Meet those # CoronaHeroes who fought the odds of becoming medical professionals-the viral one.

Stories about fighting for opportunities and winning have always been inspiring. They give people hope and courage to fight adversity, just as the world faces it today. The stories of the doctors and nurses fighting in this war against the coronavirus in the front line are so well captured. These people overcame difficult economic hardships to realize their dream of entering the medical profession, and Vidyadhan, the scholarship program for higher education organized by the Shibulal Family Welfare Initiatives, helped them find their true path.

Dr. Manoi Kumar KV, who is in active service at KOVID-19, is such a source of inspiration. As a child he lost his father and his mother worked hard to give him a decent education. When he was diagnosed early with life-threatening health problems, Kumar decided to become a doctor and Vidyadhan came to his aid with a scholarship.

I want to save other people’s lives, like the doctors who saved my life. And I look forward to the day when I can offer my mother a comfortable life, Mr. Kumar said when he joined the program. Today he’s doing both.

Dr. Manoy, Gadag District Hospital, Karnataka.

Another story is that of Romine Abraham of Alappuzha, Kerala. It is located in the intensive care and isolation department of KOVID in a hospital in Pune. She also got a scholarship that helped her realize her dream of becoming a doctor.

Another example is Dr. Gauthamen Rajendran, who works around the clock at Oxford University in the United Kingdom to fight the pandemic. He had to leave medical school because his family couldn’t afford it. But thanks to his brilliant talent and his Widyadhan scholarship, he is now studying for a super specialisation at Oxford University.

Dr. Anvita Joshi, who comes from a village in the Shivamoga district of Karnataka, also received a scholarship for his intelligence and hard work. This helped her to leave her village and go to MBBS at City College. She is now determined to serve those who need her.

Dr. Anvita, C.R. Hospital, Mysore.

Dr. Indrajit Mishra is another inspiring example.

Dr. Indrajit, Vanya Vila Hospital, Bengaluru.

Mrs. Kumari Shibulal, founder and president of the Shibulal Family Initiatives, said that the stories of these warriors of the Crown are a lesson for everyone.

This clearly shows why today’s investments in higher education can pay off for the country in the short and medium term. Our motto is: Everyone, teach everyone, each of us has to teach a student so that it can be done in the next few days, she said.

These are people who have fought against all the hardships of life to win. You’re now on the front line in this war against the coronavirus and you’re saving lives. These are the true heroes of the Crown.

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