Matepad Pro by Huawei, an Answer to the IPad Pro

Despite the American ban, Huawei has no intention of being impressed, and the Chinese manufacturer is continuing its momentum in Europe by announcing two new products previously reserved for China: the MatePad Pro tablet and the Sound X loudspeaker.

MatePad Pro: an answer to the iPad Pro

Unveiled at the end of November, the MatePad Pro tablet wants to compete with Apple’s iPad Pro The first tablet with a punched screen, this one has a 10.8-inch screen (2560 x 1600, 16:10) and reduced borders of 4.5mm (the screen occupies 90% of the total surface area). Like the Mate 30 and Mate Pro 30, the tablet has a Kirin 990 SoC and runs on Android 10 with EMUI 10 but without Google services. On the front panel we have an 8 Megapixel sensor and two 13 megapixel sensors on the back, the second one being dedicated to Portrait mode (ToF). There are also 6 or 8GB of RAM, as well as a capacity of 128GB to 256GB, all for a weight of 460 grams. The 7,250 mAh battery offers a fast charge of 40 W versus 15 W for wireless charging.

The tablet can also be coupled with a Huawei smartphone via the Multi Screen Collaboration feature, which allows the smartphone to be found directly on the tablet. It also comes in some versions with a pen called the M-Pen, which recharges inductively by magnetizing itself directly on the edge of the tablet, just like the Bluetooth keyboard (not included in the basic version) which is quite practical.

Having had it in hand for a few minutes at Huawei, the first impression is rather good with a tablet that is pleasant to use and offers beautiful finishes. The MSC mode is particularly convenient as is the screen which can be split and integrate 4 apps at the same time. But we’ll have to check during our test whether this tablet, as is the case with the iPad, really allows you to work or simply to have fun.

A 5G version of the MatePad Pro will be unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona at a price as yet unknown (starting at 399 euros in China).

Huawei Sound X: a wireless loudspeaker in partnership with Devialet

Also unveiled at the end of November, the Sound X loudspeaker from Huawei will be announced for France at the MWC. Co-produced with Devialet, this HiFi loudspeaker is equipped with a double low-frequency (40Hz) 60 Watt loudspeaker capable of 360° sound reproduction (with recognition of the space in which it is) thanks to 6 speakers located on the bass part, and is accompanied by a system developed by the French company that eliminates distortions and reduces vibrations.

The loudspeaker weighs 3.5 kg with dimensions of 165 x 203 mm and is splash resistant. Its rounded design is very shiny, even a little too much for my taste. It’s hard to get an idea of the sound after listening to it for just a few minutes, but it sounded pretty good, to be confirmed of course during our test. The Sound X is equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi, which allows it to be paired with another Sound X speaker in order to have a stereo pair. On the top, there are simple touch-sensitive controls, but it can also be controlled via a dedicated application (HiLink compatible). It also has the One hop feature that allows you to send the sound from your smartphone via NFC in a matter of seconds.

Finally, there are 6 microphones on this loudspeaker, which allows a hands-free functionality and thus to take a call, but also to integrate an assistant who will arrive quickly in 2020. We don’t yet know its price when it arrives in France, but in China it can be found for only 249 euros!

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro 8 GB+128 GB…

  • Google Play installed
  • Processor Core Eight Core operating system Version Android 10
  • RAM capacity 8GB ROM capacity 128GB
  • Battery capacity (mAh) 4500mAh rear camera 40 million + 40 million + 8 million + 3D deep sense…





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