Mcintosh Vs Mark Levinson Amplifiers

The announcement of the newest flagship sound system in our ever-changing world has come from Mcintosh Audio. The company’s new amplifier is designed to be used with a high resolution digital interface, and will allow for more immersive audio experiences than ever before. Meanwhile, Mark Levinson Amplifiers released their first product since rebranding this past August 2017: an affordable 2 channel amp that they hope can bring to audiophiles across the board. Which brand do you think is right for your listening experience?

The “mark levinson ” is a high-end, professional audio amplifier that has been around for decades. The “mark levinson ” is one of the most popular amplifiers in the world and was designed by famous engineer, Harry F. Olson.

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Audiophiles and home theater aficionados alike like debating whether the top-of-the-line Mark Levinson equipment or the similarly high-end McIntosh equipment sounds better.

Mark Levinson amplifiers are only utilized in a small percentage of competitive auditions. As a result, comparing Mcintosh and Mark Levinson apples to apples is difficult.

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McIntosh vs. Byrson Amplifiers

Mcintosh Amps vs. Mark Levinson Amps

The greatest controversy in high-end audio is whether Mark Levinson or McIntosh amps are the best.


Although they may seem to be extremely similar, there are a few crucial distinctions to be aware of before picking which one to purchase. The key distinction is that, unlike Mark Levinsons, McIntoshes are all built in America.


Mark Levinson creates very high-quality audio equipment that are also quite pricey. However, you will get what you paid for with this luxury. an amp or preamp of audiophile caliber that provides an unrivaled listening experience with your favorite songs

The issue is that owing to their high prices, not everyone can afford these amplifiers, making them impractical for most people to acquire.

Is Mark Levinson a Good Investment?

When evaluating whether or not a Mark Levinson system is suitable for you, the first thing to consider is the price. Luxury things are typically expensive, so keep that in mind before making any major purchases.

You may locate used Mark Levinson for sale on the internet, but they will still set you back several thousand dollars, so if that is your budget, you will be able to experience the great sound quality

Since 1974, Mark Levinson has been a high-end audio company based in the United States They sell their items directly to customers and via authorized dealers, however they don’t provide any discounts to retailers.

Who Produces Mark Levinson’s Soundtracks?

Mark Levinson Audio Systems was founded in 1972 by Mark Levinson, who became the company’s president in 1977 after learning to construct high-quality audio systems on his own.

From a modest office near Wall Street in New York City he launched his first product in 1979. The Phono Module was a phono preamplifier for moving magnet cartridges.

In 1983, the firm changed its name to Levinson Audio Systems and relocated to Woodinville, WA, where it launched considerable research into digital signal processing (DSP) for application in sound reproduction systems.

Since then, LEVINSON’s technical team has contributed to several DSP advances that have become industry standards, including their unique 32-bit floating-point architecture and patented Time Domain Jitter Eliminator (TDJ).

Levinson has always been a firm believer in the concepts of reference audio. “The real difference in Sound quality between a Mark Levinson system and any other two-channel hi-fi system under $50,000 is so significant that comparing them is meaningless,” Mark Levinson said.

Levinson 585 vs. Macintosh Ma8000: An Audiophile Debate

1640903383_8_Mcintosh-Vs-Mark-Levinson-Amplifiers Macintosh Ma8000 Macintosh Ma8000 Macintosh Ma8000

  • The Mcintosh ma8000 is a $50k integrated amplifier, while the Mark Levinson 585 is a $100k integrated amplifier. One distinction would be this. The $50K price difference between the two amplifiers.
  • The Mcintosh ma8000 has more power than the Mark Levinson 585.
  • Another distinction is that the Mark Levinson has balanced inputs, but the Mac has unbalanced inputs.
  • The Mcintosh ma8000 lacks balanced inputs, although the Mark Levinson 585 does.
  • Unbalanced outputs are available on the Mark Levinson 585, however neither balanced nor unbalanced outputs are available on the Macintosh ma8000.
  • For digital in, Mark Levinson has both RCA and XLR connections, but the Macintosh only has an XLR jack.
  • The Mcintosh ma8000 has a now unavailable “auto-form” function that allows it to operate in class A, AB, or D without having to change the amplifiers.

Mcintosh vs. Mark Levinson 331

The distinction between the two is that the Mark Levinson 331 has superior sound quality than the Macintosh. Mcintosh speakers are well-known for their functionality as well as their traditional appearance.


They have the ability to make a person’s house seem elegant and change a space into a place where people can purr happily.

When the brand issue is removed from the scenario, additional factors should be considered before picking between Levinson 331 and Mcintosh. Consider the issue of pricing. Mark Levinson equipment is typically twice as expensive than Macintosh equipment.

Furthermore, the target markets for these two companies are somewhat different. The Mcintosh speakers are primarily designed for music fans, but the Levinson speakers are designed for folks who desire superb sound quality regardless of what they’re viewing or listening to.

Mcintosh vs. Mark Levinson 5805

The single connection on the front panel is the distinction between the Mark Levinson 5805 and the Macintosh.


The former employs unbalanced “single-end” signals throughout the circuit route, whereas the later uses balanced interconnects for all channels, including headphone output.

This difference means that RCA connections occupy three of the amplifier’s five line-level inputs, but it also provides for better noise rejection, which isn’t anything to be sneered at for an amplifier of this price.

The Mark Levinson 5805, on the other hand, sounds as wonderful as it looks (and as it is priced). Modern high-end components have been added to the review unit under evaluation, including the excellent inclusion of Audio Research’s D300 power supply and REF Phono Stage.

Mcintosh Ma8000 vs. Mark Levinson No 585

The Mcintosh MA8000 is an 8-channel power amplifier that can drive up to eight speakers.

The Mark Levinson NO585 is a preamplifier and a 5-channel power amplifier (4 main channels and one subwoofer channel), although it is not an 8-channel amplifier.

The MA8000 has a direct connection from the source, balanced input for improved sound quality, and an asynchronous USB Type B interface for direct digital interaction with current computers.

The MA8000’s wide range of inputs makes it very adaptable, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into a number of systems.


Mark Levinson’s amp edges out Mcintosh’s by a hair. Both are excellent items that will provide excellent results if you are ready to spend the money on them. Many folks, on the other hand, will be quite content with an entry-level sound system or their factory-installed automobile entertainment system.

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