Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Review

Updated by Brandon F. 23. January 2020.

The colouring pencils by Marco Raffine are a very popular set of colouring pencils for the small handbag, which has recently made a major advance in the world of online art.  This is due to the fact that the combination is very affordable and at the same time very efficient. 

They look tougher than their cousin, Marco Renoir, but overall the colour palette is still perfect.  They come with a 3.7 mm core, have a hexagonal shaft and are available in sets of 24, 48 and 72 meters.

Visual call – 3.5/5

The first thing you notice about this necklace is that it is quite strong, especially when compared to the many lines of high quality crayons on the market.  This harder material means you might have a little trouble getting the right mix you’re looking for.  Yet the colours seem to overlap relatively well. 

A common misconception (of which we are also guilty!) is that these two people and Marco Renoirs work with oil or wood.  One of our readers spoke directly to Marco and was convinced that these pens are based on wax, like most economic pens in the industry.  This makes more sense because the colour rendering and colour thickness are more in line with what we expect from wax finds.

As far as colour selection is concerned, we have tried a set of 48 packages.  We have noticed that they are a bit too much based on green and blue, which is fine if you want to do a lot of forest or water scenes, but we want them to have a little more red, yellow and orange to create variation.  The intensity of the colour is approximately average.

Comfort and durability – 3.5/5

Hartblei retains a fairly good point when sharpening, making it an ideal tool for highly detailed areas and for sketching hair or other narrow lines in the drawing.  However, the combination of this type of mixture and a harder lead means that coating large surfaces with fine paint can take longer than you are used to. 

Personally, we found the use of Marco Raffines for the detail areas and Marco Renoirs for the areas that take up a lot of space a good combination.  These barrels have a hexagonal shape, which we generally prefer because it seems easier to get a good grip, necessary for detailed work.

Packaging and presentation – 4.5/5

We were impressed by the packaging we found on all Marco crayons, and this is no exception.  They are presented in a beautiful matt silver pewter case and the pins are double layered on the inside.  Our only complaint (which we have mentioned on their other products) is that the shells in which the pens are placed are very thin and can easily be folded, and that the pens tend to come out when we don’t want them to.

The pens themselves are supplied in a matching silver barrel, the base of which corresponds to the colour of the pen.  Marco Ruffin’s name and colour code are engraved in relief on the outside of the barrel.  We really want them to mention only the colour and not the colour code, but if necessary, this information can easily be obtained.

Cost – 5/5

These prices are very attractive and easily fall into the budget category.  Although none of Marco’s crayons are too expensive, they are available at the lowest prices.  For the price you get great performance and better performance than many products that cost more.

Overall assessment – 4/5

Marco Ruffin’s crayons try to match the budget level of the crayons and do a very good job.  The adjustment is much more difficult than for other lines and most colouring pencils in general, but they still work.  Colour production is better than one would expect at this price level. You may not get the strong, creamy texture of some other pencil models, but you can enjoy a versatile package that really stands out in the details.  For people with a limited budget, we strongly advise you to think about trying it out.

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