Manifest season 2: Spoilers of the Grand Finale. Showrunner unfolds the secrets

The Manifesto landed season 2 on Monday night. Judging by the final scene, 828 people will be confronted with a series of enormous and weeping questions when NBC resumes the supernatural family drama.

In the last update, Jace, Pete and Cory kidnapped Cal. The kidnappers were methamphetamine dealers, they escaped from their prisoner transport and quickly took revenge for Michaela’s arrest.

To kill Cal, they offered to trade him for their seized meth supply, controlled by Mick, to clear the evidence room with Jared’s help.

The first meeting at which an agreement was reached was disrupted by the New Yorkers. New Yorker really takes signs. Look at something, say something in your heart. But thanks to Zeke’s phone call and a note from Cal, Stone’s team was able to find out where the bodies were being held.

Piet shows a weak spot in the living room and gives the child the freedom to sneak in through the back door The kidnappers and Cal met Michaela. But the jet fell out of the sky and caused a crack in the ice (which was fired at the hijackers) before the deal.

Late in the morning, the drivers told Jared that no bodies were found under the ice. It was then that Ben received another call about the explosion of Flight 828, which took on a new, cruel meaning when the target boat from Cuba was pulled out of the sea, a tail fine… of a flight from Montego.


The Manifesto is an American drama series created by Jeff Rake. The first took place on the 24th. September 2018 at NBC. The series is about passengers and an aircraft that suddenly turns up after an alleged death for more than five years.

Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas and Antanna Karkanis, J. Dallas. Р. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parvin Kaur and Matt Long are the main characters in this series.

In October 2018, NBC ordered three episodes of the series, bringing the total volume of the first season to 16 episodes. In April 2019, NBC resumed its second season, which will be broadcast in 6th place. The first took place in January 2020.

After season two of Manifesto: Spoiler of the grand finale. Showrunner reveals the secrets that first appeared in Morning Picker.

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