Men in Black International: the Trailer for the New Men in Black is Here!!!

If you didn’t know it, Men in Black will make its return to the movies in 2019. This time, goodbye Agents J and K and welcome Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as the main characters. We see the very first trailer that’s just been unveiled and we talk about it right afterwards.

Here come the Men in Black, Galaxy defenders! 22 years after the first opus and 7 years after the last one, the men in black are back in the movies. Called Men in Black International, this film is not a reboot, but a spin-off from the first three episodes of Men in Black 3. We find Agent O played by Emma Thompson since the 3rd opus. This time the plot will take place at the M.I.B. HQ, which is well known, but also at the M.I.B. HQ in London. Our two operatives will travel the globe to eradicate a threat that wants to attack the planet Earth. Headlining are Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, who had already kicked ass together in Thor: Ragnarok. They will be assisted by Liam Neeson who interprets the head of the British M.I.B. HQ.

Even if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not announced at the moment,they could still make a cameo appearance. They already appear in a table at the beginning of this trailer, but we would like to have even more.

Men in Black International is scheduled to open in our theatres on June 12, 2019.

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