Mario sports games are losing their charm

Mario sports games are losing their charm. The latest entry in the Mario sports series, Mario Sports Superstars, has been getting negative feedback from both fans and critics alike. The game’s biggest problem is its lack of content. There’s no story mode, no gallery mode and the only way to unlock more characters is to play online multiplayer. Not that those are deal breakers, but they’re a few of the things holding the game back from being great in the first place.

The Super Mario series is one of the most beloved home console video game series of all time. But lately, the games are growing stale and losing their luster. The handheld Mario titles have been going downhill since the DS’s release, and the Wii U’s horrendous sales didn’t help matters. It’s not like we didn’t expect this.

All the best Mario sports games focus on style rather than speed and skill. The recent Super Mario Run is no exception, with simplistic side-scrolling for a non-stop roster of characters, and a semi-cutesy story that seems built for children. Nevertheless, it’s a surprisingly fun game that’s perfect for a quick stop. And if you’re looking for Mario on the go, Super Mario Run’s phone-friendly 3D mode is a unique experience.. Read more about mario golf: super rush news and let us know what you think.

this point, Mario sports games have been around for decades. Every time a new Nintendo system is released, it’s almost certain that at the very least tennis and golf will be represented by a Mario spin-off. And if fans are lucky, they can play both football and baseball.

With the release of Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush, I would say these games are losing their charm and Nintendo is making these games just to have something to release. They don’t do the usual Nintendo things when trying to innovate and deliver fun gameplay. It seems like they have to meet their Mario quota and are rushing to release these games. These games are not necessarily less good than the others, but they seem to have less heart.

As a fan of Mario sports games (especially Mario Superstar Baseball on the GameCube), I am disappointed with the current state of these games. Here are my thoughts on why the quality has dropped and what Nintendo can do to change it.

Relies too much on accuracy

image via Nintendo

Nintendo is trying too hard to make a solid, stable sports game instead of focusing on making it fun. I’m not talking about the characters wearing the exact same clothes, because who cares? It’s more that these games take place in boring places and the only distinguishing feature of the game is a special shot for which you have to pay the meter.

The same goes for Tennis Aces and Super Rush. You play a slow, monotonous game until your meter is full to use a special shot. In both games, an animation repeats quickly and you make a powerful swing. After these two seconds of switching, you are back to a slow game of golf or tennis. There’s nothing to be happy about. There’s nothing else. There is nothing that does not resemble a game of Mario Tennis : Ultra Smash on Wii U.

Maybe I expect too much from a tennis or golf game for the gameplay to be innovative or interesting, but they could have at least made it more interesting by giving us a more diverse environment. Mario Golf : Super Rush offers six courses to start with: typical beginner course, typical normal course, windy course with rocks, desert course, rain course and bowser course.

Why is there only one course in the game that really seems appropriate for a Mario game? I know there will be new updates in the future, but who will be playing this game in a few months? At the beginning of Mario Golf : The most fun idea in Super Rush was the addition of a game mode where you hunt after you hit the ball. Fascinating.

Nobody wants to play these games because they like golf or tennis. In fact, most players are not interested in either sport. They play for fun and escape into the colorful world of video games. They don’t have to be specific. They should be fun and attractive.

Uninspired single-player modes


I don’t think it’s debatable that the adventure mode in Mario Tennis Aces wasn’t fun. I hated the single player mode of this game so much that I couldn’t go back after forcing myself to play for an hour. Happy, Mario Golf: Super Rush’s golf adventure program isn’t bad, but it’s still flawed.

Both games attempt to bring back the magic of the single player games on the Game Boy Color, where you develop a character as you play (Mario in tennis, Mii in golf). Still, there’s nothing more fun than playing one of the other game modes.

You should never expect a single-player Mario story to be good, but at least some interesting tasks with rewards worth coming back for should be a minimum for games like this. The only real reward in any situation is unlocking paths, but in Super Rush you could do that in normal gameplay too. There’s absolutely no real reason to get caught up in any of the adventure modes. They are not useful, not pleasant and not worth your time at all.

Lack of identity


And Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush definitely lacks personality compared to previous games in the series. No matter who I play with in a game, I feel like the characters are just as happy with their presence in the game as I am. When something good happens, they tend to lightly shake their fists and say hooray. Something bad? Just inflate your shoulders for a few seconds.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I remember your character jumping and animating in the previous Mario sports games. Mario did somersaults, Yoshi jumped, and Wario showed off his giant hands. Everything here is now a shell of what these characters should have been. They might as well play with normal, boring people, because aside from their special plans, there’s nothing individual about these characters.

So far, I’ve been disappointed with Mario and friends’ sports games on the Nintendo Switch. While I’m still hoping for a fun new Mario Baseball game in the future, part of me doesn’t want to see it because I already know what that game will be: Normal baseball in a standard ballpark with traditional baseball rules. I have MLB The Show when I want to play a baseball simulator. So what does Nintendo offer in these sports games that sets them apart? If golf and tennis are any indication, it’s little more than a recognizable brand name.Gaming has changed a lot over the years, and the industry has changed with it. Big budget developers have brought out AAA titles, while smaller studios rely on mobile games to earn revenue. Konami, for example, have stuck to their Japanese roots with the release of the Metal Gear Solid series, while the Ubisoft Montreal studio has been responsible for several Assassin’s Creed titles.. Read more about super smash bros movie and let us know what you think.

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