Merger of Canal+ and Canalsat: Unification of Replay and Letter to Subscribers

Change is Tomorrow

While Canal’s new offerings will be unveiled tomorrow, the group has started to put some elements in place, notably for the migration of existing subscribers.

Tomorrow, the Canal Group will officially unveil its new offers, and the many details still to be discovered. Indeed, despite a detailed presentation last month, it was still not possible to find out more about the promotions that will be offered, the migration offers for current subscribers or even the price of each pack depending on the commitment, etc.

New channel offers: fuzziness and promises

Although the company has not answered our various questions to date, it has started to contact its customers. They received an email at the end of last week announcing the upcoming merger of Canal+ and Canalsat.

It must be said that the second brand will soon be a distant memory, so it was time to inform the main people concerned. ” CANAL+ and CANALSAT concentrate their forces to become one great television experience: CHANNEL! It’s the promise of even greater, richer and more exclusive entertainment ” promises the letter announcing to Canalsat subscribers that they are now ” Canal subscribers”.

A (almost) unified replay, where Canal+ still has a large place

The second announcement concerns the replay service, which is also unified and becomes Canal on Demand. This time, the group had prepared things a little further upstream since it detailed this migration in its forums as of October 12, with an update there also dated last week.

It was reported that the service was now available on channel 15 and that it will be deployed “on all set-top boxes by early November “. However, this is not yet the case with MyCanal applications, which still distinguish between the two services. It remains to be seen whether this will be corrected soon.

MyChannel Unified

Canal+ content is now displayed in the same way as what used to correspond to Canalsat. The encrypted channel thus becomes a simple tab of the new offer. It will still be entitled to a higher profile than the other subscription channels in the various sections.

Don’t expect a new interface, or options to find recent productions, relating to a particular actor or director, etc., more easily. The correction of these shortcomings, which can be important on a daily basis for a catalogue that claims 70 channels and 15,000 programmes, will have to wait.

Subscribers must contact customer service to migrate

The question of the offers remains. For the moment, the site dedicated to them has been replaced by a simple image, probably in time for an update that should be completed in the evening or tomorrow morning. We will then be able to discover all the details hidden in the fine print of the contracts offered to Canal to its new customers.

Those who are already subscribers will be entitled to a personalised offer, as planned. But according to the email sent by the company, it will have to be claimed: ” Appointment from November 15th to discover the personalized offer reserved for you by contactingCustomer Service”. Of course, if you do nothing, nothing will change.

It will still be interesting to analyse whether what will be offered will be more advantageous than the promotions that will eventually be put in place for new customers. And see if it’s better to take the plunge soon, hoping for a more interesting offer in a few weeks time.

Let’s hope, however, that the communication to subscribers will be more visible than what is announced there, especially in their interface, in order to offer them an online migration. The Canal+ no-obligation subscription system had already had a few unpleasant surprises in store for those who already had an account (transmission of the credit card number over the phone, no account details taken into account, impossibility of proceeding online).

Let’s hope that this time the whole thing will be a little better tied up. Canal is facing increasing competition, particularly in the field of offers proposed via the Internet (OTT). In addition to OCS, which unveiled its offer a few days ago it will be SFR Sport’s turn tomorrow to do the same, hoping to attract subscribers outside its usual customer base.

Published on 14 November 2016 at 17:11




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