Mare of Easttown: Kate Winslet hid in car boot for co-star’s sex scene

Kate plays a village cop in Easttown Mare (Photo: HBO).

Kate Winslet hid in the trunk of the car to make the Easttown co-star’s mare comfortable during the sex scene.

The Oscar winner who stars in the new drama Easttown Mare, is a Pennsylvania POLICE OFFICER investigating two young girls, one of whom has gone missing and the other murdered.

Australian actress Anguri Rice plays Siobhan, the teenage daughter of Kate Marais’ character, and the 20-year-old recorded her first sex scene during filming.

But since the scene didn’t require nudity, no intimacy took place – so Kate intervened to save the day.

Speaking to Samira Ahmed on the podcast How I Found My Voice, the 45-year-old said: I could feel that she was nervous. I said to him: I will be there, I will stay, I will not leave the set. She said: Thank God, Kate. Thank you!

I found myself in the trunk of the car. I knew they would feel better if one person raised their hand and said: In fact, we should stop now, is everyone okay?

Anguri was 18 when she shot the scene with Kiah McKiernan, and the scene took place on Kiah’s first day of shooting.

Anguilla has calmed down (Photo: Sam Tabon/Program).

The Australian actress told Glamour: Kate climbed into the trunk of the car so we could laugh about it, without any uncomfortable tension or oddities. It really took the burden off our shoulders.

There was me, Kia, the two cameramen in the back seat, and then Kate in the trunk of the car screaming: Here we go again! And usually when you’re filming in a car, they give instructions over the radio. In a scene like that, no directions on the radio are needed, and everyone hears them. It was good.

Kate has previously stated that she and Saoirse Ronan filmed their own sex scene for Ammonite with a little help from director Francis Lee.

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The Titanic star told The Hollywood Reporter It’s certainly not the same as eating a sandwich. I think Saoirse and I felt safe. Francis was obviously very nervous. And I just said to him: Look, we’ll figure this out. And we did. We’ll start here. We kiss, tits, you go down here, then you do this, then you go back up.

I mean, we marked the parts of the scene so we were anchored to something that just supports the story. I felt most proud in the love scene on Ammonite. And I was the least bit shy.

Easttown Mare, starring Evan Peters, Guy Pearce, Julian Nicolason and Jean Smart, aired Earlier this week on HBO and Sky Atlantic and has already received rave reviews, with Kate’s performance being hailed as the best of her career.

Easttown Airlines’ weekly Mare flies to the Atlantic on Monday night

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