Metal Gear Solid V: a Secret That Seems Impossible to Crack!

It’s been several weeks since the new opusMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out and yet the game continues to reveal its secrets. Indeed, today, it would seem that the one we are about to present to you is impossible to break through.

As you know, if you play AMS V, you can ask the scientists at Mother Base to create a nuclear weapon, provided you have reached a certain level. In the multiplayer game, you can use this weapon against other players or choose to steal it from each other. 


But what you don’t know is that dismantling these nuclear weapons in the game would activate a hidden scene.

Indeed, it is a player who discovered a cinematic by rummaging through the files of the PC version of the game. A video about nuclear decommissioning! Immediately, the sequence was put online, but if you don’t want to be spoofed, we don’t advise you to watch it. Besides, Konami went hunting for those videos. WATCH OUT SPOIL!

Disable auto play

The Quest for the Grail

This kinematics in the game is considered to be the quest for the Grail. Indeed, the mystery is complete as to how to discover it. Relying only on speculation, it seems that to see this famous scene, each connected player must lower his security and personal power by separating from his nuclear weapons!

A group of 369 players has even formed. Named the Philanthropists of AMS, he goes on a hunt against the game’s nuclear warheads, keeping track of the weapons already destroyed.


If this approach, which requires the international coordination of all the players, proves to be true, then it is a world first. No video game has ever required such cohesion! Another stroke of genius from Hideo Kojima!

For the moment, Konami refuses to comment on these rumors. When we see that North Korea’s national sport is the nuclear threat, there is every reason to believe that this may be a hidden message from Kojima. Anyway, if you have to coordinate with all the players of MGS to access this hidden end, difficult for some who do not hesitate to shoot their teammates!

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