at Cdiscount for less than 27 €.

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